Hi there guys,

its me, Kamo-chan!

I really don't know how to start this,

but i think all of you deserve at least an explanation...

I've been away from for a long time,

to say it correctly for more then a month.

This wasn't because I had some writers blockade or something like this,

or because I wasn't interested in this site anymore.

I was forced to live without internet because of a terrible event,

which happened in the summer holidays( august to september),

made it impossible for me to write message and that stuff.

In fact, in the , a night, a fire broke out in the first floor of my house.

My whole family was saved and is alive and healthy,

but now our house can't be used to live in anymore,

it has to be restored which will take some months.

I don't want to talk about what exactly has happened in that night.

I'm not lying or dreaming things,

and I don't want to try to make you believe me.

But I thought you deserved to know this at least,

and I feel sorry for everyone of my readers who had waited

for the new story I promised you.

I don't even know if at least one will read this...-_-"

But hey, I better stop now what I'm talking,

this isn't any talk show shit,

were you cry about stupid things!

Have fun with my new story!