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Sunrise (has chocolate brown hair, fair skin, has blue eyes right now, and is 5'. She's wearing a pink tank top with purple jean short shorts, pink flip-flops, and pink sunglasses with purple sapphires encrusted along the side.): Hi everyone.

Shadow (Has chocolate brown hair that changes to a caramel color near the end, fair skin, blue eyes, and is 5'3". She's wearing a red tank top and black jean short shorts): Welcome to Mew or Dare. Where is everyone anyway?

Sunrise: I don't know. You were supposed to get them.

Shadow: No, that was your job.

Sunrise: No, it was yours.

Shadow: It was yours.

Sunrise (Her eyes turn lilac purple): Yours!

Shadow (Her eyes turn ruby red): Yours!

Sunrise: Yours!

Shadow: Yours!

Sunrise (Pink, fox-like ears with purple tips pop out along with a pink, fox-like tail, also with a purple tip): Yours!

Shadow (Black, wolf-like ears with red tips pop out along with a black, wolf-like tail, also with a red tip): Yours!

Sunrise: Yours!

Shadow: Yours!

Sunrise: Yours!

Shadow: Mine!

Sunrise: Mine! Oh shoot.

Shadow: Ha, I win, now go get them.

Sunrise: Fine! (Poofs in Tokyo Mew Mew Cast)

Ichigo: Where are we?

Kisshu: Hi Kitten!


Shadow: Shut Up!

Mint: Who are you?

Sunrise: I'm Sunrise and this is Shadow. Welcome to Mew or Dare. We're the hosts of the show and reviewers will send in Truths or Dares, which you guys have to do, or we'll bite you, hard.

Kisshu: And how will you do that?

Sunrise and Shadow: Like this. (Sunrise turns into a rose pink fox. The tips of her tail and ears are a lilac purple, along with her eyes and claws. Shadow turns into a midnight black wolf. The tips of her tail and ears are a ruby red, along with her eyes and claws.) -Bites Kisshu-

Kisshu: OW!

Pudding: Aw, a puppy, no da no. –Glomps Shadow-

Lettuce: Pudding!

Pudding: That tickles, no da no.

Shadow: -Licking Pudding-

Everyone: -Stares-

Deep Blue: what the hell is going on here, pathetic humans?

Sunrise: -Growls- What did you say? –Turns back into a human-

Deep Blue: You heard me, you pathetic humans.

Shadow: -Stops playing with Pudding and turns back into a human- Who you calling pathetic, loser.

Deep Blue: I, Deep Blue, ruler of Earth, did, so bow down to me.

Shadow: -Pushes Deep Blue into the Torture Machine- No one calls me pathetic.

Deep Blue: !

Masaya: W-who are you?

Shadow: Your worst nightmare. You're lucky no one can be killed, or you'd be dead the second you got here.

Masaya: What?

Shadow: We can't kill anyone, so consider yourself lucky.

Sunrise: Shadow, why can't we kill anyone? I'm hungry. Where's the food? When did we get a Torturing Machine? Who's the hottie with blond hair? Why's everyone staring at me? What's Going On? Who's the dude you threw into the Torture Machine? Is he gay? Where are we anyway? What… -Shadow covers Sunrise's Mouth with her hand-

Shadow: Shut Up!

Pudding: What happened to her, no da no?

Shadow: I'm guessing she had a piece of candy.

Sunrise: -Nods her head-

Kisshu: I scared to find out what she's like when she has lots of candy.

Taruto: I don't want to find out.

Shadow: Okay, this is the end of the chapter. I'm excepting assistants, so put the description in the review.

Deep Blue: -Comes out of Torture Machine- How dare you do that to me, you pathetic human.

Shadow: -Pushes him back in-

Ryou: Send in more people, please. They're insane!

Mint: Where's my tea?

Shadow: Shut up! Now, please review!