During the first years of having Robin at his side, Batman made a few mistakes that he had to learn from the hard way. One of his first major lessons was to be diligent in his research before bringing his young assistant along.

They fought back-to-back. Always. It was the best thing in the world to Dick. Flying through the night sky, leaping from the shadows on unsuspecting bad guys...he was making a difference. What he did mattered. And he'd even had a couple chances to save Batman from getting hurt. Being Robin was so awesome.

Tonight was going to be one of the best. They were taking on some drug dealer guys who were making some big deal downtown. Batman had explained everything, and he'd tried to pay attention, but there were so many things he didn't understand. How could drugs that doctors give you be illegal? I mean, doctors gave them to you to make you better, right? They were easy to get. You just went to the doctor if you needed it. But, whatever. Batman always did more homework than him, Bruce had studied these guys, knew that what they were doing was wrong, and had even waited until Dick could go with him, because Batman needed help.

Yeah, Batman needed his help. If only he could brag to the other kids in his class. No, being Batman's assistant was totally worth having to keep it a secret.

"There's the warehouse," Batman said in his usual gruff voice.

Dick studied the outside. A few lights shown out of different levels, Dick tried to remember the building's plans that Bruce had made him study before they had left. The bad guys had stashed the medicine on the bottom level, Dick and Bruce were gonna go through the third level, and get to the catwalk that was supposed to be the second level. Then, they would jump down and get 'em like all the other criminals.

"I'm ready when you are!" Dick said excitedly.

Batman gave a sharp nod and quickly shot his grappling hook, Robin followed suit. They both entered the building silently and Robin followed behind Batman, paying great attention to all of his mentor's movements. Robin was sure Bruce knew, cause he always knew everything, but Dick could tell exactly what kind of situation they were getting into just by how Batman moved. If the criminals had guns, Bruce always made himself smaller, and kept Dick shielded behind his long black cape until he could distract them, then let Robin go in. If they were unarmed, he always motioned for them to leap at each other's side. Other weapons depended on the skills of the criminals. Dick was sure that Bruce had files on everyone in the city. Bruce was just crazy smart like that.

Batman turned slightly and tilted his head, silently telling Robin that they were going in at the same time, that whoever was down there was busy, wouldn't be expecting them, and were not armed. They both pulled out Bat-erangs at the same time, and took the leap. Robin recognized the leaders instantly from the pictures Batman had shown him, and due to the fact that they ran away at the first sight of the Dynamic Duo. They weren't supposed to be that tough. Batman's files said they were low level, not very smart, and only in charge of this operation, they answered to someone higher up. Batman had planed this raid so they could find out who was in charge, or at least more evidence cause Batman had his suspicions, which were usually right anyway.

Robin knocked out one guy and ran after the two Batman wanted. Batman would be okay with the four other lackeys, and if Robin could catch at least one of the guys they could get the information they wanted. So, Robin followed the two into a back office. There was a door that should lead to an alley and Robin could not let them get away. The boy wonder entered the office just a step behind them, the door to the alley was chained and they didn't have time to unlock it.

"C'mon!" Robin teased, "Not scared of a little kid are ya?"

The men turned, they had weird looks on their faces. One started to circle and Dick took a few steps back, keeping them ahead of him. Fear started to rise up, but he pushed it down quickly. He'd done this before. Batman fought him harder than any of the bad guys he'd ever faced. These guys were nothing. But they were going to force Dick into a bad decision. Maybe they weren't as stupid as Dick thought. Robin backed into a desk, but they were still moving apart. He needed to force their hand, gain the advantage, but the only way to do that was to turn his back on one. Crud, this was exactly what Bruce had taught him not to do.

Oh well, too late now. He charged at the man closest too him, ducked under a punch and swept a kick that knocked the man off his feet. The man hadn't hit the floor before Robin was spinning to catch and duck under a punch from the other man who had gotten far too close too fast. He ducked again, and started to throw a punch back, when the man on the floor snatched the end of his cape and pulled hard, slamming Robin's head into the concrete floor.

Robin tried to recover quickly, but they were on him to fast. The one who had grabbed his cape held down his arms with bruising force, while the other sat on the boy's ankles. Robin twisted and thrashed and bucked, but knew he was only causing more bruises on his arms.

"Damn, never thought I'd get this chance!" The thug at his ankles said. "The Bat is so protective!"

The one who held his arms licked his lips and sighed hungrily, "Ain't he so pretty? Better than any other I ever got."

"Those guys can't keep the Bat busy for long, and we ain't gonna get this chance again. Wanna share?"

"I'm good with that."

Dick's eyes widened under his mask and he started thrashing harder than before, panicked. He couldn't let them do this. He had to get away now!

The creep at his ankles was already pulling at his costume! No! He took a deep breath, he couldn't panic. He needed to think his way out of this. He needed a plan...The man at his head pressed his knees on Dick's wrists, and the man started to struggle with his pants. That was all he needed, he knew what to do! Dick pulled with all his might and got his right hand free. He quickly hit the emergency call button on his belt and grabbed a pellet of knock out gas from one of the pockets and threw it on the ground as hard as he could. Lucius said the pellets worked fast, that's what Dick needed. The men started yelling, the one on his wrist actually got in a solid punch to Dick's face that probably would have hurt more if the world hadn't been spinning. Dick hoped they would get knocked out, too; and his last thought before he blacked out was, Bruce is gonna be so mad at me.