Blood StainsDisclamier:

Chapter Three: Bloody Dreams

None of the characters in this reflect other character or a person in Real life, if by small way they do it is a coincidence.

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"Miss Wells seems that you are well enough to go home, but I do suggest that you stay off work and heavy labour for about a week, your body is still trying to get it strength back" The doctor in the white lab coat instructed watching his patient packing up the stuff she came in with.

Jasmine was wearing the clean clothes that Mitch brought her over, they where his girlfriends spare clothes which she didn't need. Jasmine picked up the plastic bag with her uniform in it and tossed it on the bed before looking at the doctor "I will need a letter for my boss then"

The doctor nodded his head and held out a blue A4 sheet of paper "Already ahead of you, also you have someone waiting out in the hall for you, do you want me to send them in?"

Jasmine nodded her head as the doctor left, and went to tie up her boots.

"How you feeling? Meg's and I were worried" came the voice of her partner at the door. Mitch leant against the frame watching his tried friend tie up her boots "You're looking a bit better"

Jasmine looked across at her friend "Thanks I feel better, you didn't have to come down to take me home though" she grabbed the bag on the bed and walked towards Mitch, spotting his girlfriend sitting on a chair out in the hall.

"I didn't want you catching a Taxi or getting home without help"

Jasmine shook her head and smiled at Meg as she got up. Meg was a quite girl she really didn't say much, as they walked to the car she was falling behind and let the couple walk. Jasmine always disliked playing third wheel, she did have relationships in the past, but she never had a good streak, the last guy played her like a fool. She thought they had a relationship and he thought she was a bead warmer.

"Here we are, now do you need any help inside or something?" Mitch asked looking over his driver side seat.

Mitch knew he couldn't argue with Jasmine and smiled at her "Alright be safe, don't do anything stupid", Jasmine shook her head and closed the door and stood on the drive way watching the car drive away.

Jasmine walked out of her bedroom and walked into the kitchen, she didn't know what to do now, maybe going over the nights events would help her figure out how she was attacked. Jasmine sat herself on a bar stool at the bench and looked at the fridge trying to think.


Jasmine blinked and looked down to her wrist running her fingers over the sensitive flesh.


This time Jasmine griped her wrist remembering the pain she had felt, also how cold he appeared to be. "Fangs and blood" she mumbled still rubbing her wrist, griping or playing with the flesh somehow.

"Vampire?" Jasmine had a confused look on her face as she pulled herself off the stool and went to the fridge grabbing out a opened bottle of Red wine, she placed in on the bench not really noticing what wine she pulled out and grabbed a glass and started to pour "I must be losing it really, been listening to my nieces too long"


Jasmine put the bottle away as she continued to talk to herself "Now that could have been the nurse or again my mind" she brought the red wine to her lips and shallowed the smooth blend down. She walked into the study and pulled up her soft chair and placed the glass down on the table as she loaded up her computer.

"Let's see what Google has to say about this"

Jasmine's fingers skimmed over the keyboard entering 'Real Vampires' into the search engine, "Cannot believe I did that" She mumbled slightly picking up the wine again and taking another mouthful. The computer had come up with about 1,090,000 possibilities, Jasmine felt like hitting her head on the table, but again swallowed another mouthful of wine and started looking though the pages until her world went black.


It was too dark to see anything, Jasmine glanced around with a frown and started walking in some direction. She had noticed that as she walked her clothes began to change; she was back in the blue paramedic uniform with her gear on the belt.
The feeling of the ground changed also as she walked it was no longer hard, it was softer with sticks breaking.

There came a slight moan from somewhere in the darkness.

Jasmine reached for her belt and pulled out her torch, shining it around, expect the light just kept shinning though the darkness, it wasn't until the moan sounded as if it came below her did the light drop to see the ground.

"OH GOD!" Jasmine said with panic in her voice; bring her hands to cover her mouth, letting the torch drop onto the ground.

It wasn't really ground at all though; Jasmine looked at the massive pile of broken, bleeding and moaning bodies that made up the soft floor. She wanted to throw up so much seeing white bone protruding from flesh, people that where alive reaching out with skin missing from their hands or just the bloody oozing stumps that once was their hand. Jasmine tried to move off the bodies, she took a step back only to have her ears assaulted by a high pitch cry of a child.

Shakily she looked down, hands still at her mouth trying to stop her from hurling and now also preventing from crying. She couldn't get off these people and now stood on a small deformed child with no eyes present just two holes with red tissue handing out where the eyes should have been. Jasmine fell to her knees in the bloody mess, landing on a shoulder and some legs, these people didn't say a thing though, they were too stiff, too cold, too dead.

Jasmine leant forward and braced herself trying to breathe, now the stench of rotting flesh and blood hit her, this made her heave and cough "Oh god, help me" She mumbled again trying not to think of the bodies she was kneeling on.

Jasmine muttered the words and few times with eyes clenched shut, she didn't open them till she felt a panting feeling at her neck, even with eyes open she couldn't look in that direction, something wouldn't let her which started to freak her out even more.

A scream escaped her lips when she felt a tongue run along her neck, Jasmine bolted forward to see what licked her but only saw something shape like an animal run away. She brought her hand up to touch the wet sticky saliva on her neck, breathing fast and heavy she brought her hand around, it was now covered red. Quickly Jasmine wiped the blood on the ground, only to remember it wasn't ground but people and this only caused her to end up with more blood on her hands.

Jasmine quickly pushed herself up onto her shaky legs, she need to get out of whatever bloody hell this was. Turning in a direction, she started to run, running on the bodies under her feet. That was until she got tangled and tripped on legs. She closed her eyes and braced herself to come in contact with the bloody corpse but didn't come. Jasmine opened her eyes and looked up only to be greeted by that large shadow, which gave her the hair standing on neck feeling.

"Who…who are you?" Jasmine asked with a shaken voice, she was surprised the words even came out.

Jasmine didn't know if the figure was speaking all that came to her was a loud knocking sound.



Jasmine shot up in the chair, the computer screen was now black and half the wine was still in the glass, but she was home, no bodies on the floor. She felt her quicken pulse slow as her mind processed that it was just a sick and twisted dream.


Jasmine groaned looked across at the clock looking at the time being 6pm, she frown at the thought of someone knocking at her door. She got up and made her way over to answer the door, rubbing her neck and feeling all gross from the dream.

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