Chapter 9
Morgan's POV

After quickly making sure all the doors and windows were locked and turning off all the lights, I almost jogged down the hall in my haste to get to the bedroom.

The quickie we'd had earlier in the evening hadn't done much to ease my libido. Watching my woman play host to all our friends, smiling and laughing—not to mention looking damn sexy in that outfit—had kept me as hard as a rock all evening. She'd been in her element and had looked confident and happy, which never failed to turn me on.

When I made it to the bedroom, the bathroom door was closed, and I could hear Penelope inside, brushing her teeth. I took off the ugly white tie I'd been wearing and tossed it over onto the dresser. Then I unbuttoned my shirt and pants, leaving them on for the moment, and sat down on the edge of the bed, kicking off my shoes. I'd just pulled off my last sock when the bathroom door opened.

My goddess stood in the doorway, red hair brushed out and hanging loose around her shoulders. She was wearing a teeny white nightie that flowed around her curves and cupped her full breasts. She also wore a headband with a halo attached, a pair of wings extended out from behind her back, and she had white stiletto sandals on her feet. The night light from the bathroom behind her gave her an almost ethereal appearance and made her look all that more sexy.

"Oh, baby," I said as I took in her devilishly angelic expression. "I walked from the living room into heaven. If I'd known angels looked like you, I'd have been a much better man."

She grinned and walked over to stand between my legs. "This is the costume I saved just for you," she murmured, shivering slightly as I brushed the back of my fingers across her cheek and down her neck, following the curve of her shoulder and down her arm to take her hand.

"Damn right," I growled. "This is no one's view but mine."

I gave a sharp tug to her hand, pulling her against me. Threading my free hand into her hair, I tilted her head toward me so I could brush my lips across hers. The kiss started off soft, but quickly evolved into something more. All the pent-up lust I'd been banking all night came exploding out, taking control of my body. My tongue coaxed itself between her lips, while my hand moved from hers around to her back and down to cup her ass. I couldn't get enough, and from the sounds coming from my woman, neither could she.


Garcia's POV

The minute Derek kissed me, I felt the little panties I was wearing dampen with my arousal. He'd looked so sexy in his gangster costume that I'd had a hard time keeping my hands to myself all night, and by the time our friends had finally left, I was ready to jump him. I'd kept myself in check and played it cool, but now... Now, all bets were off.

I pushed at his shirt, sliding my hands under the open panels. The warmth of his skin, so much warmer than mine, heated my palms as I pushed the fabric down his arms. His bare chest, broad shoulders, and sculpted abs were wonderful to look at, but I needed more. He still had his pants on, and I wanted to see him without his clothes being in the way. I needed to touch his skin, to feel his muscles under my hands as he touched me.

"Off," I commanded, tugging at the fabric of his slacks.

He helped me to my feet and then stood. With a sexy smirk and the raise of a single eyebrow, he asked, "Demanding little angel, aren't you?"

I returned his look the best I could. That seemed to say it all.

He began to slowly strip off his clothes—much too slowly for my taste—and as he stripped, I pulled off the wings and halo I'd bought to go with the new silky white babydoll I was wearing.

Once he'd tossed his shirt, pants, and boxers across the room, Derek grabbed my hand again and tugged me to him until he fell back on the bed, sitting on the edge once more with me straddling his thighs. He kissed me as his hands trailed softly up my legs, pushing up the babydoll as he went. I raised my arms and allowed him to pull it gently off over my head, and then he tossed it in the same direction as his clothes.

His eyes darkened as he looked down from my face to my chest. I was breathing heavily, my breasts moving with every breath, and he couldn't take his eyes from them. When he bent his head and nipped gently at the peak of one breast, I gave a surprised gasp. That quickly turned into a moan when he sucked the nipple into his mouth, laving the sting with his tongue.

Derek growled around my nipple when I began to move my hips, rubbing myself on his leg. The pressure of that muscular thigh on my clit was sending me spiraling out of control. I was sure he could feel the heat and wetness of my arousal right through my panties.

"God, Derek," I whimpered, holding onto his shoulders. I closed my eyes at the sensations coursing through me.

Derek moved one of his hands to my hip to help guide my movements on his leg. He kissed his way across my chest, nipping at the skin, until his lips closed around my other peaked nipple. With his free hand, he began to tweak the first, still damp from his mouth, rolling it between his thumb and finger, tugging and pinching gently.

Pulling back slightly, he looked up, and when I felt him move, I looked down to see him staring up at me with hooded eyes.

"Think you can come without me touching you where you need it most, Penelope?" he murmured huskily.

I nodded silently, shuddering violently when he bent his head and took my swollen nipple between his lips again, his tongue and teeth working together to bring me pleasure.

Using the hand on my hip, his long, thick fingers splayed across the top of my ass, he pressed me harder against his thigh. His teeth were making a light sawing motion across my nipple, sending sparks from my nipple directly to my clit. My fingers were digging into his shoulders, and I knew without looking that my nails—even as short as they were—were leaving marks.

I also knew neither of us cared.

"Come for me, baby," Derek growled around my nipple.

The sound of his voice and the vibrations from his growl on my skin were just the things to push me over the edge, and I came hard, crying out his name.


Morgan's POV

Pen's cry as she came on my thigh was my undoing. As soon as she had relaxed and slumped against me, I scooped her up into my arms, turned, and laid her in the middle of the bed. I moved down beside her and gathered her into my arms again, kissing her more softly, tenderly, than my hormones were screaming for me to.

I was a man, though, not a teenage boy. I controlled my hormones; my hormones did not control me. My girl had worked hard the last few weeks getting this party for us and our friends set up, and she deserved to be worshiped.

With one last kiss, I slid down the bed until I was on my knees at her feet. I picked one foot up, unbuckled the thin strap around her ankle, and tossed the shoe to the floor before kissing her inner ankle. My fingers worked in sure strokes, rubbing her arch for several minutes as Pen relaxed against the sheets and moaned softly. Gently placing her foot on the bed, I picked up the other and repeated my actions. When she was completely relaxed, I brushed my lips lightly across the inside of her knee and then set that leg on the bed, too, before lying down, her legs on either side of my shoulders.

I moved my way up her leg, brushing kisses lightly along her silky smooth skin, until I was hovering above the apex of her thighs. Glancing up, I realized her eyes, though half closed, were watching me intently, a fiery desire clearly shining out of the chocolate brown depths. I watched her watching me as I lowered my head. In one long stroke, I swiped my tongue from the bottom of her slit to the top and circled it around—but didn't touch—her clit, which was already peeking through her folds.

I heard her gasp and watched her eyes close, and I finally looked away from her face to the treasure in front of me. Pen was so wet already that she was dripping. I used two fingers to open her for me, and then I swiped my tongue through her folds again, gathering the moisture on my tongue. She was tart and delicious, like a green apple, and I moaned as I dove back for more.

For long moments, I used my tongue to trace her lips, going up around her clit and then back down to dip inside her opening. She was moving her hips, trying to thrust up and get more of my touch, and whimpering incoherently. I desperately wanted to feel her come, to taste it, to hear her let go completely, so concentrating on circling her clit, I slid two fingers inside her and began mimicking what I wanted to do with my dick. The motion was a constant reminder of my own aching; I wanted her so badly that I was afraid I was going to split right out of my skin.

When I pulled her hot clit into my mouth and ran my teeth over it once, I curled my fingers, hitting just the right spot to make her scream. She came hard around my fingers, and I swiped at the juices flowing out.

Before she could come down from her orgasm, I moved up her body and slid into her in one thrust. With one hand, I braced myself above her, and with the other, I caressed her skin, tracing circles over her side, sliding my hand up to cup her full breast and tweak the nipple softly. Her hands gripped my arms, my shoulders, and scraped down my back until she was cupping my ass, pulling me harder against her.

I was so primed that it didn't take me long until I was walking a knife's edge, staring over the edge into my orgasm. I kissed my way from her lips, down her jaw to her neck, swirling my tongue around the sensitive spot under her ear. Trailing my hand between our bodies, which were both slick with sweat, I finally reached the place we were joined. The moment I swept my finger over her clit, she cried out and bucked her hips, coming around my dick and squeezing me hard. As soon as she clenched around me, I lost it. Heat and tingles spread from my toes to my head, and I bucked hard, thrusting one last time as I spilled myself inside her.

We breathed heavily for several minutes, still joined intimately, until I could move. Finally pulling out, I collapsed beside her and pulled her into my arms.

"Love you, D," she murmured sleepily, burying her face in my neck.

I grabbed the blanket, which had fallen off the side of the bed, and covered us both before pressing a kiss to her forehead and whispering to my already sleeping woman, "Love you, too, baby. Happy Halloween."