Irisand was always kind but a little batty sometimes. He got obsessed over things easily. Things like keeping his hair in the same style or collecting interesting feeling objects. He always liked textures, his fingers being his only eyes. He liked foods too, though thankfully not to the excess, it probably explains why he chose to marry the woman he did. He was tall and thin, a man with dark hair, though he said he'd been blonde. His son, Rasmus, certainly never believed him.

In all though, Irisand was a good man who raised his children well, yet he lived in a world of darkness which nothing seemed to be able to lift. He didn't care though. He said that one can't enjoy life without a few difficulties. Once a great mage came, he was a wise man, who had also been born blind. He tried his hardest to heal Irisand's eyes, but they refused to respond to the light. So the wise man left, defeated by this strange phenomenon. Yet, years later, he returned to try again with his new knowledge. He left defeated once more.

Rasmus was a rambunctious boy, and certainly hard to keep track of. He excelled in sword fighting and quickly became well known for not taking crap from anyone. Only his good nature and beautiful wife could do anything to keep him out of trouble.

It was late at night, or perhaps early in the morning when it happened. Irisand was visiting his son when Rasmus's wife went into labor. The old fool insisted on helping, and Rasmus blamed himself years after for not watching his father's health in all the excitement. It was midday when the boy was born, his first name 'Rezo' after Irisand's blind grand father.

"At least I saw him," Irisand's last words were, though Rasmus had no clue that his father had actually had sight for thirty seconds of his life before his heart gave out and he collapsed to the floor with a smile. Perhaps it was enough in some way.

Silvia, Rasmus's wife, had insisted that Rezo be named after Irisand, be it the middle name or first, and so he was named Rezo Irisand Graywords. The boy was blind from the moment he was born, and somehow it was ironic that his name had been chosen long before his birth. Rezo having been the name of Irisand's blind grandfather as Irisand had been his whole life.

Rezo had two younger brothers who were quite normal, taking after their father in hyperactivity and strength. They were always teasing their oldest brother, putting things in his path before he had time to notice. To get away from it, Rezo joined the local church, studying the books there and learning white magic for some cure for his eyes. His studies took him to Siraag where he studied the more extensive library they had in the temples to Flagoon.

In Rezo's 18th year, the wise man Erion returned to the town, searching for Irisand, only to find that he had been dead for so long. Erion would have left if not for Rasmus's invitation to tea and the information he received in that intimate meeting.

Rezo had already been named the Red Priest, in Siraag and his parents were proud of him, yet hopeful that Erion could perform some miracle and make their eldest son's eyes see the world around him.

"So, he too is blind?" Erion asked for clarification softly, looking upon the middle aged Rasmus without expression.

"Yes, he- doesn't come home often though. Even if his brothers have matured somewhat, he seems somewhat afraid of them, or just more interested in his books at Siraag. He went there just three years ago." Rasmus watched as Erion sipped his tea, his disturbingly pale blue eyes gazing at the cup for a long moment before he set it aside.

"I suppose I should get going then," Erion stood gracefully, his shades of blue robes fluttering to the floor around his feet. "Tarrying here won't take me there faster than if I was on my way. I thank you for your hospitality."

Rasmus stood as well, "I should thank you, though you wasted your time coming here."

Erion smiled benevolently at the worried father and gave a gentle laugh, "No, my work has benefited others though it's purpose was intended for another." With that, he was shown to the door by Rasmus, his wife standing by the kitchen door and watching somewhat sadly as the mage left.

The trip to Siraag was long and somewhat lonely for Erion, but once he reached the thriving city on the north of Flagoon (which would eventually be destroyed), he found it easy to locate Rezo. The Red priest had apparently been hard at his studies, rarely spending any time on social activities, though he worked local healing, even healing those who traveled to Siraag to be healed by him in absence of properly trained healers or the wise man Erion. He had a high aptitude for magic, Erion could feel that the moment he was shown into the dark room in the back of the old church. The only light came in from a high and very dusty window, though the occupant of the room had no use for light, his fingers played over the pages of the tome that was placed upon the desk before him.

Rezo was of tall stature and dark hair, much as Irisand had been, dressed in slim white robes that someone with taste in clothes had designed for the priest. They showed off his delicate structure, yet kept him from seeming womanly. The mage doubted that Rezo even realized that he had an admirer. Yet Erion was reminded deeply of his slowly failing body, and he gave a sad smile as he waited at the door, the allocate who had shown him the way having retreated to his other duties.

The young man didn't lift his head, his eyes remained closed, as if he were resting them, though his hand moved slowly across the page and turned it. He spoke softly with a clear voice that was like an echo of Irisand's. "Is there something you need?"

Erion gave a soft snort of amusement as he came forward, his robes brushing the clean floor, swept regularly, though dust collected on the tops of some of the books that Rezo apparently wasn't interested in, or possibly couldn't read. "Hardly," the mage said and touched the back of Rezo's hand as the youth reached toward him, first letting the young man feel his hand before guiding it to his face and letting Rezo feel the features of the one he was speaking to. "I cam to see if there was anything I could do for you."

Rezo's expression didn't change, though Erion could feel the quickly contained excitement emanating from the youth. "Has my fame spread so far?" he asked with a wry twist to his lips. "I hardly expected to become so well known so young."

"Already speaking like an old man," Erion replied with an amused tone to his voice, aware that they had an audience, a few allocates had gathered at the door, amazed that Rezo had actually opened up to someone so quickly, even they had known him for years and gotten no more than a few words. "No, more I knew your grandfather. I'd tried several times during his life to heal his eyes, but none worked. I've spent the last twenty-five years researching. When I found that he had been dead for so long I was somewhat disturbed." He let silence fall for a moment and watched as Rezo slowly placed a ribbon in his book and closed it, almost tenderly and smoothed the cover, his hands shaking slightly. "I though I had wasted my time, but your father told me of you."

"You-" Rezo's voice almost cracked and he took a moment to clear his throat, head bowed, "You must be Erion, the Blue Mage."

Erion smiled once more, quietly this time, Rezo had no knowledge of its passing. "Yes," he said and let his pleasure show in his voice. "That I am." He cocked his head to the side slightly as he considered a moment, gazing at Rezo critically, "Though I might gain more from this than I could have imagined." Rezo lifted his head once more and turned his face toward Erion. "Tell me, Rezo, are you interested in becoming my assistant? My time in this world is limited, I may have been able to live something over a hundred years, but I feel that age is catching up. It would please me to guide someone with as much potential as you have."

Rezo blushed faintly, unable to keep himself from it, his brows twitching downward slightly. "It would be an honor, sir," he murmured.

Erion hmed softly and moved a few steps closer. "First things first, though," he said and he looked down upon Rezo's open expression. "Don't get your hopes up in this, Rezo, this is the first spell I attempted on your grandfather, it didn't work on him, so it might not work on you." He placed his hand upon Rezo's forehead, closing his own eyes and focusing on his power, on the spell he used to heal the eyes of any other child he had met. He felt a pang of regret that despite his work, the affliction still reigned in the world, even he had felt the terrible disillusionment it caused, Irisand had been a refreshing change, someone who was so bright and never let his disability get in the way of what he wanted.

The spell finished, diffusing into the blank wall that he had met when trying to heal Irisand's eyes. He kept his eyes closed so as not to see the disappointment on Rezo's face.

"Seems like there's something blocking it," Rezo commented, startling Erion to open his eyes and look curiously at the youth. Rezo's hope still resided in him, unaffected by this small set back and already he was taking advantage of the learning experience the situation offered.

"Yes," Erion replied calmly, though he was hard put to not laugh at Rezo's enthusiasm. "I'll try the second spell now," he stated and Rezo straightened, waiting. Once more, the spell rose to a crescendo but something parted the spear of power like the prow of a ship in water, refusing to budge. "Just as stubborn as before," the mage commented and Rezo quickly stood, vacating his seat and Erion gratefully sank into it. "I'm afraid that my newest spell will have to wait until tomorrow."

Rezo nodded, "I understand," he said simply, knowing that both the spells had taken much power to cast, and for both to have been deflected so easily was disturbing to both the youth and the great mage. "Do you have anywhere to stay for the night?" Rezo asked, "I believe that my host has some extra rooms available."

Erion gave a sigh and nodded slightly, "Yes, that would do fine," he said. He actually hadn't bothered to get a room yet, instead heading straight to the church to find Rezo. The youth waited silently while Erion caught his breath and stood once more, reaching out to touch Rezo's shoulder to indicate that he should lead the way.

The Red Priest nodded, moving around the chair and Erion and to the door of the musty old room, the allocates who had been listening in scurried out of the way and Rezo briefly frowned at them, "It's rude to eavesdrop," he stated softly as if he'd known they were there the whole time, "and just because I'm blind doesn't mean that I can't smell you." Then he moved on, Erion giving a chuckle as the three students sniffed at themselves, trying to figure out how Rezo could SMELL them.