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As they made their way into the fort they ran into the person they needed to find standing at the enterence to the building.

"General Cornwallis! We need to ask you something." said Harry

"What can I help you with?"asked the older Brit

After the males had entered the officer's study Draco was the first to speak

"We request leave in order to travel to Salem or at least the nearest magical community so we can Floo to Hogwarts." answered Draco

Seeing the General's confused look, Harry explained how they were wizards and from the future and how they needed to get to Hogwarts in order to figure out how to get home. They explained how they told Colonel Tavington all of this and him tellling the teens to ask the General.

"You can go but only if either Tavington or Captain Bordon accompany you." replied the man and with that the raven haired and blond teens left the office and to their rooms and waited for the Colonel and Captain's return

After discussing it with Colonel Tavington he agreed that Bordon should travel with them or at least to the nearest Floo network and magical community located in Charleston.

They managed to find the international Floo and went on their way to Hogwarts and the library there.

Luckliy they found the spell they needed which would bring them to the present days after they left, wrote it done on the piece a parchemnt they brought with them and went back to South Carolina where they had planned to say goodbye to their loved ones before returning home.

After giving it some thought about what Draco had said before every thing that had happened since he found out he was a wizrd on his 11th birthday. He decided to end his friendship with Ron and Hermione once and for all. He would also not allow old Dumbles to manipulate him farther and ask the sorting hat to resort him.

He and Draco decided to keep their truce and remain friends once they got back to the 20th century.

"Are you certain you want to do this?" asked Tavington as the wizards changed into their robes

"We're sure and we need to get back because I've still got to fight Voldemort and I'm suer Draco's parents miss him. We'll look for a spell or something that can bring us back once the Dark Lord has been defeated." said Harry

Both boys gave their partners hugs and proceded to cast the spell.

Both boys ended up in Dumbledore's office much to the surprise of the headmaster, Ron, Hermione and Snape

"Where have the two of you been?" asked Snape

Draco briefly explained every thing except dating an 18th Colonel and Captain. After he spoke Harry had asked to be resorted and told Dumbledore it was because he felt more suited in a different house.

Upon asking seeing Ron and Hermione , he said he no longer wanted to be friends with traitors, not that they were true friends to begin with.

"So you're friends with Malfoy now?" asked Ron angrily

"He's a much better friend and I should have shook his hand on the train that day." ersponded Harry

The headmaster reluctantly agreed to resort him and silenly hoped that Harry would be placed in Gryffindor again like his parents were.

The Sorting Hat was placed on Harry's head and the hat spoke in his head again saying So Mr Potter we meet again.

I made a mistake choosing to be placed in a house other than Slytherin thought Harry

You'd still do well in Slytherin, are you sure you want placed there? asked the hat

I'm sure answered Harry

Very well, better be Slytherin! replied the Sorting Hat as it shouted out the last word for those in the office to hear.

Harry's outfit magically changed to the Slytherin colors and Professor Snape lead the boys to the Slytherin common room and once they were there he told his students that Potter had been resorted and as a Slytherin, they were to treat him as family.

The rest of Slytherin house left him alone once they found out that he had befriended Draco and dumped the youngest Weasley male and Granger as friends.

Harry had eventually defeated Lord Voldemort and the Malfoy's declared their loyalty to Harry while Neville and Luna still remained trusted friends to the green eyed boy and they didn't care that he and Draco were friends or that Harry had become a Slytherin.

Meanwhile Ron and Hermione were killed in battle, the rest of the Weasleys (minus Percy) were injured and Ginny gave up on trying to date Harry after he told her that he wasn't intrested in girls.

3 months after the Darl Lord's defeat Draco had found the spell that would take them back to the 1700's. Thankfully it would take them back 20 seconds after they first left and after the spell was cast and they were back in the 18th century.

They were greeted by both Tavington and Bordon and they lived happily ever after.

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