A/N A little scene that I think would be funny in the Halloween ep. And what I hope the extent of Tony's 'fling' would be. I can't take an other Obsession because I hate to see him struggle like that!

McGee heard the familiar thud of too-high boots clomp from the service elevator behind his desk. "Abby, do you have the results from the code that I sent… Um. Tony?" McGee froze, his face confused. "Tony, what are you wearing?"

"It's called a costume, McBeeGee." Tony puffed out his over-exposed chest and brushed imaginary dust of his crisp white jacket. "I've decided to try the trick or treat. Have a fling with the frivolity."

"But Tony, you hate Halloween," McGee reminded him, barely able to control the laughter that was building.

"I did. I mean, I do. But this isn't for me."

McGee was sceptical. "Uh huh, so dressing up as Travolta in Saturday Night Fever wasn't at all your idea."

"Well, the Fever was my idea. Its more iconic than just black pants and a t-shirt which I guess would have matched her costume better but…"

"Oooh," McGee realised. "This is about a her. Of course it is. Do I know this her?"

"This her is from a hot dry country where they have great accents and apparently great beaches too."

"So, basically, Sandy from Grease?"

"Seriously, McKilljoy. You can't just play along?" Tony leaned down to whisper to McGee, unfortunately affording him a close up view down the half-buttoned black shirt. McGee shuddered.

"Tim, I want this to be fun for her, ok? She's down with Abby putting the finishing touches on her costume then we are going to a party for a couple of hours."

"Fine, Tony. I was going to catch a nap while I let this search database run anyway. But just let me take a photo so I can hold this over your….McGee" Tim was cut off by his phone ringing.

Tony stood up straight and gaped like a fish as he took in the sight before him. Leaning on the divider by McGee's desk was a pair of high, open toed stilettos, tight (oh sooo tight) black lycra catsuit and sultry curls perfectly arranged around dark eyes and red lips. He gulped. He wished his jacket was a little longer.

"Tony, that was Gibbs. We've got a dead lieutenant from the code devision and… God, please tell me that you have a change of clothes, Tony. I don't think I can concentrate with that costume all night."

Tony tried to talk but he voice wouldn't come as more than a squeak. He looked helplessly at his partner.

"I believe what Tony is trying to say," Ziva's eyes flicked over his costume and she gave an approving smile, "Is 'tell me about it, McStud."