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He's lived all his life on that shelf. Day in and day out, he sat there, praying to Ra that one day that special someone would come and buy him. That was his only wish. His name was, Yami the doll.

Poor Yami, each day his heart filled with hope only for it to be shattered when the customer didn't give him a second look. Each day, he lost that little confident shine in his plastic eyes. What was wrong with him? Was he condemned to this life on this accursed shelf for the rest of his doll life, until it was time to throw him out? He was losing all hope for that day.

It was a regular day at the toy shop. Customers crowded around every new thing tha caught their eyes. Today, Yami just wasn't in the mood to look his best. He wasn't in the mood to hope.

The bell at the front door rang, signifying a new customer had walked in. Yami looked up, curious but not hopeful as to who this customer was. As his eyes locked on to this new customer, his little button heart skipped a beat. It was a group of high schoolers. A girl with fluorescent blue eyes and brown hair stood at the front, her gaze scanning the store quickly before something caught her interest, allowing her to detach from the group. Behind her had stood two boys, both with liquid chocolate eyes, however one had blond hair, while the others was pure white. Like the female, something had caught their attention and they walked off.

However, Yami was attracted to the shortest of the group. His hair was tri-colored, just like Yami's, however unlike his crimson eyes, this boy had eyes like amethysts. A strange feeling bubbled in his stuffing filled tummy. Yami wanted this boy to come to him. He needed him to.

Yugi's eyes scanned the aisles, nothing really catching his attention, that is until his eyes stopped at the last aisle. There, a small doll, with hair that looked similar to his own and had eyes as crimson as blood, poked out from his spot. Curious, Yugi decided to take a closer look at this doll.

Yami's button heart picked up speed as his wish had been answered. The boy was coming over to where he was. After what had seemed like an eternity the boy, halted in front of him, gingerly picking him up.

Yugi smiled as he looked at the doll. "Well hello, little guy, what's your name?" He asked, as though the doll would tell him.

Yami ached with yearning for the ability to talk, but sadly he could not.

Yugi inspected the tag on Yami and grinned as he found the name of this little doll in his hand. "Ah. So your name is 'Yami'. I'm Yugi." He laughed as he shook Yami's rounded hand between his thumb and index finger. Yami seemed to brighten as he did this.

A moment had passed before Yugi's name was called. "Yugi! Where are you, it's time to go?" His friends called.

Yugi clicked his tongue before setting Yami down. "I'm coming, Joey! Bye, Yami..." He mumbled a little sad to be going so soon. He trotted away to meet up with his friends.

Yami swelled with disappointment as he watched Yugi exit the store. Would that be the last time he ever saw him again?

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