Blood Stains

Chapter One:
Red and Blue


None of the character's in this reflect other character or people in Real life.

This is something I started to do bored when stuck in nursing quaters on placement, so like to say none of these characters reflect other people or character.

It was so, warm and comfortable, the wonder of the bed that ever night shift paramedic loved. That was until the dreaded buzzer went off with four loud piercing beeps, it interrupted the almost sleep that She was in.

Groaning Jasmine Wells reached across to the bed side table and picked up her pager 'Category Alpha '. Seeing those two words she shot out of bed and grabbed her jacket not caring that her hair looked liked a mess. Her Partner Mitch Daylie was already and waiting behind the wheel of their truck which was on, the radio in one hand, case sheet and paper in another.

Mitch handed across the Case sheet to Jasmine; he started to make the way out of the station with speed.
"There is three, one person blood loss and arrest, another one dead and the other severely wounded" Mitch spoke keeping his eyes on the road, watching out for other drivers being careless.

"Police are on scene, Sprint is there I believe CPR has been commenced on the patient that is arrested"

Jasmine could only nod; though it looked as if she was awake her mind was still trying to catch with itself. Reaching across she pulled on a pair of extra small blue nitral gloves and pulled out a pair for Mitch. The normal routine they perform of before entering the scene. The drive was silent only the sound of the Ambulance sirens calling out for people to move could be heard.

The Scene of blue and red flashing lights appeared ahead of the Ambulance "Always an Alley lately isn't it?" Jasmine finally spoke shaking her head in annoyance as Mitch pulled up to the scene. She was the first out of the vehicle and went to the side, sliding the door across and pulling out a blue oxygen bag and a red trauma kit. Mitch was at her side in no time grabbing the defib and the other kit. Both then approached the scene.

"Wonderful, one of you need to help the paramedic over there" The police officer, whom they guessed was the scene commander, asked as he approached them "I need one of you to go and treat that severely wounded gentleman over there he is being very uncooperative".

Jasmine looked at Mitch "I will go to the man, you go to the arrest" Mitch shot her a look that read if she was sure and okay "I will be fine alright now go, that man needs the drugs". Jasmine ducted under the yellow tape and walked across to the man sitting on the gutter next to a standing cop.

The man looked around her age 24 – 25ish, his hair was kind of shaggy looking as though he had just been involved in a fight; his hair also had a bit of length to it, not the crew or short cuts she was used to seeing on guys, this was enough that he pushed back his fringe in annoyance and look back at her with piecing unnatural blue eyes which is striking against his smooth pale skin.

Jasmine had to hide the awe of his appearance he was like one of those male models in magazine and she was pretty sure he is built like one to. "Hello my name is Jasmin I am with the Paramedic's, I am here to help you" She introduced while getting onto her knees right into his avoiding eye site.

The man stayed quiet, but noticed the soft yet professional tone in Jasmine voice, he wondered what it would sound like if she was just talking normally, but he shook his head of this thought.

"Can you tell me what is wrong with you?"

The man avoided her eyes again and took in a deep breath, but it looked like whatever he breathed in annoyed him. Then finally he looked back at Jasmine, taking in her brown wavy hair pulled back into a messy pony tail and her front fringe a ruffled mess. She had a nice hour glass figure even though it was hidden under those unsexed uniform. He watched the small slender hand reach out for his arm to touch him but flinched away "Don't touch me"

Jasmine blinked for a moment, he just spoke and it was smooth like the best creamy chocolate if she could describe a voice that way. Jasmine turned her head to the cop "It is alright, I will be fine, can you please leave"

The cop and the man gave her the same weird look, the cop then looked as if he was fighting a battle but then sighed as he moved away however still in view of the pair. Jasmine then looked at the man again "Can I at least have your name?"

He pressed his lips together thinking for a moment the way he spoke he seemed to cover his teeth; "Nikolai" was the only response that was give.

Jasmine smiled "Very will Nikolai, if you do not want my help then you should know of the con-" she stopped midway noticing the way Nikolai was swaying slightly, this time she ignored what he said about not touching and grabbed his shoulder to steady. Nikolai looked at her hand then at her face, she noticed that his eyes where a duller blue.

"Damn it" he laughed slightly, which was odd to Jasmine "he managed to get it in me" Nikolai spoke to himself.

"What? Where you drugged?" Jasmine asked her free hand reaching for the naloxon in her drug kit in case it was an opiod.

"You want to help, I need blood" Nikolai said gruffly and hurried he didn't seem to monitor his lips and showed two larger canine teeth in his mouth.

Jasmine instantly felt a cold shiver run down her spine and back up with cold fear as he latched onto her wrist wit, his dull blue eyes with vein of red streaking though them. His grip tightened and pulled her closer, however it looked to the cop she was just leaning in close to the patient.

"I need blood"

"I… I can get you blood, from the blood bank, please your hurting me" Jasmine stuttered in a whisper as she tried to pull back her wrist only for it to look like it not budging at all. She watched as he placed his cold lips onto her wrist.

Jasmine hoped for heaven sake that this was just a dream and that she is at the station sleeping, not with a blood sucker wanna be. But this thought was broken by the pain of two sharp teeth sliding into soft tender flesh and cold lips wrapped around her warm skin, the pull as he sucked and the movement of his tongue. Jasmine notice his now red eyes glance up at her, they seemed puzzled, but Nikolai looked back down and kept hungrily drinking from the paramedic until her world became black.

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