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So this is a Harry/SLASH crossover series of oneshots.

WARNING: SLASH. Go back now if you don't like it. Not beta'd.

These are the crossovers I'm willing to do. I may have forgotten one or two or three and if you know I'll write them, you can go ahead and send me a message. But remember, just because I read some of the fics, doesn't mean I can write them as well.

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Chrystel Malfoy-Potter wants - Harry/Spencer Reid from Criminal Minds

Spencer shivered as he felt the back of a hand slip under his shirt and fingers started to brush against his bare stomach. He lent back in his seat, Harry's uninjured arm resting on his thigh as the teams' jet took them back to Quantico.

"You know, the next time we need someone to lure a serial killer out, how about we don't use me as bait." Harry groused as he twisted his body so that his back was pressed against the window.

The young wizard's arm was in a sling where he had broken it from getting into a fight with the unsub. He also had a couple of cuts and bruises. Some needed stitches, especially where the knife dug into his side during the tustle.

"We got him, though, that's something." Prentiss soothed distractedly as she looked down at the cards in her hand.

Spencer's free hand moved down to his stomach where it lightly touched Harry's own. A non-verbal sign of comfort. Harry smiled up at him, blinking lazily and stifling a yawn.

"Yeah, I guess," Harry shifted. "I should have realised sooner that the git was the murderer."

"He didn't fit the profile." Rossi said, walking past them to join Hotch. "None of us realised who it was."

"Yeah," Harry sniffed. "Bloody criminals, not sticking to the profiles."

"Bloody Brits, whining all the time." Morgan mocked, trying to copy Harry's accent with a grin from his seat next to JJ.

Harry stuck his tongue at him, and he turned back to watch Prentiss and Spencer's card game with an air of boredom. He smiled when Spencer's hand turned to squeeze his own, entertwining their fingers together tightly.

"I think..." Prentiss started with a wide grin, "that I win."

She showed her hand, and Harry raised a brow, glancing back to the card's in his lover's hand.

"Good hand." Harry complimented. "Maybe you'll beat Spence this time."

"Close," Spencer said, shooting Harry a betrayed look, "but you just can't beat this." He layed his own cards out, a smug smile forming on his face.

Harry chuckled at the black haired woman's incredulous look.

"I have yet to win a game against him, myself." Harry consolded, stealing one of the small sweets that Spencer had collected from a disgruntled Prentiss.

"Hey, those are my betting chips!" Spencer scolded, trying to shield the rest of them with his hands. Harry gave him a playful pout and leaned over to nuzzle Spencer's shoulder with his nose. "Don't even try it."

"Try what?" Harry asked innocently, his eyes widening as he spoke.

Prentiss smirked from her seat oposite them, and turned to JJ who rolled her eyes at the couple's behaviour. Prentiss' smirk widened and she fought the urge to chuckle.

"You know what." Spencer retorted, picking up the cards and shuffling them. "Don't play innocent with me."

"I wouldn't dare." Harry replied as he tilted his head and kissed Spencer's jaw. Spencer cleared his throat, trying to keep focus. Harry trailed his lips down to the junction of his lover's neck, allowing his teeth to scrape the skin lightly. Spencer shivered. Sneakily, Harry's hand darted out and took a couple more of the sweets.

"Please spare us to PDA!" Prentiss laughed. "I don't think we can take it."

Harry scowled at her playfully, pulling away from Spencer and resettling into his chair.

"Spoilsport." Harry accused, popping a sweet into his mouth. Spencer glanced over and gaped at him. "What?"

Spencer shook his head, pushing his 'chips' over to the other side of the table. He ignored Harry's begging gaze and dealt himself and Prentis another game, slapping away Harry's persistant fingers when they made to grab several more.

Harry sat back and sulked. He only wanted a couple more. It wasn't like Spencer wasn't going to win more.

The first is up. I will be doing them in order of reviewers, by the way :P. I hope you enjoyed it. I'm in a bit of a rush actually, I typed this up just before going out for the night, hehe.