Summary: What happened in the car ride after Damon and Bonnie drove off? Fantasies from Damon and more rules from Bonnie.

Timeline: Season 2, episode 6.

A/N: This is going to be a series of one-shots based on aired episodes. Sort of a "what happened" explanations of things we didn't see. Some will be probable (like this one-shot could've happened and continued straight into the aired scene of Bamon at the Manse) and some will be completely AU (because of future episode canon and because of probable Bamon sex. lol). These won't always be Bamon centered, but they will always include Bonnie.

A/N: I thought of adding this to It Was You, but I decided to let that stand a Bonnie/Caroline fic.

Disclaimer: I don't own the characters.

Plan B-The Car Ride

Bonnie glanced behind her to the back of the truck where Mason lay. She righted herself with a quick look to Damon who was driving like there wasn't an unconscious body in the truck. An unconscious body she had helped capture. She knew that when Stefan figured out that it was Katherine she had seen with Mason that he would get with Damon and figure out why. She had simply not imagined that she would be this involved in the process. On one hand it was important that they figure out why Tyler's uncle was involved with Katherine. How much did he know about her? Was him coming back for Mayor Lockwood's funeral just a cover? On the other hand…she looked at Damon again and sent a silent prayer.

Damon looked over at the little witch and saw that her eyes were closed. A small, amused smile lit his face before he looked at the road. He was thinking about just how he was going to torture Mason to his heart's content while dealing with the witch's predictable objections when she interrupted his thoughts.

"So what game are you playing?"

He looked and saw she had her arms crossed with an expectant expression on her face. "I'm gonna need a bit more than that before I decide how I wanna answer," he answered with a twisted smile.

Bonnie rolled her eyes. It had just occurred to her that she was in a truck alone with Damon Salvatore. And they were driving to his lair where she would still be alone with him. She hoped Caroline would be there, just in case Damon decided to turn his attention from Mason to her. "I set you on fire," she said with a lift of her shoulder, and Damon moaned his agreement. "So what are you waiting for?" she asked as she pierced him with a stare.

Damon smirked. "Nervous?"

"Not in the least," she answered immediately. That was a bit of a lie. She had been terrified that night when she had gone home, thinking that he would come after her. She had been prepared to put him down permanently. But nothing happened.

"Mmm," Damon said with a thoughtful look on his face, "your heartbeat says differently." He was very satisfied at her fear.

"Fear means adrenaline," Bonnie pointed out. She watched as he laughed.

"And where did you read that?"

Irritated already, Bonnie ignored him and looked at the passing trees. "Well I'll be ready," she said with finality, sounding like she was preparing for battle.

Damon looked at her short form; her delicate fingers that wrapped around her upper arm; her hair tucked behind her ear; her mouth that was a little crooked which only served to enhance her pouts of disapproval. He felt his member start to stiffen, and he willed it away. This was so not the time. He wished she hadn't brought up that night. He wished they'd been alone under different circumstances, because he sure as hell has thought about that night though not in the way she obviously assumes. She would have killed him had it not been for Elena. That intrigued him to no end. He had taken her threats seriously enough, but part of him always wondered if she had it in her to do it simply because he still couldn't shake the image of that scared girl he had cornered against the car. He had his answer, so now he wondered if he could get her to do it again. Would the judgy little witch set him on fire again even after Elena's little pep talk? She had gone against her judgment and saved him because of Elena and apparently because of this weird preference she seemed to have for Stefan. He wondered if he could push her to the point of chucking both of them aside and setting him on fire again. It's too bad they had needed her help to capture Mason or else he could've had his answer. He mentally sighed at the missed opportunity, his gaze still fixated on her.

One minute after shifting her interest to the scenery outside of the truck, Bonnie looked out of the windshield. Her peripheral vision showed her that Damon's head was turned in her direction. She looked to find him leering at her, his eyes on her hips. It shocked her but more than that, "Will you watch the road?" she shrieked. How long had he been doing that?

Damon lazily dragged his eyes away from her and rolled them, saying, "relax. We weren't even swerving. Vampire senses," he said with a wink.

"Hey," she said harshly, a little out of breath both from the look she had seen on his face and the thought of them getting into a car accident at the speed he was driving.

Damon gave her a tired look, knowing she was about to chew his head off.

"Don't ever look at me like that ever again. I'm dead serious, Damon," she said, her voice hard as stone and rising when his look turned more innocent than she ever thought him capable of being.

He gave her his full attention when she flipped her hair and turned her seat to better face him before continuing.

"Whatever you're thinking; whatever you're about to think; whatever you've thought of thinking; Erase it," she ordered.

Damon licked his lips as she dived into how, if he couldn't erase the thoughts himself, she'd give him one good aneurism to help him out. When she started talking about how serious she was, green eyes shining and communicating her menace, he thought, "will you shut the fuck up and let me jump you?"

"Or better yet, shut the fuck up and jump me." But this last thought was never fully formed. It stayed in the form of disconnected words that floated in his brain, hidden in the recesses of the fully-formed thought that she was hot.

"Are we clear?" Bonnie asked, eyebrow raised, lips pursed.

"Crystal," he bit out, widening his blue eyes.

She lifted her head slightly to ascertain his sincerity. He had a crazy look in his eyes. She couldn't tell if it was because he was still thinking dirty thoughts or if it was because she had annoyed him. The latter made her feel like her offended rant wasn't in vain, so she went with it. "Good," she said and faced forward again. "So how exactly are you planning to get Mason to talk?"

"Exactly?" he asked, and the look in his eyes became even crazier, and she knew it had absolutely nothing to do with her. A part of her realized he was doing it to scare her. Well, it was working. As he started on an obvious lie about how he was going to ask nicely and that he was sure his charm and charisma would work on Mason, Bonnie blocked him out and said another prayer for her part in this whole thing.