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The laughter subsided, each boy deciding to cover their faces to hide the silent tears that fell. "How silly." They laughed, pity washing over them at their unusual predicaments. Who would seriously fall for a doll or a bunny or even a presence felt when staring at a mirror? Who would honestly believe them other then themselves, if they were to reveal this secret? They'd simply be laughed at, even more so now, for hoping a wish could solve their problems…

It took moments for each to settle completely before deeming it time to part ways for the day. Yugi thanked each of his friends for the time spent, heading on his way home. Although the time spent on his mind took some guilt off of him for leaving Yami, it didn't completely erase the feelings he truly felt for the doll, nor did it ease the storm in his heart.

They all had a clearer mind after that day, accepting their situations more. However, after making their wish, even if nothing happened, they couldn't help but feel that something big was going to happen…

Rain poured the day after the three boys made their wish upon the puzzle.

The rain never seemed to let up, even after the passing of five months since the event…

To everyone in the world, the days passed as normal with the occassional question of why it rained so much. But, to the three who had made a wish, the rain reflected the turmoil they faced inside.

With each passing day, the hurt they faced only seemed to grow, misfortune throwing itself at all directions towards Ryou, Malik and Yugi.

Ryou was the first to experience tragedy, only two weeks after hoping for a chance.

Yugi had finally begun to rest at night, although still haunted by dreams of a torn-up Yami and a laughing little girl. On that particular night, the phone had woken him from his light slumber. Drowsy and confused, his small form scurried to the phone, hoping its ringing would not wake Grandpa.' Who could be calling at…' His eyes spared a glance at the clock resting in the hallway, '…one o'clock in the morning?' He wondered.

"Hello, Motou residence." He yawned into the receiver.

"Yugi!" The voice on the other end wailed. Yugi immediately woke up.

"Ryou? Ryou what's wrong?"

"Yugi!" Ryou cried once again. "Bakura, its Bakura!"

"Ryou, calm down and try to tell me what happened…" Ryou's hysterical manner of speaking worried Yugi greatly. He could easily tell Ryou had been crying not long before calling him.

Sniffling, the albino's voice fizzed over the phone as he tried to explain the situation without breaking down. "I had fallen asleep a few hours ago after putting Bakura back into his cage. I woke up about an hour ago, I had a nightmare that woke me up and when I looked at Bakura's cage, he wasn't in there. I'd forgotten to close the cage door! I looked in every crevice of my house, but he's nowhere to be found! Yugi, please you have to help me, I have a bad feeling, knowing how he is, he might have gotten out of the house!" By this point Ryou had broken down crying. It pained the tri-haired boy to hear his friend so hurt.

"Okay Ryou, meet me by the park entrance in ten minutes. Don't worry, we'll find him." Yugi winced as he heard Ryou's cry of agreement before hanging up and rushing to get ready. He scribbled a quick note for his Grandpa, grabbed a backpack he filled and hurriedly ran out the house to meet up with his friend.

The rain had picked up steadily with each hour that passed while they searched.

The drizzle had turned into a stinging downpour by the time sunrise rolled around; by the time they found Bakura.

"Bakura!" Ryou screamed, finding the energy to rush towards his beloved pet after so many hours of searching.

"Ryou, wait!" Yugi's eyes widened as he reached for his friend. Thunder crashed, echoing for miles.

Bakura lied in middle of the street, body sprawled out and motionless. His once grumpy eyes, now dull and lifeless; the entire sight of him was just too heartbreaking for words.

Ryou had fallen to his knees in front of his small beloved. His body shook with the force of his sobs. Many times, he cried out the name of his pet, his secret love. But, a response never came. Yugi kneeled beside his friend, tears welling up in his eyes as well. Not even Bakura deserved this…

"Ryou! Yugi!" a familiar voice called out to the two, causing them to look back. Malik was running towards them, out of breath. "Your grandfather called me about an hour ago to tell me what happened; I tried looking for him while looking for you both. Did you… Find… Bakura…" The platinum-haired boy's voice faltered as he finally took in the sight before him.

"He… Was run over?! Aw man… No, this can't be… I'll kill the person who did this…" Malik spoke the words the other two were too scared to admit, his voice cracking as he struggled to speak. He fell to his knees, dragging his two best friends into a hug. They cried together, Yugi and Malik doing their best to comfort Ryou…

A small funeral was held the next day.

Ryou still hadn't gotten over the shock.

But things only got worse from there when Malik had been the next to face misfortune and just only two weeks after.

The rain had still been pouring when the trio had decided to meet up and try to get Ryou into a somewhat better mood. Things had been going well, going to the usual café and then heading to a nearby park. The rain had randomly picked up its pace as they were going down a large flight of stairs. Malik's foot slipped and he tumbled straight to the ground before Yugi or Ryou could grab him.

Malik had immediately been rushed to the hospital. By the time the doctor came out, Malik had already slipped into a coma. Nobody knew how long it would last, but despite this, Yugi and Ryou visited him every day and hoped for the best.

His coma lasted three weeks. On the final day, Yugi and Ryou had gone to visit like any other day. By the time they reached his assigned room, Malik had already been sitting up and staring blankly out the window. "Malik!" The two shouted, hurrying towards their friend and hugging him tight.

They looked up when he didn't respond. "Malik?" Yugi whispered gently, slight fear present in his voice.

"What happened, Malik?" Ryou asked, both boys seeing the silent tears running down the eldest's face.

"He's gone…" Malik whispered, quietly after awhile. It didn't take a further explanation for the other two to know what he was talking about. They simply hugged him tighter.

Malik hadn't been the same after that day.

Yugi was the final one to face his tragedy, only a week after Malik opened his eyes.

The three friends had all gathered in Yugi's house, the downpour too great to risk leaving the house. Ryou and Malik had been quiet still caught up in the miseries fate had bestowed upon them. Yugi had not a clue as to what to do or say to lighten up the mood, believing he had already suffered through his own tragedy, like the other two. He hummed softly, thinking of something to say and just as he opened his mouth, the phone began to ring. "I'll be back." He mumbled, hurrying towards the stupid phone.

"Hello?" He answered

"Hello? May I speak to Yugi?" A female voice buzzed.

Puzzled, Yugi replied. "This is Yugi speaking. How may I help you?"

"Oh, Yugi! This is Mrs. Tenshi!"

"Mrs. Tenshi?! How are you and the family doing? How was the move?"

A small laugh could be heard from the other end of the phone. "I'm doing well, as is everyone else. The move was successful and we've finally been able to settle into our new home. Yumi seems to like it, she was quite excited when we moved in."

Hesitation and anxiousness had suddenly flowed through the small boy's body. It took him a moment to collect himself before he swallowed the lump in his throat and continued on with the conversation. "H-how is she anyway? Yumi, I mean. I miss the little energy ball. Has she been a good girl and treating her toys right…?" Yugi mentally hit himself for stuttering but hoped she wouldn't notice his true motive in asking his last question. It seemed as though eternity had passed before he got a reply back.

A sigh.

"Oh my Yumi, she misses you as well Yugi. Thankfully the new house has kept her preoccupied; unfortunately it also gave her an energy increase. She's been playing non-stop with every toy she has, each of them slowly earning their place on 'the shelf'; their all pretty bad ones too, I don't think many will make it till the end of the year. Why, the first doll to go had been the last one we brought her before we moved. That little king doll I think it was." Time seemed to slow for Yugi; he knew what being placed on 'the shelf' meant. It meant the very thing he had been hoping against since the moment he made the decision to leave Yami to Yumi. Yami had been broken and deemed unusable. That was a doll's type of death…

Mrs. Tenshi continued rambling on. Yugi somehow managed to properly finish their conversation before they both said goodbye and hung up. He stood there, staring at the phone holder for some time before losing all strength and falling to the ground. Ryou and Malik had been at his side in an instant, concern etching their features. Yugi tried to laugh but, it came out more like a broken squeak as he spat out the words: "Yami was destroyed…"

Nothing more needed to be said for the other two to understand and sympathize with him. They all knew too well, losing the last bits of hope they had left for any sort of chance with the objects that dearly held their affections.

The final three months dragged on, with the start of school being the string that held onto the remains of their sanity. Senior year had already begun to prove itself to be a worthy distraction.

"…g… Yug… Yug!" said boy was snapped out of his thoughts by a certain blonde. Joey huffed, "Finally, yer back ta' earth!" Joey sighed in relief, causing Tea and their other friends to laugh. Yugi grinned sheepishly, stealing a glance at Malik and Ryou who were chuckling slightly. A knowing gleam shined in their eyes. They knew exactly what had claimed Yugi's thoughts just moments ago.

"Sorry." Yugi apologized, scratching the back of his head.

No one else knew of the recent events that had passed besides Yugi, Ryou and Malik and they planned to keep it that way. The friends they shared were all sweet and kind hearted but, there is only so much you can tell someone about something they had never gone through before getting odd looks. They weren't willing to go through with that, on top of the despair they already had to shoulder. It was just a relief to the three that they were able to at least go on about their days without shutting down completely, like the days right after the events. Unbeknownst to the three however, their friends had sensed some disturbance and tried their best in order to keep them laughing and smiling.

The conversation continued on until it was time for lessons to start.

The class hushed down after the teacher had called for attention. "Now I know it's a bit of a late in the year, however we have a total of three new students who will be joining us for the remainder of the school year. Please come in." The teacher motioned for the new students to enter. As they did, whispers immediately erupted around the room.

Yugi, Ryou and Malik's thoughts all had drifted off as the chatter around them continued, completely uninterested at the moment.

The chatter was loud enough to pick up, however. Phrases such as, "Three? Isn't that a bit much? Oh, but our class is the smallest in the grade..." or "I wonder why we'd have three new students transfer so late into the year?" travelled back and forth throughout the room. It was one phrase that caught Ryou's attention in particular though.

"Hey, that kid has the same hair color as Ryou! Or is his hair silver?"

At the mention of that, the albino's head snapped up to stare right at the three transfer students. The similarities between him and his best friends were just too close to the transfers. But there was only one that caught his eye the most: a boy with wild white hair and grumpy brown eyes. ' Bakura?!' was the only word that travelled through his head as a gasp passed through his lips.

"Ow! What was that for?!" Malik grumbled the moment an elbow connected with his arm. The only response he received from his albino friend was a gesture to take a look at the transfers. Snorting grumpily, the platinum blonde spared a glance at them, his jaw immediately dropping.

Wild spiked, platinum hair and haunting lavender eyes clouded his vision. Malik shook his head in disbelief as the unmistakable feeling of hope swelled within him. "It's him… No way… Yugi! You have to see this…!" His arm shot out to shake his smaller friend out of his trance.

"What?" Yugi whined, clearly displeased with being taken out of his daydreaming. He received the same response Malik had been given only moments before. With a sigh, Yugi focused his attention to the front. Amethyst eyes immediately widened and started fogging up with fresh tears.

Among the trio of the new students, the one who caught Yugi's eyes was the splitting image of the doll he had lost just months ago. A feeling within him screamed that the boy was unmistakably…

"Yami." The boy Yugi had been staring at spoke out in a powerful voice that sent shudders down the small boy's body. "My name is Yami Atem Farao." Ruby eyes scanned the classroom before boring straight into amethyst ones.

"Bakura Dorobō." The albino followed in his introduction, wasting no time in catching the eyes of his softer-looking look-a-like.

"Marik Ishtar Gokuri.", said the final one of the newcomers, already staring at Malik from the beginning.

The whispers in the room continued, though the room was silent for the six who stared at one another. Nobody seemed to notice this, oddly.

"Alright, alright. There you have it. Treat these guys kindly. You three, go find an open seat in the room." The instructor wanted to waste no more time, hurriedly dismissing the boys In order to begin his lesson.

Yami walked in the direction of Yugi, eyes never leaving the other's. Yugi's head was clouded with a myriad of emotions and questions, but his breath was caught in his throat. He mimicked a fish out of water the way his mouth opened and closed as he tried to force the words from his mouth. In the back of his head, Yugi was almost certain his other two friends were facing the same dilemma.

Time seemed to move slowly as Yami sauntered closer to Yugi, the expression on the older's face containing a smirk, as a ton of emotions glimmered in his ruby eyes. With every step, Yugi became more and more positive that this Yami was his Yami. The Yami who had been destroyed just months prior…

Finally, the two were face to face. But, all Yugi could seem to choke out was: "Ya... mi..?" His big amethyst eyes conveyed everything else he failed to ask. Yami's full attention was on Yugi as he watched the small boy struggle to speak and just try to figure out the world's mysteries.

The smirk on Yami's face grew as he started to walk again, to an open seat somewhere behind Yugi, purposefully grazing his hand against the smaller tri-haired boy's hand on his way there. His lips mouthed something that caused Yugi to put his head down in an attempt to hide the smile and blush that lit up his face as a feeling he thought had been lost took over him.

"This time, we won't have to be separated, Yugi."

With a quick glance over to his two friends whose faces housed either a bright red blush or ridiculously goofy grin, Yugi was completely sure, without an ounce of doubt, that he was the one. Maybe wishes and some misfortune aren't all that bad in the end... With that in mind, Yugi patted his face preparing for a day filled with explanations of all sorts, lectures and a new beginning.

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