Hey there! I've been thinking of writing one of those ABC's fanfics, so here it is!

Not sure if I'll even continue it. Depends on the reviews, though.

Disclaimer: As much as I'd like to, I don't own Soul Eater.

Chapter 1: At last

She smiled fondly. After so much pain, the goal was finally reached.

The baby cried loudly. Small portions of black hair were seen behind the blood. His eyes were closed; she sincerely wished he had his father's eyes.

The man beside her smiled as well. He felt so happy, yet so sad. He knew she wouldn't last any longer. A witch giving birth to a child of a shinigami twice was definitely not healthy. She knew it, but their first son wasn't a shinigami. She couldn't leave her husband without a real heir. Besides, every child is a blessing, even for a witch.

"Kohana…" He said, a tear threatening to fall down his pale cheek.

His wife was in pain, yet she smiled and held the newborn. "Death The Kid…"

The man saw her spirit leaving her body. He knew it was the end for her.

As her body went pale, and her crimson eyes closed, she managed to stay smiling.

"Kiddo-kun, huh?" The man mumbled, caressing the small baby's cheek.

The little creature stopped crying and finally, big eyes started to open widely.

Shinigami let out a small sob as he looked into his son's eyes.

At last, her wish came true.