Okay, so I was looking at a lot of YnM fics and saw the anime again. But what I noticed was that all the fics and comments were rooting on Hisoka being uke. The intersting part of YnM is that Hisoka has an uke body and seme personality while Tsuzuki has a seme body and uke personality. I want Tsuzuki-uke and I'm not willing to turn into anything but a TsuHiso fan to get it. This is one of the primary reasons I made this fic. no flaming. Warning: Yaoi and Tsu-uke. Hope you like it!


The cherry blossoms were in full bloom, like they were every season. A symbol of eternal beauty in a place mainly concerned with death. The wind blew gently scattering the petals around them. It was amazing that something so beautiful could exist within a few miles of the Ministry of Hades.

But what was even more amazing, thought Kurosaki Hisoka, was Tsuzuki. They had been partners for two years now, but lovers for a much shorter time. They were taking their newfound relationship painfully slow. Mostly at the insistence of Tsuzuki. Whenever Hisoka tried to be intimate with him physically, Tsuzuki rejected his advances, not giving much in the way of explanation. They had been together for a whole three months, and they hadn't even kissed yet.

Not that Hisoka hadn't tried.

Tsuzuki all covered in cherry blossoms eyes sparkling in the light of the autumn moon, graced him with one of his more genuine smiles. "Nee, Hisoka, isn't it beautiful out here?" He looked on at the sakura petals with puerile wonder. Hisoka didn't bother to answer, but leaned in to touch Tsuzuki's lips with his own. Only to be denied.

"What's wrong Tsuzuki?" Hisoka questioned his older lover. "Don't you want to kiss me?"

"I-I do Hisoka, it's just-"

"Just what?" Hisoka cut him off in harsh clipped tones, feeling only slightly guilty as Tsuzuki's usually happy face turned to surprise. Tsuzuki looked visibly flustered, fishing for a response that would placate his younger lover. But Hisoka didn't want to be comforted or placated, he wanted the truth. Now.

"N-nothing, Hisoka. I'm sorry." Tsuzuki seemed to think dropping it was the best course of action, as if Hisoka would forget or let it go. And the last of Hisoka's patience burned into nothingness.

"No! Why won't you touch me or let me touch you? You're always so guarded and I can never FEEL you! Don't you trust me? Are you cheating on me? Am I too young for you?" He was almost shouting now. Every insecurity that he'd felt briefly after starting his relationship with Tsuzuki was coming into light.

"No!" Tsuzuki looked more and more horrified with every question. As if the very accusations had stabbed him in the gut.

"I'll see you tomorrow Tsuzuki." Hisoka said in clipped tones and spun on his heel taking off in the opposite direction. He could hear Tsuzuki calling for him, tears in his voice. There had been so many people who had made Tsuzuki cry and he hated every last one of them. Even himself.

Hisoka walked in the almost darkness for a long time not caring where his feet took him. When they finally stopped, he looked up and found himself at work. Figures. Not only was he at the Ministry, he was in Watari's office. The place he'd heard his coworkers whispering about, the subject of so many horrifying rumors.

Hisoka looked around at the various vials and equipment that lined the expanse of the lab. It was unusually neat. A quality that was necessary of a scientist, but not one that had seemed to fit Watari's bubbly personality. Everything was in order and labeled, but for one vial.

Coming closer, Hisoka picked up the glass container and squinted to read the label by the moonlight that streamed in through the window. But what seemed to be label was actually a note. It read: Dear Bon, the effects only last a short time. I haven't perfected it yet. Have fun!

Weird. Hisoka thought. How was it Watari seemed to know everything? The liquid solution in his hands was purple and an image of Tsuzuki appeared in his mind, reminding him.

And Hisoka drank.

Tsuzuki ran as fast as his feet could take him. He'd gone to his favorite bakery before work that morning for a cupcake to cheer himself up. Though the line was long, Tsuzuki couldn't just go to an amazing bakery filled with the warm smell of baking sugar and leave empty handed. He'd even bought an apology cupcake for Hisoka. And now he was late. Being late wouldn't make Hisoka any happier with him.

Though fast, in his hurry Tsuzuki was anything but graceful, and couldn't avoid every coworker with a hot cup of coffee that strayed in his path. A blur ran through the Ministry of Hades that morning leaving in its wake dozens of coffee stained shirts, shaking fists, and angry faces.

Not really looking where he was going made it inevitable that Tsuzuki was going to run into someone at sometime. But he'd been so close. Only a few yards from his and Hisoka's shared office space he'd run into something solid and was flung to the ground. Though surprised, Tsuzuki wasn't going to let his cupcakes fall to their sugary doom, and caught the bag before it met the floor.

Sighing with relief, Tsuzuki stood and dusted himself off before looking around to meet whatever wall he ran into. That wall was a man. He stood about the same height as Tsuzuki with a slim figure, light hair, and an angular face that frowned. He had to be at least 20 years old. A stranger. Must be new to the department.

"I'm so sorry!" Tsuzuki gave a rushed apology and bowed several times at the waist. "I didn't mean to run into you."

"Just be more careful next time, Tsuzuki." The stranger said in a deeper voice than Tsuzuki would have imagined him to have.

Tsuzuki smiled widely, delighted to have been forgiven. "I will. I don't think we've met though. You're …?" The stranger looked mildly confused for the briefest second and then he simply looked endlessly amused.

"Kurosaki." Kurosaki, huh? Now that Tsuzuki thought about it the more time he spent in this stranger's presence, the more he was reminded of Hisoka.

"Are you a related to Kurosaki Hisoka?" At his question, the stranger's lips quirked in a slight smirk and he stepped closer to Tsuzuki, thoroughly invading his personal space bubble.

"No," he said, leaning in. "I am Hisoka." And then he placed his lips on Tsuzuki's.

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