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Summery: Harry and Draco accidently go back in time pairings will be Harry/Tavington and Draco/Bordon also they're in 6th year

AN/This will be a Harry Potter/The Patriot Crossover also I don't have a beta so forgive me for any spelling or grammar mistakes I make plus writing isn't my forte so if you have any ideas or suggestions just put it in your review

Present Day

"Harry and Ron come on we're late for Charms!" said Hermione as they left the Great Hall. "Ok Mione we're coming" said Harry as he was finishing his toast. Just as they got to the Charms corridor they heard Malfoy behind them say "Well if it isn't Potty, Granger, and the Weasle" "What do you want Malfoy?" said Ron, Malfoy raised his wand at Harry just as Harry raised his. The spells cast accidently sent them back in time to 18th Century South Carolina. "What just happened Potter? Where are we?" asked Malfoy looking around just as Harry was regaining conciousness.

Harry noticed they were in some sort of