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Harry was only vaguely aware that something had changed, relying more on his senses of smell, touch and magical awareness to keep up with Sirius' shuddering black form, his own lungs hacking and wheezing, entire body feeling like a constant aching, itching burn.

Harry keened as Sirius's large dark shape pushed him into a hollow of what felt like tree-roots.

The pain reached a new plateau, now stabbing into his bones, and as he faded into a white static world, he distantly heard a dog's scream of pain become more, for lack of a better word, string-like.


He floated in a black void lit up with tiny threads of neon colour that floated in stream-like groups. Harry through it looked something akin to something he vaguely remembered from one of Dudley's new games, only they were bright green and white. Harry thought it was called the Lifestream or something.

The young wizard wasn't too worried; he'd been around danger enough to have developed a sense for it.

He lazily wondered what he'd done to come here.

A soundless image flashed through his mind of a decorative arch with a silken curtain fluttering over the opening.

That's right. He'd thrown himself forward and grabbed Sirius' hand just as the spell had hit the older man.

The two had fallen onto a rock formation in a fast wind current, the wind blowing Harry's glasses away and their wands lost in the confusion. It had only taken the two a few breaths to realise that not only was the air heavier, but it was also poisonous.

Sirius had shapeshifted, long established instincts born from trauma asserting themselves, while Harry's magic had flailed wildly, latching desperately to an odd magic-like energy below them like a drowning child to its unknown rescuer.

The Un-Magic had given the impression of the startled confusion one feels when someone else's small child suddenly runs up and grabs onto the back of their leg. It had reacted similarly, automatically reaching to protect or comfort Harry's Magic.

Harry had gotten the momentary impression of 'What's this?' followed by almost comprehension and a worried 'We'll try to help.'

Then the burning had started.

Harry unfurled his magic slowly, like a newborn colt on shaky legs, slick with birthing fluids and gasping for breath.

Streams of the luminescent thread swerved to swirl around him like it was observing him.

The Un-Magic brushed against him like a giant's child nudging a broke-winged sparrow.

'We tried.' The Un-Magic fretted. 'We tried but We don't know what You are, so We had to change You. You should be able to Survive now, but it is up to You if You wish to Live.'

A softer, almost childish Aspect of the Un-Magic whispered 'Can We keep You?'

'Yes.' Harry murmured, in that oddly at ease state of half-awareness. 'Yes, You can keep Me.'

There was an excited glee that made the neon colour of the threads glow brighter and dance faster, like a child told that, yes, they could keep the puppy.

'If You work well enough,' An older Aspect told him, the warmth of a loving grandmother beside the fire, 'If You work well enough, We shall make more of You. We know How, now, but You must prove that You are worth it.'

'And what if I fail?' Harry asked with genuine worry.

The first Aspect, the mothering Aspect, brushed against him. 'You and Your S'r'us may not be born to Us, but You would not have been accepted by Us if We through You would falter. You may have no faith in Yourself, Ari, but that does not mean that We do not have faith in You.'

The old Aspect asserted itself. 'Let Your instincts guide You. Your body will know what to do.'

'The Sky Rulers above Your den will help You.' The child Aspect piped. 'And Your nose will tell you what you can eat so it shouldn't be a problem for You. Just watch Your step and Your Path will become clear to You.'

Before Harry could respond, the feeling of surfacing from deep underwater roared around him.

Then he woke up.


Harry was not amused, but couldn't bring himself to be angry, especially considering the Non-Magic had saved himself and Sirius.

Harry stared at his faded-black hands again, eying the odd swirling, ash-white dots that patterned the skin and the five fingered and one thumbed hands that were tipped in hooked black cat-claws, slightly clubbed tail lashing behind him.

The wizard supposed he could have gotten used to being some odd-looking cat-person, but did he really have to be sent back to pre-pubescence in the process?

He had the feeling that the answer would be 'Yes'.

The den Sirius had found for them was quite good, though, especially considering he'd probably been near-blind with pain at the time.

Harry assumed that it had once been the den of some predator given the amount of bones lying around, but the bones they could use.

It was also ungodly humid to the point that Harry had stripped to the torn remnants of his pants and folded the clothe from his torn robes, shirt, vest, singlet and tie into a bundle and squirreled them away in one of the nooks made by the roots of the giant tree above them and the hard-packed dirt and limestone. As a sidenote, Harry also decided to remove some of the comatose Sirius' outer clothes.

He was almost resentful that Sirius was almost an adult as far as he could tell.

Blowing his hair out of his now oddly large eyes, Harry trotted out of the den cautiously, looking around the brightly lit world revealed to him...

...and promptly decided that he was nocturnal when the light tried to gouge his eyes out.

Disgruntled, the little black cat-like boy made a rapid dash for the shade of a tree a few metres off, determined to find the source of the running water he could hear.

Unfortunately, he found out the hard way that he was both lighter and stronger when he ran full-tilt into the tree he was making a break for.

Grumbling and rubbing his sore jaw, he moved slower, carefully climbing down the numerous limestone monoliths until he came to a small stream that literally flowed out of the limestone, down a small channel in the rock and into a well pool several feet down in a sinkhole in the rock before spilling over the edge into a larger pool several metres down.

Deciding that the well would be the best and safest place to bathe since he could see the bottom and there were no hidden crevices for uninvited meat-eaters to lay in wait in, the boy slid down to a small ledge in the water where a chunk of the rock had recently broken loose to make a non-slippery semi-submerged ledge.

A small smile quirked Harry's lips before he bounced into the sun-warmed surface water to the cooler depths, spinning lightly onto his back as he drifted to the bottom to watch the bubbles float to the rippling surface.

A sudden flash of colour caught his attention, bringing his slightly distorted gaze to the four small tadpole-like things flickering around his head, deep blue in the centre but shading out to purple, then red at the edges. It was only when he reached out to catch one that he realised a) they were attached to his head on black quill-like rods, and b) they were hypersensitive.

Harry squealed in shock, air rocketing from his lungs and forcing him to scramble for the surface

Spluttering, Harry scrambled onto the ledge.

Once the water was out of his nose, he raised a hand and cautiously patted his head.

There were six quills attached around the crown of his skull, each tipped with a tadpole-shaped flag that was dark and dull in the light, but glowed in the dark. Some experiments with his jaw, ear and forehead muscles showed some movement in them, but it was when a loud crack sounded in the scrub that all six suddenly snapped up and swirled in slow circles in the air, inundating the boy with reports on air movements, odd not-smells, vibrations in the air and small flashes of heat-sensing.


Then Harry turned around to climb out of the well.

The palulukan(1) sniffed the little, cub-like thing curiously, massive, protruding teeth mere inched from the cub-thing's face.

Harry was unembarrassed to admit that he squeaked, quills standing upright in surprise, when he came face-to-teeth with something with a head as big as his whole body.

(1) Thanator

Old Aspect of Eywa: Based on Grandmother Willow from Pocahontas

Young Aspect of Eywa: Based on what a Female Casper the Friendly Ghost would be like.

Mother Aspect of Eywa: Aeris from Final Fantasy VII.

Protector Aspect of Eywa: Unknown (Hasn't appeared).

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