This is my second Warehouse 13 fanfic, and I do believe that I have discovered the art of emotional whumping, oops. This fanfic is made readable thanks to Winged Pegasus, who has her own account here, and a .net user known as Choccolate_Muffin. These two awesome girls beta'd this fanfic for me and offered some nice suggestions. Thanks be given to them, OR ELSE!

So I present to you "Einstein's Mirror"


The air in the Warehouse became stale after a surge of sparksattracted the attention of Leena, who was making her usual rounds. She had taken it upon herself to help out Artie around the Warehouse while he had to attend other matters. She knew that Claudia was also doing some inventory, but she had not seen her. 'Hopefully she didn't get herself into trouble again,' Leena thought to herself as she quickly made her way throughthe labyrinth of aisles of which the Warehouse was composed. She heard some loug coughingcoming from deep inside an aisle of mirrors. As she cautiously walked up to the young red headed girlthe hair on the back of her neck began to slightly rise as a soft panic. There was a mist of darkness emanating from her aura. Claudia's presence was like a wildfire, hungry, destructive, and waiting to consume anything or anyone that got in her way.

"Claudia?" Leena called out, hoping that she was mistaken and that the person before her was not Claudia. The Claudia-like figure responded in shock, clearly not expecting to have been found so quickly.

"Oh, it's you," she responded with contempt in her voice and a thousand daggers shooting out from her eyes. Her hair was frizzy, and slightly longer than the last time she had seen her. She wore a ragged leather jacket on top of a dark, striped, long sleeve shirt and tight dark jeans with her usual shoes, but more worn down than Leena recalled

"I was hoping that you wouldn't show up," Claudia continued, circling Leena-who was too confused to do anything other than stand still.

"What? Don't have any more Jedi mind tricks you can use on me?" Claudia reached into her jacket, "You're such a pathetic little twerp." Leena finally realized what was going on, but before she could do anything a dozen bolts of electricity latched on to her body, paralyzing her in a scream. Claudia had shot her with a modified Telsa.

"I made it so you would be paralyzed for a day or two. It also has a shock setting to work like a taser. You like?" Claudia taunted the shivering and paralyzed on the floor.

Claudia dragged Leena across the Warehouse and stuffed her into a seemingly empty crate. "Now don't go all Dracula on me, okay?" Claudia taunted her with a devious smile. "Nighty night!" She closed the crate on Leena and walked away nonchalantly.

Claudia'seyes opened only to be blinded by the lights of the Warehouse. She cringed at her harsh headache. Claudia slowly sat up trying to get her bearings straight. She couldn't quite remember what happened. One moment she was walking through the warehouse looking for Leena, and then she just wakes up with a killer headache.

"Okay, Claudia, you're at in the Warehouse and you have a killer headache,'"she told herself. She cringed as she forced herself to stand. She used her right hand to rub the back of her head, which was where most of the pain was comingfrom. She started to look around, trying to remember what happened, but it all was a blur.

Claudia began to make her way out of the aisle in which she found herself when the majorityof the Warehouse's lights went off. She could still see the office, only a relatively short distance away. "How did I get here?" Claudia asked herself, then turned around, facing the far end of the Warehouse.

"Which ever one of you did this, you'll be sorry!" she yelled

"Not as sorry as you'll be!" Myka came up behind Claudia with her Telsa gun aimed at her.

"Myka!" Claudia greeted her, "There's an artifact back there acting up and—" Myka shoved Claudia against the end of a shelf, crushing Claudia's throat beneath her forearm.

"The whole place is acting up, thanks to you!" Myka shouted, training her weapon on Claudia, whose eyes were open wide. Claudia began to squirm as she used her own hands to push Myka's arm back enough to allow her to breath.

"Myka," Claudia spoke with difficulty, "What's gotten…into you?"

"What did you do to Artie!" Myka demanded to know, ignoring Claudia's question.

"Myka," Pete called her, "He's awake." Pete looked at Myka, then at Claudia. Myka removed her arm from Claudia's throat. Claudia coughed as she sucked in as much air as possible.

"There's no reason to go all crazy on me," Claudia said, hoping to cover the fact that she was hopelessly confused. Myka grabbed her by the shirt and yanked her forward and pushed her. "Move!" Myka ordered.

"Alright, I'm moving," Claudia spoke. Pete and Myka escorted Claudia back inside the office. It was a mess, a bigger mess than normal. She spotted Artie on the couch unconscious.

"Artie!" Claudia shouted and ran off towards him only to be tackled by Pete. The she slammed onto the floor and looked back at him. Everything was wrong, Artie wasn't even supposed to be at the Warehouse. Pete and Myka were all different, and even the things scattered throughout the office was different. It was as if she stepped into another world that was not her own.

"You stay away from him!" Pete yelled at her in complete rage holding back a barrage of curses. Claudia did not get up, she only pushed herself back silent, confused, worried.

Artie took notice of Claudia and managed concentrate to speak, "Wait, Pete. It's not her." Artie examined the scared and confused girl in front of him

"What do you mean it's not her?" Myka asked.

Artie pointed at Claudia, "Before she hypnotized me using Ramo Sammee's juggling balls, she talked about Einstein's Quantum Mirror, the Claudia we knew is long gone by now. This is not our Claudia.

Myka and Pete took a moment and both noticed Claudia's nearly well groomed hair. And generally more cheerfully colored outfit.

"Our Claudia?" Pete asked.

"What?" Myka spoke, confused.

"It's me, Artie!" Claudia exclaimed not sure what he was talking about.

"This is not good," Artie stood up and rushed over towards the bookshelf and retrieved an old brown book. He quickly flipped through the pages while Myka had her gun aimed at Claudia. "Albert Einstein's Quantum Mirror," Artie finally spoke rushing over to the desk with the computers, "It can switch people or objects between alternate realities. It helped him develop his theory of relativity by trying to understand how he could travel to alternate realities. He never did, but another scientist later on built on it and developed string theory." Artie's quick explanation was not only ludicrous to Myka's ears, but insane and confusing to both Myka and Pete.

"Arite," Myka spoke, "what are you saying?"

"Einstein's mirror swapped our Claudia with a Claudia from another reality," Artie clarified.

"No waaay," Claudia said, "I guess I passed through a dimension not only of sight, but of mind."