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Chapter 4: Death

Death had a lot of definitions.

1. The act of dying.

But it also was his name. Death The Kid grew up knowing of his responsibilities as Death's successor. He may be just a two year old, but being a shinigami he developed at a faster pace than normal children.

2. The end of life.

At a young age, he had being taught of his future duties. His father was against it, but even he knew that sooner or later he would learn what truly meant to be a Death God.

3. The total and permanent cessation of all the vital functions of an organism.

Before this all had started, the two-year-old boy was just that, a little boy with dreams and hopes. As he grew up he saw how his honorable father took away so many lives and collected their souls. Now, in a five-years-old body hid a man with knowing golden eyes. He has seen a lot of lives been taken away by both Death himself and monsters and discovered how much this world was slowly being killed by its inhabitants.

4. The state of being dead.

People die. They fear death. They fear the word, the act, and the man. At that time, Lord Death was feared by everybody. Sometimes, when Kid insisted on going out to see the gardens or being taken out in a 'lesson' of how to be a shinigami, his big golden eyes examined every person, how all of them started sweating cold and getting pale as a sheet of paper. Kid didn't understood why; his father was so nice and, even though easily irritated, he could be the perfect dad. So why then, was everyone so scared of him?

5. Extintion

As time went on, his father's change was noticeable by the whole Death City. They all noticed his uncharacteristically cheerfulness and his weird but funny way of talking and started to trust him a little more. It appeared that even losing a wife, having a son converted to a Kishin and having to take care of a small boy on your own could even change Death's cold heart. The flame of fear in the people was slowly getting extinguished, Kid noticed, but he himself started growing more anxious. Even though his father had changed and started running a school for meisters and weapons, the small boy could still see how the world was rotting.

6. Destruction

He found a rather interesting word in school one day. Symmetry. It was the exact correspondence on either side of a dividing line, plane, center or axis. In other words, it was perfection. He then knew why the world was so wrong in the first place: it didn't have enough symmetry. Death The Kid decided that to have a perfect world there would have to be symmetry everywhere. And maybe, just maybe, the order and peace would come back and he could stop the destruction.

7. The agent of death personified, usually represented as a man or a skeleton carrying a scythe.

Death was also his father's name. Kid never thought of the term 'death' as scary or even unnerving. He had been living with Death personified all his life. However, there were times when Kid found himself thinking how things would be like when his father wasn't around anymore. He may be small boy, but after being present in a lot of deaths and murders, he could barely even recon himself as one. Kid knew that his father would fade away someday and that he would have to occupy his place. He knew that was bound to happen and he respected the idea, yet he couldn't bring himself to accept that the man who he grew up with would leave.

Everyone else would find relief of Death's end, but for Death The Kid it would be disastrous, terrible and painful. The terrible events of his life were not apt for kids his age, so naturally he matured quickly. Yet, no matter how stoic and collected he may be, Kid knew he would break down at his honorable father's death.

8. Bloodshed or murder.

Death was a theme dreaded by most people. They hoped they wouldn't die any time soon, each of them for different reasons. There were people who couldn't handle life anymore, so they escaped it by committing suicide. There were other people, however, who were interested by it, fascinated even. Those kind of people turned mad, having the urge to kill whatever person crossed their paths. They were called murderers, killers that took the lives of others for fun or necessity. Eventually, even murderers where afraid of experiencing death themselves; they felt that if they died they won't be able to feel the same pleasure of extracting the life out of someone anymore. But no one ever escaped from death, it was their fate to die, not excluding Death himself.

If you asked a random person what their opinion of 'death' is, most would say it's scary, some would say its definition, others would say it's a strange, yet fascinating subject. But if you asked Death The Kid what his opinion of death was, he would say that Death was an incredible man and a honorable father.