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Luna, Harry mused, would have fainted with excitement if she was in his place.

Of course, having a giant, six-legged panther-like critter that was probably the size of a nundu give him a tongue-bath was a little gross, taking into account that its breath smelt like old meat and blood.

Then again, it could have identified him as food, so he really shouldn't be complaining.

Harry supposed that, as it had probably adopted his as its 'cub', he probably wouldn't really have to worry about catching his own food for a while.

He idly tilted his head back so the long blueish-pink tongue could get under his chin and throat, long fingers weaving the oddly, incredibly, long hair at the nap of his neck into a tube around the sensitive testrals that felt like the soft, velvety texture of caterpillar skin and were being coaxed out of the skin in his nap like anemone tentacles.

It was only as he was looking for something to tie off the two slim, waist-length sheaths of hair that he had a moment of 'Huh?', and actually looked at them. Glowing forest green wiggled at him before retreating.

Harry made a sound in his throat and stood, making his way back to the cave where he had left Sirius.

The palulukan tilted her head to the side as the cub stood on its odd hind legs and began to backtrack up the rocks. She stood, shook herself, and followed.

Mother Ewya approved of her adoption of the cub, after all.

About an hour later, Harry was seated outside the cave with Sirius still passed out, but having since been dragged out of the den by his godson when the panther-thing had poked its large head in, looked around, snorted and begun enlarging the entrance enough to get in and enlarge the actual cave.

Dirt, rocks, roots and bones still came flying out the entrance, though Harry had been quick to collect the bones and some of the rocks and proceeded to sharpen some of them for tools.

The sky was dominated by a huge gas giant that likely served as a substitute moon when the actual sun was hidden by the planet's day-night cycle, as far as he could tell, and appeared to be setting, meaning night would come about soon.

Dirt was alright to sleep on, he felt, but stone could cause stiffness, so he shuffled around the rock-face clearing and above and below collecting grass to sleep on with the axe he had made with what looked like a femur, a sharp rock and some long, thin root.

Sniffing a bit, he also found some small blue plant-like things in the ground above the den that tasted oddly like very salty, spiced pickles, and brought a few of those back to the den as well.

Bouncing back down to the den, Harry dropped the grass onto the large stack and started eating one of the blue plants before regarding Sirius.

As Harry was young, his skin wasn't quite as dark as the older man's, and his ashy spots were hazy around the edges while Sirius' were slightly more defined. Harry also lacked the distinctive white tear-like marks that reminded the boy of a cheetah he had seen at the zoo years ago, but, given the white dots he'd seen on his face, he'd probably get them as he matured. In fact, their body structures reminded him of the cheetah.

They were both lanky with a barrel chest that jutted out slightly from the sternum down, giving an oblong shape to their upper torsos and rib-cages. Both their shoulders and hips were slender while their limbs were surprisingly long, as if they were built for speed.

Banded black and white tails ended in a slight club and were perhaps slightly longer than their torsos, curling at the end when they walked to avoid dragging. Each hand had six digits (five fingers and a thumb) ending in thick, curved black claws that hooked over the tips like a cat's, while their feet ad adjusted so the balls and toes had enlarged and padded to be walked on, heels arched up like those of some dragons Harry had seen at the Triwizard Tourney.

He could also see and feel that his ears were large and flexible, seated higher on his head, and slightly oval, perhaps the size of his hand each. His now shimmery green eyes had also become larger and his pupils had changed, his lashes longer and his eyes lined in ashy-white. His nose was cat-like, but not overly sensitive like he thought it would be, having adjusted and subconsciously begun filtering scents into categories. His lips, though, were sensitive and tingled at every touch. He would say 'As sensitive as a cat's tongue', but, as he now actually had a cat's tongue, he could vouch that his lips were more sensitive.

His teeth hadn't changed much. He thought he might have an additional molar at the back of his jaws, but only his eye teeth and canines had elongated. Harry supposed they hadn't changed much since he was an omnivore.

Also, his eyebrows had gone mysteriously AWOL.

Now that he had noticed them, he'd begun to notice that every so often, one or more of his sensory 'quills' would suddenly twitch and wave around like antenna. They were slightly flexible and covered in a felt-like skin, reaching down out of his still short, messy hair ( which had lengthened slightly into lick-waves) about an inch above his shoulders. (It was about this point he realised how ridiculously long his neck was.)

Sirius' hair was still long and thick and wavy black, but his quills were about half-way down to his pectoral muscles.

Harry still wasn't sure about the function of the two braids, but he supposed that he could ask the Un-Magic what they were later. Still, he rolled Sirius onto his side and lifted his hair out of the way to see the man's nap.

There they were. At two points of either side of his spine, just below the hairline, were small patches of small dark green tentacles with two waist-length locks of hair above them.

Harry began to coax out the tentacles out and braid around them, smiling when Sirius began to trill softly in his sleep.

The panther poked its head out of the den as the sun began to set. It nosed the grass, picked it up and carried it back into the den.

Harry tied off Sirius' braids with strips of cloth, and poked his head into the den.

There was an indent dug out of the roots at the back of the now much larger cave which had been stuffed with the grass as bedding.

The panther looked at him, chuffed and nudged him towards the bedding before exiting the den.

Harry hover for a moment, wondering it he shouldn't get Sirius first, when the panther re-entered with Sirius hanging from its jaws like a sleeping cub.

Harry smiled and settled onto the grass bedding while the panther placed Sirius next to him, nudging the man into place with its snout.

The boy watched the creature settle itself and smiled from under suddenly sleepy eyes.

"Imma gonna call ya Momo..." The boy slurred quietly before slipping away.

The newly named Momo settled to wait for night to fall completely before going out on a hunt, yellow eyes looking watchfully out of the den entrance.

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