Okay so here's the scoop. In history class, we're studying communism and it inspired me. I got this really good idea to have a small community in Ireland that was like a small communist community of mutants. Just to warn everyone, I have only watched Evolution as well as the movies. I haven't read the comics, so while I love X men, I might not be extremely accurate. To top it all off, I'm a serious LancexKitty fan and I also enjoy some mild RoguexGambit so in my mind, directly following the defeat of Apocalypse, Lance and Gambit joined the X men. Also, I personally don't think what I'm envisioning should be rated M. I mean, teen should include mild language and suggestive themes. But, if anyone really thinks I'm pushing the limit, I'll change the rating. So with no further ado, I present to you my story.

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Chapter 1


"Behind you," Cyclops hollered but it was too late. Magma turned around, wide-eyed, just in time to see the airborne vehicle coming towards her. It landed and rolled into her, knocking her out.

"Nighcrawler, do you see her?" Cyclopes called out to his teammate who was searching the area for their target.

"Cyclops, stop pushing! You asked me the same question just a minute ago," Nightcrawler called back.

"And you mean you haven't found her yet?" he rebuked.

"Uh guys, I could use a little help over here," Rogue shouted, taking down probes with kicks and punches.

"Who's supposed to have your back?" Cyclops asked.

"Iceman," she replied.

"Well then, where is he?"

"Over here," Iceman called, dragging Magma's unconscious form to safety.

"What the hell are you doing?" Cyclops barked.

"Rescuing Magma," Iceman replied. "Unless you'd prefer her as a pancake."

"You're supposed to be helping Rouge," Cyclops scolded. "Who's Magma's backup anyway?"

"You are, man," Sunspot snapped from somewhere off the left where he and Cannonball were facing an attack of their own. "So lay off."

"You riding us too hard, dude," Berserker commented.

"Better I let you die instead, your right," he replied sarcastically.

"Cyclops, where are you?" Jean's voice screamed in his head.

"We're looking Jean, we won't be much longer," he replied mentally, hoping she got the message.

"We're getting crushed over here," Multiple called to no one in particular and Wolfsbane snarled in agreement.

"I can't say I'm doing much better myself, mon ami," Gambit chuckled darkly.

"Pull it together guys," Cyclops ordered.

"Shadowcat," Avalanche shouted hysterically, using his power to shift the ground, sending Shadowcat tumbling out of the way of an oncoming blast. Unfortunately, Avalanche's powers still needed to be refined. His earthquake knocked everyone off their feet, leaving them open for attack.

People screamed, fires grew, bolts of energy came shooting out in all directions. One team member inadvertently incapacitating the other, shouting commands with no real purpose other than keeping themselves safe. There was no teamwork.

"Simulation terminated," an overly perky, yet somehow mechanical, female voice droned, the sound echoing though the Danger Room. Slowly, the simulated images started to fade, leaving nothing more than a bunch of scared teenagers standing in a room.

Charles Xavier rolled into the room with Ororo Monroe and Logan aka 'Wolverine' at either side. Jean Grey followed behind them and hung her head in embarrassment; embarrassed by her own team.

"What in the name of sanity was that?" the Professor barked. Usually a calm man, he was having trouble keeping himself composed. He'd seen his team be at odds before, but since the defeat of Apocalypse, they had been ridiculously out of communication with one another.

"Professor," Scott began but Charles silenced him with a look.

"You weren't any better than the rest Scott. I don't want to hear it," Charles scolded. "That was the biggest show of complete derailment I've ever witnessed."

The team was silent for a good few minutes, feeling ashamed and hating having let the professor down.

"Go," Professor X ordered, shaking his head in defeat. "Go to your rooms and get some rest. Hopefully by morning I'll have found an appropriate way to deal with the situation you've created."

"I'll keep watch over the little sprites," Logan offered, following the sulking students out.

"Is there any way I can help Charles?" Ororo asked, placing a hand on the professor's shoulder and looking down at him. He looked back up and smiled sweetly.

"Could I use your phone?" he asked hopefully.

"Of course," Ororo agreed, taking her cell phone out of her pocket.

"Don't worry about the bill but I've got a long distance call to make," Charles sighed.

"Anything else I can do?" she asked.

"Help Logan," Charles chuckled. "He's got his hands full of unhappy teens."

"Alright. Goodnight Charles," she said, exiting the Danger Room.

"Good luck Ororo," he mumbled as he watched her leave.

Professor X opened the phone and dug a number out of the back of his mind that he hadn't called for years. He punched the number in and waited for an answer. On the third ring, someone picked up.

"Good afternoon, though I suppose it's evening there. I'm looking to speak with Siobhan Fitzpatrick." – a pause – "Hello Siobhan, this is Professor Charles Xavier telephoning from the New York. I'm not sure if you remember me. I was a good friend of you're mother's." – another pause – "Yes, we did in fact meet at her funeral. You're memory astounds me." – pause – "I was hopping to call in a favor. You know who I am and you know that my students have unique abilities." – silence – "I was hopping that my students could come spend some time with you and the sochaí aontaithe*. They've been at odds latley and it seems to me as though they need to be taught a lesson in togetherness."

There was a long wait while Siobhan contemplated the offer. Her answer however did not disapoint.

"Good," Charles said. "We'll be arriving in the morning."

*unified society in Irish

PS: If anyone who reads this happens to be an expert in Irish and notices that I made mistakes in the translations, feel free to inform me. Google Translate can give some pretty crappy translations; I've seen it butcher French countless times. Also, the sochaí aontaitheis going to need members so if anyone has any ideas for possible characters and powers, let me know. I might not necessarily use them, but it'll for sure give me inspiration that I'll need to keep writing. I probably won't update right away, I just wanted to post this to see what kinda feedback I get. Finally, reviews are much appreciated and thanks for reading.