Chapter 11: The anti-god battled

The evil god was lauthing at Yuzuki Ruby Mason was lathing at Yuzuki Ruby Mason. Yuzuki Ruby Mason was not impressed "I shall not allow you to lauth me you evil monster go" and shot phasers at him as well as rocket launchers. THe god He was firing fire balls at Yuzuki Ruby Mason then to make her dye.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason was doger the fireballs and then had idea so she used her mirror sheild to deflect the fire balls at teh god. Yuzuki Ruby Mason was having lighting bolts at her because the god was now using this as weepons against her to killer her and make her dye. "You are my ulitlmate enermy of me and menkind and you muster be destroyed for ever and awlays" than she roared her battle cry "シャワーキャップ"

Than she went charge at the god and was shooting all weepons at the monster god and there was god. Minniguns, FlamerThrower, Rocker Luanchers, Plasma throwers, pistals, shotguns, shotguns that fire like minniguns and at the same rate, rails guns, bfg900's, bfg1000's, bows and arrows, sowrds, the master sword, throwing stars, laisers, phasers, mines, remotes mines, laizer guns, acid gun, gamma bums, shark guns, spore bore, the golden gun, freezethrowers, derdric weepons, elven weepons, roman weepons, greek weepons, and all over guns. The hit it the god and it did now damageded.

"HA HA HA HA HA GHA GA HGGA GA HA HA HA I am invidible of deaf" the god said "because I am a god of deaf and cant not be made death" the evil god luathed. This was bad cayse the god of evil and darkness was now winning and there was nothing Yuzuki Ruby Mason cold do to sop it

So she threw everything she had at the god monster to killer it and make it ded foever "DYE YOU MONSTAR" Yuzuki Ruby Mason screamed!. Yuzuki Ruby Mason was shooting and make booms at the monsters god but the monsters gods were shooting fire and evil things at Yuzuki Ruby Mason to make her dye.

"You eill fail Yuzuki Ruby Mason sand I will rule teh wrold and all will dye and be ded. than I will make myself president of the world and mkae laws to make all of humen kind slaves to demons and all the wrold will be like silent hill!"

Yuzuki Ruby Mason "Screamed それどころか! and wheamt into full power mode too atack and killer the god and bansih the wrold from the evil all time and all over time"

They did the epic battle and it was making such epicness that none could belive it there was so much epic that it was too epic. Battle was being made and attacks were being made on both sides.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason was doing so much so much damaged enough to kill the god hundreds of millions times over and even thousands of times over. "ポットプーリ What is this, why can't I not kill this evil god monster and free human race so we can achivle victioy. " So she had to find a way to kill it.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason was going to have to find a way the human race was goind to dye. This was going to bee the final beastal between good and evil and Yuzuki Ruby Mason was going to have to fight the epic final battle against the god of all the evil of Silent Evil. Yuzuki Ruby Mason took a tempory retreet to make a plan against the evil.

Yuzuki Ruby Mason went to her battle tent when she saw a wise man and wise women and they told her tat the evil god of silent hill was invinicble because it was is ... using a invincible sheild thing to make it so ti can not be harm and Yuzuki Ruby Mason should destory it if she wanted to whin.

So Yuzuki Ruby Mason fought the monster god and found sheild generator and shot it untiol it wheant boob "NOOOOOOOOOOO!1" THe monster god screamed and than Yuzuki Ruby Mason shot it with weepons and did damage. She had so many power weeopns that this should be quick battle but than somthing dramtic happened to make the battle even more cool and badass and tense and it will have you by thew edgy of you sheap when you reader it next year on the next halloween? OR befroe if I get enough good reveiws and requests!

To Be Countued