Alternate Claudia kicked Artie in the chest. "I said, get up!"

"Claudia," Artie pleaded, "you don't have to do this." Artie slowly got up and saw Pete on the ground as Myka trying to help him up.

"You know," Evil Claudia started to say, "I've had it up to here with you. All you do is talk, talk, talk." She pressed the hand device for a second, sending Artie back to the floor. "You never cared! Not about me! Not about Joshua!"

"That's not true!" Claudia, our normal Claudia, shouted as she aimed her net gun at the other Claudia.

"Oh great, the spoiled brat is here," Evil Claudia sighed, she felt exasperated as every deep and heavy emotion she had began to emerge, "look who decided to show up, the little brat."

"Artie did care, he saved Joshua and he looked out for me," Claudia continued, hoping that her evil counterpart would forget about hurting Artie anymore.

"Oh, you plan on shooting that thing anytime soon?" Alternate Claudia taunted her and aimed her Telsa gun at Claudia. Claudia never really shot anyone before, not even a gun that would trap whoever is the target with a neutralizer-dispensing net gun.However, whenshe saw that Alternate Claudia was moving her gun towards Artie, she gave it no further thought. Claudiashot her evil self. The net splashed around Alternate Claudia, who dropped the Telsa as she was propelled against the nearest shelf.

Claudia ran up to Artie and helped him up to his feet. "You know, you shouldn't really be playing with these handcuffs. They're bad for an old man like you," she said with a smile.Artie gave her "the look," and turned his attention towards Myka who was still stuck to Pete on the floor.

"How is he?" he asked.

"He's still alive," Myka said, and then looked at Claudia. "What's going on?" She asked.

"Let's just say Bloody Mary over there came from the Twilight zone and decided to trade places," Good Claudia said. Just as Pete finally started to move, they heard Alternate Claudia begin to laugh.

"You're such a prick," Alternate Claudia shouted at Claudia, "You really think you're better than me?" Alternate Claudia started to struggle, reaching for something but good Claudia couldn't make out exactly what it was.

"Don't listen to her," Artie warned, but Claudia walked up toward her.

"Don't tell me you wouldn't do anything for them," Alternate Claudia continued to taunt her. "You'd kill as many people as it would take if it meant saving Joshua, or even these losers." Claudia didn't say anything, she didn't have a chance. Artie fell to the floor again, wrenching in pain as wave after wave of electric shocks coursed through his arms up his torso and through his body.

"Stop that!" Claudia demanded. Alternate Claudia finally managed to free herself, and sprinted towards her Telsa gun. They both charged at each other, but Alternate Claudia managed to dive at her gun and roll away in time. She aimed her gun up at Artie, wanting to take revenge. All her plans had failed, but at least she would be able to cause as much pain as she has been through. She pulled the trigger sending off dozens of heavy electric bolts at Artie. Artie fell unconscious, lifeless.

Claudia screamed at the sight, and launched herself at Alternate Claudia. She drove her to the ground, and wrestled the Telsa gun away from Alternate Claudia. Claudia then aimed the Telsa gun at her evil self. "Do it!" Alternate Claudia dared her, that particular Telsa was still set to kill and Claudia knew it, "I know you want to, because I am you. You'd love to fire, after all I killed your precious Artie." Claudia closed her eyes, a tear ran down her cheek, and they opened with a fury. That same glare that she saw in her evil counterpart was now her own.

Myka and Pete pulled good Claudia away just as she fired the Telsa gun and missed her target. "NO!" she shouted. Alternate Claudia pulled out a hold out gun, one that looked oddly similar to the one used by H.G. Wells. But before she could open fire, a swarm of electric bolts enveloped her body from the side and pushed her to the ground unconscious. Good Claudia looked over to the side and found Leena standing there with a regular Telsa gun.

Artie started to groan and mumbled something that no one could understand. "Artie!" Claudia shouted overwhelmed in joy and pushed Pete off and ran over to help him up, along with Leena's aid.

"I swear if you scare me like that again…" Claudia said and proceeded to wrap her arms around him in a tight hug.

"Can…" Artie started to say, "Can someone get these handcuffs OFF me?"

Claudia found herself overlooking the Warehouse from the loft, sitting on the edge with her head and arms resting on the rails. Leena walked up next to her and sat down as well.

"She's not you," Leena said compassionately. Claudia glanced down towards the endless aisles of the Warehouse. So many deep and dark secrets, she wondered if she was the same. Filled with so much darkness.

"Stop it, I hate it when you do that," Claudia said. "I just can't wrap my mind around the fact that I could kill—"

"She's not you," Leena reassured her. Claudia turned towards her and stared. "But I am her," Claudia said firmly, in a dark tone. "I hated her, I wanted to kill her. I wanted to rip her guts out after I saw Artie on the floor." She closed her eyes and turned.She brought her knees up to her chest and rested her head on the rails.

"The truth is, I hated you," Claudia continued. "I hated you because I thought that somehow, deep down, you had it all, and would end up pushing me away. That what McPherson did was just a lucky way for you to make me look crazy." Claudia turned her head back at Leena with her eyes watering.

"I wasn't feeling to hot about myself, and I took it out on you," Claudia paused. "I would do anything, just like she said. Anything if something ever happened to any of you…even kill."

"That's not true," Leena stood up, "Claudia Donovan, you are the most stubborn individual I have ever met-"

"Ouch," Claudia said.

"-but also the most selfless. You have a kind heart, you're nothing like that person," Leena continued to say. "I always saw good in you. You'd do anything for those that you loved. You idiot, that's a good thing." Claudia got up slowly as Leena spoke.

"I'll have you know that I'm not an idiot," Claudia said playfully, "Well...maybe a little one." She smiled at Leena. She could tell that Leena was really trying. However, Claudia was still not convinced, she may never be convinced. But at least she did have a good family to be with. And in the end that was what mattered.

"Good, Artie wants everyone in the office," Leena said. Before she could turn around and walk back inside, Claudia surprised her with a strong heartfelt hug. She then wiped her face. "Thanks, I needed that."

That two walked into the office together to see Pete and Myka arguing with each other and annoying Artie.

"No, I wiggled my ear as in I should have gone first and then you!" Pete said. Myka gave him the "you're full of it" stare.

"Since when is wiggling your ear a signal for anything!" she argued.

"Who made you the author of the signal dictionary?" Pete retorted.

"Oh excuse me—I thought I was HAVING A BRIEFING!" Artie complained.

"Oh yeah, we're one big happy family," Claudia as she landed on chair with a huge grin on her face.