I decided to make this mini story because a friend, LibiTheWolf, and I came up with it. Oh, there is a bit of swearing (thanks to Hidan), so if you are offended, DON'T READ! It is a slight crack fic and is NEVER going to happen in the manga (obviously, seeing as Kakuzu's dead and Hidan's incapacitated T.T)(Poor Hidan!)

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The Akatsuki was short a person because I killed my team mate again. I couldn't help it, he was pissing me off with his belief that things of nature should be destroyed. I don't think he lasted a day in our organization. That was why Pain recruited a new member. Currently, I was too busy counting the money I had just earned from my previous kill.

"I would like to introduce the new member into Akatsuki. His name is Hidan and he will be joining Kakuzu." I paid no attention as my team mate came into the cave. '80,256 Yen, 80,257 Yen, 80,258 Yen..."

"Oy, would you look the fuck up at me? I want to know if you're worthy for Jashin." I pushed my anger back. I need to control my anger so I don't kill off every single new member. I slowly looked up and I swear that my heart stopped. The most beautiful eyes were in front of me. The lights glistened off the purple beauties.

"Hey! What the hell is your problem? Why the fuck do you keep staring at me like that?" I barely heard what he said. I continued to just stare at those beautiful violet orbs. Unfortunately, something red and sharp blocked my view of the eyes, bringing me out of my dream.

"When I ask you a question, I want to know the answer right after! Otherwise, I'll be forced to sacrifice you to Jashin!" Instantly, I was counting money again, which I think only annoyed the man I had to be partners with even more.

"What the fuck is your problem! One second, you're staring at me, directly in my fucking eyes, and the next, you count your dumb money!" I barely heard him. '80,259 Yen, 80,260 Yen, 80,261 Yen. Finally finished, but I definitely need more.'

I packed up the money and walked around my new team mate. He was still seething about my staring, but now I know not to look at his eyes ever again, lest I be drawn into them.

I went into my room, which I had to now let him have half of it, and set the money in a box on my bed. I closed the lid and locked it using the key around my neck. I then grabbed the box and placed it in the desk next to my bed. Slowly, I left my room and went outside for some fresh air. I needed to get the eyes out of my mind, but they were already forever etched.

I sat on a bench and closed my eyes. The eyes appeared in my head again. My eyes snapped open only to see the one who wielded the amazing eyes. I instantly looked away.

"Leader-sama told me to come out here to get to know you. I could seriously care less about your fucking life, so you don't have to say anything." I saw a beautiful bird that was a variation of reds and oranges fly down near the entrance of the cave. I smirked.

The bird froze near the cave and was pushed away from it. It was on the ground and no longer moving. 'Stupid bird.' "Why was I paired up with a fucking retard!"

Hidan stood up and stormed back inside. He finally left. I won't be drawn into those epic eyes for a while. I took one more breath of the refreshing air before Zetsu came up from the ground. "Leader-sama is requesting a meeting to give out missions."

I stood and walked back inside, swearing that I wouldn't look at the orbs. Well, things don't go as planned most of the time, do they? "Kakuzu, please stand next to your new partner."

I walked over to the ugly man with wondrous eyes. He had a scowl plastered on his face, but his eyes were thankfully closed. At least, they were closed until we got our assignment. "Kakuzu and Hidan will travel to Kirigakure and kill Hajime Akutgawa. He is a very powerful lord of an estate. This is merely to get you two to work together. You will be able to see each other's abilities on this mission. Hajime is in a mansion in the middle of the town of Tsakuriya. Guards patrol the mansion daily. There are hundreds of guards in the mansion as well. Have fun."

I nodded and went to get packed. Hidan followed me and when we entered the room, he grabbed me and turned me to face him. The eyes were the only things I saw. The light from the lamp above them glistened off of the orbs.

"What the fuck? You're doing it again! Do you have an obsession with staring at people?" I barely registered anything he said. He shut his eyes and I was knocked out of my daydream.

"What did you say?" I asked. He looked pissed, but kept his eyes closed. "So you're staring at my eyes, right? Then I'll keep them closed around you!"

He turned around and tried to walk forward. A chair had conveniently been placed right in front of him. He tripped over it and fell to the other side. I stared without emotion.

"Who the fuck put that chair there?" He looked at me and I instantly looked away. "Oh, right, I have to keep my fucking eyes closed around you! Why did I join such a retarded organization? All the people here are totally fucked up!"

I snorted and grabbed a few things for the road. I heard Hidan give me a annoyed noise that was either a growl or a laugh. Most likely a growl. I finished grabbing the few things I needed to bring. Hurriedly, I left the room and waited outside of the cave. I decided that I was to look in them one more time. If I was entranced again, then I wasn't going to look in them anymore.

Five minutes passed with no Hidan. After another five, I went back inside. I went to our room and peered inside. One look at Hidan and I was thoroughly disappointed.

A blindfold was covering his eyes. I was actually looking forward to seeing them at least once more. "Ha! Now you can't see my fucking eyes!"

I shook my head at his stupidity. If he already tried closing his eyes and he fell, then how was a blindfold going to help? "This blindfold is made out of a certain material that only I can see through! Fuck yes!"

I stared for a moment before turning around and leaving. I was going to leave without him if he didn't hurry up. "Hey! Wait the fuck up!"

The journey to Kiri was quiet. Most of the time, Hidan kept his blindfold on. He had been training whenever we rested to fight with it on. He had already trained to do this once, but that was back when he was around 9. I'm pretty sure he was 22, but I really don't care about how old someone is.

I was currently laying on the ground, willing sleep to overtake me. I could distinctly hear Hidan slamming bows into a nearby tree. I could also hear his distinct love of swearing.

"Fuck! That hurt! FUCK!" I groaned and turned to my side away from Hidan. After an hour of this, I finally sat up and glared at him. "GO TO SLEEP!"

Hidan stopped in his tracks and looked over to me. I saw that his blindfold had fallen off during the last blow to the tree. Mezmerazation took place at that moment. I couldn't stop staring at the orbs of awe.

"Fuck! Quit staring at my eyes!" I actually managed to get out of my daze before he grabbed his blindfold and put it on. I do believe it had something to do with the fact that I had just thought of what it would be like to marry his eyes...

"I'm going to bed, alright?" He went over to his sleeping bag and put his scythe down. He quickly laid down and turned to his side so his back was facing me. I stood up and walked over to his other side. After a moment of me staring at his blindfolded face, he finally realized I was there.

"What the fuck are you doing?" I stared at him without emotion. I wasn't quite sure why I wanted to stare at him, but I think it may have been because I needed to ask something very important.

"Alright, I'm guessing that you're staring at me, so why the fuck are you staring at me?" I said nothing for a moment. "Because I'm in love with your eyes."

Silence followed the confession. I saw his eyebrows rise over the blindfold. I guess he must have been in shock and his eyes must have widened in surprise. After another minute of silence, I got up and walked back to my sleeping bag and laid down. I now believed that I would be able to sleep since my confession was out there.

I drifted off to sleep before I heard anything from Hidan, the beautiful eye god. My dreams were mostly about my wedding with his eyes. It would be magical and the honeymoon sex was mind blowing. It was full of pure hotness and sexyness.

When I awoke, I was saddened that it was only a dream. I could still feel the hot sensation leaving my body as I released everything into his-

"WHY WOULD YOU TELL ME YOU LOVE MY EYES? WE ONLY JUST MET! ARE YOU SOME SORT OF SICK FREAK?" I should have seen this coming. It looked as though he had gotten no sleep that whole night. It was early morning. The sun was only just beginning to rise.

I looked over and saw that he barely moved all night. I just stood up and began to pack my things. Hidan angrily ripped his blindfold off and walked up to me. "So you love my eyes, right? Does that mean you love me as well?"

I looked up at him and realized that I wasn't loosing myself in his eyes as easily. Maybe the confession of love had awoken me? "Not really. Your eyes are pure and beautiful while you yourself are not that appealing. Now, pack up, we have to get moving."

Hidan cursed under his breath and went over to his things. He angrily shoved things into his bag and when he finished, he got the food that I was making over the fire. We ate in silence, which didn't bother me at all. When we had finiched eating, I put out the fire and grabbed my things. Hidan also grabbed his things.

It would take a day to get to Kiri from where we were now. Hidan had made a point of staying at least ten meters behind him. I was slightly disappointed, but I knew that it was what Hidan wanted.

The rest of the trip got me thinking. Did I really only love his eyes, or did I love him as well? I shook those thoughts out of my head when we got to the village we would be staying at. I stopped to wait for Hidan. When he caught up, I told him we would need to henge so people would not get suspicious. He nodded and henged as fast as he could. When the smoke dissipated, it left a girl in its place. She had silky blonde hair and green eyes. She was super skinny and was wearing a dress with flowers all over it.

I decided it was my turn and I henged into a boy the same age as the girl. I had brown hair and blue eyes. I was wearing a t-shirt and light brown pants. "My name will be Akami. What's your's?"

"Kaminari." said the adorably sweet voice. I grabbed Hidan's hand and started running towards the village. Akami and Kaminari were a teenage couple who was travelling around, looking for a place to raise children. They were anti ninja. At least, that was our cover story.

I could vaguely hear Hidan cursing under his breath while wearing a smile on his face. I wanted to laugh, but instead, I found an inn that we would stay at. We slowed down and walked inside, our hands leaving each other. I walked up to the receptionist and asked, "Is there a room available for us? We are traveling around, trying to find the perfect village to raise a family in."

The woman smiled sweetly. "You will love this village! Tonight is our annual fireworks showing. Shinobi barely ever show their faces here unless stopping to rest or gather supplies. Here, I can give you a reduced price on a room for two nights!" I looked over to Hidan, who still had the fake smile plastered on his face. "How does that sound, honey?"

His face widened in excitement. "That sounds amazing! Lets do it!" I smiled happily, inwardly wishing this was actually happening and not just an act. I turned back to the receptionist and said, "Well, it looks like I'm taking you up on your offer. We will definitely be looking foreward to the fireworks tonight!"

The women smiled. "Alright, here's your key. It's on the third floor, the first on the left. Please enjoy your stay!"

We went up to the room and opened the door. We were actually quite surprised to see how decorative and beautiful the room truly was. We undid the henges and sat on the bed. Yes, THE bed. There was only one bed in this room. Hidan's rage was reverberating through the room. I sighed and went to the bathroom, hoping momentary solitude will help me live through these few days with Hidan, the possible love of Kakuzu.

Strange, right? Like I said earlier, this will be a small multi-chapter story. It's not going to be twenty chapters. And I hope you enjoyed the story. Please review and tell me what is totally strange about it, 'cause I know about 90% of it is totally crazy!