Silent Hill: The Evil Town

Authers notes: This is one of my halloween specals written for halloween so this might be scarry reed at your own risk

Yuzuki Ruby Mason who was the atractive great great great grand daughter of Harry Mason was living in her housde in the future were they had robots, fast computers and lots of cool technolgy. She was lying on her bed in the future.

Yuzuki Mason was playing World of Warcraft 1000 on her alienwere computer 7000 editon. She was doing realy well and her character level was over 9000. Her charcater leveded up again and she took a break. Yuzuki Mason played some crysis 30000 and checked then her emails.

Yuzuki Mason looked at her emails on her futueristic computer and saw that she had 5 emails. One was was spam so she deleted it, 3 were from her friends about a knight out and the other was from her brother Ichiro Leon Mason.

It Sayed "Dear Yuzuki Ruby Mason yoy gotta help me I am in the evil town Silent Hill and there are lots of Demons, Werewolfs, Vampires and other stuff trying to killer me. Love Ichiro Leon Mason (Yuzuki Ruby Mason's brother).

Yuzuki Ruby Mason then said lound "I WILL KILL THE DEMONS AND HELP MY BROTHER TO Destroy THE VAMPIRES, ALIENS AND DEMONS". Yuzuki Mason loaded her lasier gun and her rocket luncher. Then Yuzuki Ruby Mason said "Lets kick ass".

Yuzuki Ruby Mason then got her in space ship car and set the way to Silent Hill wich was in Amrica and Yuzuki Mason livered in Tokyo, Japan. So it whould take her a long time to get there. So she played some Half Life 6000 and then went to sleep.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason woke up, She had almost arived at Silent Hill. Yuzuki Mason took a shower, ate a futueristic breakfast and got her weepons. Yuzuki Mason landed her car on top of a book store and jumped dow to the street.

Yuzuki Mason ran thought the streets and loking around them for clues when she was attacked by a monstar. Yuzuki Mason killed the monstar with her laiser gun and countued. Yuzuki Mason then saw a police station and entared.

There she saw a guy, "hello" Yuzuki Ruby Mason said to the guy. "Yuzuki Ruby Mason is that you" the guy said to Yuzuki Ruby Mason. "yes it is me" Yuzuki Mason siad back. "I think he whent to the hospitale to fight evil monsters".

But then sunddently a werewolf attacked the guy "help me Yuzuki Ruby Mason" the guy yelleded. But it was to late and teh werewolf killered the guy. "Die evil monster" Yuzuki Mason screemed and after a long fight fort killed the werewolf with her laiser gun.

Than Yuzuki Ruby Mason whent to teh hospital which was big and parts of it were also once used to keep crasy pepole. The hospitle was dark and scary and their were lots of bad sounds like *BANG* *CLANK* and *RAWR* . Yuzuki Mason new that this was a bad bad place.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason then walked thought a realy sacry corroidor and walked into an surgery room were the hospital did many sick experiments on crasys. "This place looks bad and dangerus and sick" Yuzuki Ruby Mason siad to self.

But than Yuzuki Ruby Mason saw a huge sick digesstive demon "I am goning to eat you Yuzuki Ruby Mason" The demon said with evil. Yuzuki Mason fort a hard and tough battle against the demon. But then she gut out her rocket luncher and said "No I win" and killered the demon with a rocket.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason expolered the hospiltle for a long time and fort many sick creature and saw many sick thimgs. But she hadn't foud her bother. But then she walked into a big room and swa a huge monsterus monster demon. Yuzuki Mason fort a very tough fight against it and killed it.

But then Yuzuki Ruby Mason hard lughter, "HA HA HA HA Yuzuki Ruby Mason you vealy think you are gonig to stop ME" Darcula luthed. "I vill vaise an army of demons, monster and verevolfs and use them to vule the entire vorld HA HA HA" Dracula Luthed again.

"Dracula" Yuzuki Ruby Mason yelled "Felicia Belmont and Verdandi killed and now I will kill you agin". "HA HA HA Yuzuki Ruby Mason I can never be killed I am Imortal. If you kill me I vill only come back to live".

"You monstrus vampoire you won't get away with this evil" Yuzuki Ruby Mason siad two Dracula. "Vhat is not the only thing Yuzuki Mason I have brought back Valter Sullivan, Dahlia Gillespie Claudia Volf and Pyramid Head from the dead and vill summon the evil demon god thing and use it to vule the vorld" Dracula said to Yuzuki Ruby Mason

"I will stop you evil vampire" Yuzuki Ruby Mason said to Dracula. "HA HA HA yoy vill stop me, I vill sea you later Yuzuki Ruby Mason" said Dracula and turned into a bat and flew away. Yuzuki Ruby Mason then got angered "Darcula is behind this those vampires will pay with their sick blood" Yuzuki Ruby Mason said loud like anger.

Stay tuned for teh next chapter

To Be Countued