A/N: This is a co-story written by Chi Takashi and I. The story was Chi Takashi's idea, so she gets credit for a lot. I just wrote some parts, typed and posted. There will be a lot of sex, torture, and bad language, so I suggest if you hate any of that stuff don't read it. Oh, and there's also yaoi. Umm...*doesn't know what else to say*...So...enjoy the story! ^_^ And the chapters will be named after songs by Adam Lambert. Because he's cool and his songs just happen to match the events in chapters. And because Adam Lambert is cool. Heh heh.

Pein sat at his giant oak desk, looking important while Konan sat next to him in a skimpy dress that looked more like a few pieces of stitched together cloth.

"Nagato, let's just punish him already!" she pouted, wrapping herself around the orange pin cushion. She smirked darkly at their victim.

"Soon. But first we must make sure he knows what he did." Pein narrowed his swirly eyes, looking more than pissed. Deidara winced slightly at the look he received. He knew he was in a lot of trouble. He wondered what his punishment would be. Pein stood up and walked towards Deidara. Deidara silently gulped. Pein walked behind him and put his hand on Deidara's shoulder. Again, Deidara winced. Pein leaned close to his ear. "Are you aware of you errors?" he purred in Deidara's ear. Deidara gulped and nodded. Pein smirked. "You know you have to be punished, now, right?" Again, Deidara nodded. "Konan, take him to the rack." Deidara's eyes went wide with fear.

"The rack, un?" he asked quietly. Konan pushed Deidara out the door, towards the room containing the rack. On the way there, they passed Azumi and Hidan.

"Where ya goin'?" Azumi asked.

"Deidara here is going to the rack," Konan answered.

"Lucky bitch!" Hidan said.

"Yeah, man," Azumi grunted. "You get the rack and I gotta go to a client."

"But I'm not a masochist, un!" Deidara whined. Konan continued to push Deidara to the room with the rack. Azumi and Hidan continued walking the other direction.

Deidara dreaded the next fifteen steps to the room. Once at the door, he gazed at the sign on it. The Rack. It was painful as hell. And Pein and Konan were merciless. They couldn't give a shit whether he was in pain.

Konan opened the door and pushed Deidara into the room. "Over here," she said. She directed him to the medieval torture device in the middle of the room. He did as told and leaned against the cold wood. He tried not to shiver against it. It was freezing. Konan strapped Deidara's ankles and wrists to the rack. He tried not to cry. He knew the pain he was about to experience. Again. He's been through this before. And he hated it so much.

To make things even worse than they already were, Pein came in with a video camera. 'Great,' Deidara thought. 'As if things couldn't get any worse.' His thoughts were cut off by the agonizing scream coming from his mouth. Konan had started stretching him and he couldn't bear it. The pain was excruciating. He had no idea how Azumi and Hidan could even like stuff like this.


Outside the door, Azumi and Hidan pressed themselves to the door. Even though Deidara's screams were easy to hear.

"THAT SHOULD BE ME!" Azumi whined. Hidan growled at her.

"FUCK NO, BITCH! THAT SHOULD BE FUCKING ME!" He kneed Azumi in the back.

"Ow," she giggled. Hidan looked at her and frowned. He kicked her again and she laughed harder. Hidan started punching her just as Kisame started walking by. All Kisame heard while walking down the hallway was the scarring screams of Deidara and the manic laughter of Azumi.

"YOU LIKE THAT, WHORE!" Kisame heard Hidan yell. Kisame was tempted to go down the hall but opted not to. He walked on, holding the enormous pot of shit the whores would eat later. Hidan kicked Azumi one more time (after possibly orgasming) and stood over her heap of a body.

"Let's go, slut. We still have to pick up your fucking gigolo." He walked away from the door. Azumi jumped up and laughed at the pain. She followed after the silver haired man. Deidara's screams could be heard through the whole Akatsuki prostitute house.

No matter how much or how loud, Deidara screamed, Pein and Konan didn't stop. People started gathering around the door. They listened as the screams of pain went on for another fifteen or so minutes. When it stopped, everybody took a few steps away from the door. Deidara opened the door. He was crying. He walked out of the room and started to walk towards his room, sobbing. Everyone stared after him, feeling bad. They saw Sasori wrap his arm around the blonde's slim shoulders. Deidara tucked his head into the crook of the redhead's arm as they disappeared into their room. The large group of resident prostitutes dispersed when they saw Pein and Konan slither out of the room, smirking with power and pride.

"Ssssh, Dei. It'll be fine. Don't worry," Sasori tried to sooth the blonde. "We'll get out of here…soon." He cradled the younger man to his taught chest. Deidara sniffled in Sasori's clothes, not noticing the glaring match with Pein, who was at their door.

"Not listening to the customer's demands is against the rules, Deidara," Pein said, still glaring at Sasori and making Deidara jump. Sasori stroked Deidara's hair to calm him down.

"That 'toy'," Sasori sneered the word, "was pure evil! If you want to keep making money the way you do now," he narrowed his eyes and flared his nose, "you'll be wise to treat Dei a little more gently." Silence drenched the air. Tension seeped through the pores of the atmosphere. Pein quietly walked over to Sasori, who stared up at the calm man. He knew what was about to happen. Pein raised his hand. Deidara winced at the sound of the burning smack to his lover's face.

Deidara looked up at Sasori, slightly. 'Sasori-danna?' he thought. Sasori looked down at him and smiled a bit, trying to let him know he was okay. Deidara relaxed a little. Then he dug his face into Sasori's chest.

"Watch what you say," Pein glared. He turned and walked away, closing the door on his way out.