SYNOPSIS: An illness is sweeping Cardiff that is probably alien, and definitely deadly. With TWO of their team infected and dying, can Torchwood still manage to save their own (and, not to mention, the world)?

PREVIOUSLY: Well, the Sycorax trying to kill off her best buddies was never going to bode well with Gwen. So while three men were busy sulking about their impending doom, she ordered Tosh to get her up into the spaceship/prison/ticking timebomb. She didn't know how dearly Tosh would pay for that deed though, as Alex Klein, former assistant to former PM Harriet Jones was not too happy with Gwen inevitably angering the aliens further and stabbed Tosh in stomach! She is alone and frightened as she desperately clings to life...

Jack had once told Gwen that the wriststrap he wore once had the power to the teleport, and ever since she had been extremely interested by it and by teleportation in general. But this was not how she had imagined it. It was a stomach-churning, sickening to the point of excruciation, blinding strip through nothingness. She had never felt something so horrific. Even though she was sure she was transported within seconds, those seconds stretched onward in a some kind of surreal world where she wasn't even conscious of her own corporeal body - not until, with a sickening crunch, she found herself hurled against a concrete wall.

"What was that?" Jack asked, waving both of them quiet with his hands. Up until this point Ianto had been assuring himself aloud that they would be able to escape this somehow, while, Owen, conversely, was bitterly recounting every missed opportunity in his life.

"What?"They both asked, Ianto eager and wide-eyed, Owen simply growling.

"I think it was a scream," Jack said, shushing them again. Ianto craned his neck, trying to listen, his face a mask of determination.

Surely, they could hear someone in the distance - a woman - what was it? Crying? Moaning? She sounded like she was in pain.

"That's Gwen," Ianto said suddenly, and Jack's jaw grew even tighter, as he recognized it too. Owen looked up at them both.

And with a strike of perfect unison the three of them each began to yell.

She was sure she had screamed. It was an awful pain shooting up her side where she had landed. Her hipbone had collided with the hard surface and was consequently on fire. She had to lie there for a couple of seconds, simply catching her breath and trying not to cry. She may have been a Torchwood agent but she was not impervious to pain. Slowly, with complete determination she rocked herself into a seated position and began to assess her surroundings. She was in a tunnel somewhere, or somewhere that looked like a tunnel. It was hardly lit, and she couldn't see any further than ten metres on either side of her. The walls were made of a kind of brown, ridged stone, and from what she had felt, they were quite solid. The floors were made of the same material, and were very wet where she sat. She turned over her hands and peered at them in the dim light, glistening with the liquid. It wasn't water - it was dark. She should have known immediately what it was from the smell but it took a couple of seconds to register. She had been lying in a pool of blood.

She quickly checked that it wasn't her own blood pouring out of her, and, quickly remembered her mission. The pain in her side + blood loss had made her delirious, forgetful. She scrambled to her feet. The blood on the floor was not her own but it was the blood of one of her friends. Jack, Ianto, or Owen. One of them was injured and all of them were in extreme danger. She began to run awkwardly down the tunnel, limpingly slightly, but pushing forwards, blindly pursuing their calls. She could hear their voices now. They were calling her and she wasn't going to let them down.

"Gwen? Gwen!" Jack called for the umpteenth time. "Damnit, where is she?"

Owen nodded bleakly. "I know. This is the Titanic and she's supposed to be our lifeboat."

Jack shot him a look. "I meant she should get herself to safety."

"And let us all die?" Owen scowled. "She might as well go down fighting."

"Shuttup!" Ianto hollered, and nodded his head towards the darkness. "Listen."

They quickly silenced. They could hear echoes of someone gasping in the darkness.

"Gwen?" Jack yelled at the top of his lungs.

There was a brief silence, and then a smaller, shakier voiced replied: "Jack!"

Jack was noticeably pale as Gwen turned the corner, lit slightly by the crackling orange light of the forcefield. Her clothing was seeped in blood.

"What are you doing here?" He growled.

"Why aren't you wearing shoes?" She countered.

Ianto waved his stopwatch at Gwen frantically. "We've under a minute!"

"Right," said Gwen. "Any idea what I should be looking for?"

"You didn't bring equipment with you?" Owen gaped.

"There wasn't time," Gwen said, and began fumbling for the walls.

"What the hell are you looking for?" Owen shouted.

"An off-switch!" said Gwen, running her hands along the surface.

"This is a high-security prison, Gwen! There's not going to just be an off-switch!"

Suddenly Gwen's hands found something smooth and round and pink jutting out of the rough wall. She punched it with considerable gusto and the forcefield crackled away.

They all stood there in dumb astonishment until Ianto shouted "Thirty-seconds!" and they began to sprint blindly down the corridor, hitting walls but not caring.

"We're going to make it!" Owen cried out in amazement as they turned a final corner.

"C'mon!" Jack said to Gwen, as he grabbed her by the arm and pulled her through the final length of the tunnel. With each of them standing in the teleport hotspot, Jack pressed a couple of buttons on his wrist-strap.

Teleportation was no less easy on the return trip. The four of them were flung into the air before landing heavily on the grass with a thud. After catching his breath, Jack crawled to where Gwen was lying on her back, dazed and struggling to breathe. Her eyes were drifting lazily, struggling to focus.

"We're alive," she gasped, making no conceivable efforts to sit up.

"Thanks to you," said Jack, grinning.

"And to Tosh," said Gwen. "Where is she?"

They turned their heads towards the car. Owen was bent down on the ground, with Ianto sprinting to catch up. Ianto then turned around and called Jack, his hands fleeting to cup his face for only a second, and then sprung into action, unlocking the SUV's boot and fetching armfuls of equipment to bring to Owen. Toshiko was lying on the ground next to Owen, and she was bleeding.

Jack turned back to Gwen, expecting his horrified expression reflected on her face, but she was still and her eyes were closed. He called her name but got no response. Leaning in, he knew she wasn't breathing. The unsteady rise and fall in chest had come to a stop.

"Jack, I need you!" Owen yelled, and Jack tore his attention back to Tosh, who was lying limp. Owen waved him over with bloody hands. "I need you over here now!"

Jack was almost tempted to ask what for - he wasn't trained in medicine, what could he do? - but he knew that Owen asked for help we really needed it. Toshiko was dying, and so was Gwen. Both of them needed his help, and both of them needed it now.

In a fit of panic, he started to get to his feet...

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