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"A human or a Pokémon is talking."

'A human or a Pokémon is thinking.'

"A machine is being used."

Chapter One:

(Kanto—Indigo Plateau—Pokémon Stadium)

From all over the Kanto region, thousands of people had shown up for the final match of this year's Indigo League. To watch this year's top two Pokémon Trainers fought for the chance to win the Indigo League and, after that, to challenge Kanto's Elite Four.

Currently on the battlefield were two Pokémon Trainers who were in the midst of their battle against one another.

The first was Isamu Akai, a slightly pale-skinned teenager with spiky black hair and red eyes. Isamu was wearing a red shirt, black jeans with a belt, and a dark-red jacket. To complete his outfit, he had five shrunken Poké Balls clipped to his belt while holding his sixth and final Poké Ball in his hand.

The second was Kai Midoriwa, a beautiful young woman with shoulder-length brown hair and green eyes. Kai was wearing a vibrant green tank-top, a black skirt with a belt, and pretty black shoes. And, like Isamu, she also had five Poké Balls hanging off her belt.

"Gengar, dodge it!" Kai shouted towards her Pokémon. Then, once Gengar had obeyed, she continued on with her order. "Now, use your Hypnosis!"

Gengar nodded as it put its hands together, "Gen…" The Ghost-Type Pokémon quickly gathered its energy before it let it loose. "GAR!"

Coming out from Gengar's hands came small black circles that rapidly expanded as they swiftly approached Isamu's Pokémon. Seeing this, Isamu's eyes narrowed before he quickly shouted out an order to his Pokémon:

"Nidorino, get out of the way!"

However, the order came too late, as Nidorino was unable to dodge. Gengar's first Hypnosis ring hit it in the face, making it more sluggish and drowsy, before the rest of the attack hit it. Unable to stay awake under this barrage, despite its best efforts, Nidorino collapsed to the ground, asleep.

"Your warning came too late, Isamu." Kai smirked.

Slightly incensed by the comment, Isamu was about to reply when the referee interrupted him:

"Nidorino is no longer able to battle! This round goes to Kai Mirdoriawa of Viridian City!"

Immediately after this announcement came a roar from the audience that almost deafened the two Trainers, and the referee, that stood on the battlefield.


(Kanto—Pallet Town—Ketchum Residence)

Currently watching the battle between Kai and Isamu on his television screen was the young, ten year-old boy known as Ash Ketchum.

Ash had slightly tanned skin, spiky black hair, brown eyes, and what looked like zigzags on his cheeks. He could usually be seen wearing a black shirt, a blue jacket, blue jeans, white sneakers, and a red hat. Right now, however, he was wearing his blue pajamas.

The Pokémon Fight Channel had held a marathon of all of the Pokémon Battles from last year's Indigo League. All day long, Ash had watched these battles, marveling at all of the different skills and techniques the Trainers and their Pokémon used.

Technically, his bedtime was a few hours ago, he had stayed up to watch. He wanted to see his idol, Isamu, defeat his rival and win. However he knew that if he wanted to wake up tomorrow at 7:30, he would need to get to bed soon. If he didn't, he wouldn't be on time to get his very own Pokémon, something that he had been dreaming of ever since he was little.

Once he had gotten his first Pokémon, he would be able register as an official Pokémon Trainer. He would then on his very own journey and train a powerful team of Pokémon that he would catch. With his team, he would defeat eight Gym Leaders and receive their badges. Once he had those badges, he could use them to enter the Indigo League.

'And once I beat the Indigo League…' Ash thought, eyes burning with determination. 'I'll be one step closer to becoming the greatest Pokémon Trainer in the world!'

It was only a few moments after that passionate thought that Ash heard footsteps approaching his room. He panicked, knowing it was his mother, and fumbled for the remote to his T.V. He was too late.

"Ash Gohta Ketchum!" Delia Ketchum scolded as she threw open the room to her son's room, hands on her hips. "Do you have any idea what time it is? You should have been in bed, asleep, three hours ago!"

Delia Ketchum was a relatively young-looking woman with chestnut brown hair styled into a ponytail and eyes the color of molten amber. Like most days, she was wearing a simple yellow blouse, a light pink sweater, a light purple skirt, and black slippers.

"But I was too excited to sleep, Mom! And I wanted to see if Isamu beat Kai and won the Indigo League!" Ash complained.

Delia's stern face softened as she remembered her own pre-journey jitters—and how late she had stayed up—before she grabbed Ash's T.V. remote. Turning off the T.V., she then turned her attention to Ash.

"You can find out who wins tomorrow, sweetie. Right now, it's way past your bedtime. You need to get some sleep honey; your big day is tomorrow." Delia said.

With that, Delia quickly went over before she gave her son a warm hug she said goodnight. She then flicked light-switch off, plunging the room into darkness, just as Ash crawled underneath his comforter.

Drained, Ash fell asleep only two minutes after his head hit his pillow.


(Ketchum Residence: Ash's bedroom)

"Pid-pid." A bird Pokémon chirped from the tree branch of the tree that was just outside of Ash's closed window. "Pidgey."

At the sound of the bird Pokémon's somewhat muffled chirps, Ash finally woke up. He yawned, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, before he looked around his room.

He quickly spotted the broken remains of his Voltorb-shaped alarm clock before he panicked. He jumped out of bed, almost tripping on the sheets, before he rushed to his closet.

'How long did I sleep in?' He thought worriedly. 'I hope I'm not late!'

After he had gotten dressed, he grabbed his backpack and ran out of his bedroom. He then proceeded to run down the hallway, down the stairs, and out of the house with a speed that would shame any Pokémon's Quick Attack.

It would take him 10 ½ minutes to get to Professor Oak's laboratory. Knowing this, Ash cursed before willing his legs to move faster.


(Sometime later—With Ash)

Ash continued his run towards the Professor's lab, albeit at a slower pace, sweat beading on the forehead of his red face. Spotting his target, he quickly noticed the crowd that surrounded the entrance to the lab.

He ran on, wondering why the crowd had gathered as his feet thudded against the well-beaten dirt pathway.

Ash didn't have to wait that long to find out why the crowd was there; his rival, Gary Oak, had just exited his grandfather's laboratory and was now walking down the stairs to greet the crowd. The crowd cheered at his presence while a nearby band began playing.

Like Ash, Gary had slightly tanned skin and spiky hair though his hair was brown and he had brown eyes as opposed to Ash's black. He was wearing a long-sleeved purple shirt, purple pants, black sneakers, and a greenish-yellow sphere attached to a cord around his neck.

"Gary, Gary, Gary!" A team of cheerleaders chanted as they cheered, red and white pompoms flashing through the air. "He's our man; if he can't do it, no one can!"

Ash finally managed to push through the crowd, inadvertently landing himself directly before his rival. Gary smirked before opening his mouth:

"Well, well, well… If it isn't little Ashy-boy, come to get his first Pokémon."

Ash stiffened, flushing, as his cheeks tinted a light pink. Usually, when Gary used that hated nickname, he would lash out. However, this wasn't the time or place for that. Also, he was curious as to which Pokemon Gary had chosen as his starter.

"Which Pokémon did you chose Gary?" He asked.

Gary smirked, removing a Poké Ball from his belt, spinning it around on his finger. As it spun, the Poké Ball began to enlarge until it was full-sized.

"If you were here earlier you would know that I chose the last Pokémon." Gary sneered tauntingly. "By the time you become a Pokémon Trainer, I'll be a Pokémon Master!"

Ash walked forward, his eyes wide in shock, as Gary walked towards the crowd that had gathered for him. He heard the brown-haired boy say something, the crowd cheering, but wasn't really paying attention.

His mind was more focused on what Gary had said to him; had Gary really taken the last Pokémon? He was so lost in his thoughts that he didn't even notice the Professor walking down the stairs.

"Could I help you with something Ash?" Professor Oak asked.

Ash was startled at the "sudden" appearance of the Pokémon Professor. He calmed down his beating heart before he smiled, sheepishly, at Professor Oak.

Professor Oak was a relatively old man with whitish-gray hair and brown eyes. He was wearing a short-sleeved red shirt, a white lab-coat, brown pants with a belt, and black shoes.

"Yes, Professor, I'm here to get my first Pokémon." Ash nodded before he continued. "So I can become a Pokémon Trainer."

Professor Oak nodded, accepting the information, before he motioned for Ash to follow him. The Professor then led him up the staircase before they entered the Professor's laboratory.

The lab was composed of two floors. After entering, Ash and Professor Oak entered a hallway with several doors. To the left of them both was a chest of drawers and the stairway to the second floor, which they began climbing it. Once there, the two of them entered into the main lab.

The lab possessed several machines that were used for Pokémon testing and a table with various chemicals on it. Nearby is a blue chair with a status screen in front of it, which showed the health and power of a Pokémon, and Professor Oak's computer, which he used to record his research.

Beside the computer was the Poké Ball Transfer machine, for the transportation of Pokémon to their Trainers in a Pokémon Center. The room also had a bookshelf, a desk with a lamp, a brown couch, and a drawing board. Hanging from the ceiling was a large lamp.

And, right smack dab in the middle of the lab was a layered, circular metal table that currently held three Poké Balls. Each of these Poké Balls had a different sticker on them, which proclaimed the type of the Pokémon that was inside of it.

There was a fire-sticker for Charmander, a leaf sticker for Bulbasaur and a teardrop symbol for Squirtle.

'Whew.' Ash thought in relief. 'Gary was just messing with my head; there still are some Pokémon left.'

With that thought in mind, Ash moved over to the table, Professor Oak standing behind him, silently watching. Once at the table, he reached for the Poké Ball with the teardrop-like sticker on it.

However, instead of releasing a Pokémon like it was supposed to, the Poké Ball simply opened. It was empty. Frowning, Ash moved onto his second choice, Bulbasaur, only to get the same results. Panicking, Ash quickly turned to the last Poké Ball and prayed that it still had a Pokemon inside of it.

Like the others, however, the Poké Ball turned out to be empty.

Downtrodden and slightly hurt, Ash turned towards Professor Oak. "If you had already given out all the Pokémon, why didn't you just tell me?" Professor Oak flinched slightly. "And why are their Poké Balls still here?"

Professor Oak's shoulders sagged slightly before he sighed, closing his eyes. Opening them he then took a step towards Ash with an apologetic expression on his face.

"I'm really sorry Ash." Professor Oak said. "Those Poké Ball are the three Poké Balls I use to hold the Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle every year. Once a Trainer chooses it, the Pokémon is transferred to one of the Trainer's new Poké Balls…"

Ash nodded at the explanation, still hurt, before the reality of his situation fully impacted him. There were no more Pokémon left. So, Gary was right after all.

He would have to wait for who-knows how long until Professor Oak caught, or bred, another Starter Pokémon. That meant that he wouldn't probably have enough time to travel around Kanto and get eight Gym Badges, missing this year's Indigo League.

His desperation over his situation and a fierce passion to not get behind Gary fueled Ash's next few actions.

Taking a step forward, Ash addressed Professor Oak with a pleading expression. "Please, Professor… there has to be another Pokémon I could use! If I don't start my journey now…" His shoulders slumped "I won't ever be able to catch up with Gary."

Professor Oak bit his lip cautiously, looking away. He knew of the rivalry between Ash and his grandson. He knew how Gary would probably taunt and mock Ash for being unable to start his journey on time.
The Professor also knew of Ash's fierce love of Pokémon. He knew that, if Ash could get a Pokémon, he would do his best to make sure it was treated right.

"Well…" Professor Oak said after a moment, hedging on the idea, before he admitted. "I do have ONE Pokémon left—"

Ash interrupted with a fierce, "I'll take it!"

"Are you sure, Ash? I mean, this Pokémon isn't normally given out to new Pokémon Trainers… It could be quite the handful."

"I'm sure, Professor!" Ash said.

Professor Oak nodded with a sigh—having expected Ash's answer—before he walked out of the main area of his lab. He returned a couple of minutes later before he placed a rectangular red device along with six Poké Balls on the table. Then, he removed another Poké Ball with a brown, star-like symbol on it from the pocket of his lab-coat.

Handing Ash the Poké Ball, he then took a step backwards. He watched as Ash quickly pressed the small, silver button on the Poké Ball, enlarging it. Ash then released the Pokemon that was inside of it with a flash of brilliant, white-colored light.

The Pokémon took form as a mammalian creature with brown fur, a bushy tail that had a cream-colored tip, and a large furry collar that was also cream-colored. It also had four short, feline-like legs with three small toes on each foot. To finish it off, this Pokémon had curious honey-colored eyes, long pointed ears, and pink paws.

"Ee-vee?" The Pokémon asked with a cute tilt of its head.

"This Pokémon is known as Eevee, the Evolution Pokémon." Professor Oak explained. "As a species, Eevee are usually affectionate, loyal, and fairly energetic. However, it is their very energy that makes Eevee hard to handle sometimes."

Bending his knees, Ash watched as the Pokémon—Eevee—approached him with a cautious expression on its face. When Eevee was a foot away, he slowly reached out with his hand, allowing the Pokémon to sniff it.

After a few tense seconds in which Eevee sniffed, Eevee opened its mouth before it began to lick Ash's hand. Seeing this as a sign, Ash moved his hand slightly and began to scratch Eevee on the head. Eevee purred.

"Eevee, ve Eevee…"

Ash smiled, "It's nice to meet you too, Eevee! My name is Ash!"

"Ve Ee-V-E…" Eevee purred, rubbing its head against Ash's palm. "Eevee Ve Eevee Ee-V-E…. Ve…"

Professor Oak coughed—getting both Ash and Eevee's attention—before he pointed towards the items he had put onto the table. "These are the most basic, standard version of Poké Balls. Using them, you can catch weakened Wild Pokemon." He then pointed towards the red device, picked it up, and flipped it open to show an assortment of buttons and a small black screen. This is your Pokédex; its main function is to provide you with information about Pokémon you might encounter. It will also record any information about any new Pokemon that you might discover… After all, there are still many Pokemon just waiting to be discovered."


(The Kanto Region: Pallet Town)

It was soon after Professor Oak had finished explaining everything that Ash would need that he registered Ash as a new Pokémon Trainer. Once that was done, he explained that Ash would have ¥1000 to start him off on his journey, so he better use it wisely.

Then, Professor Oak accompanied Ash down the stairs and outside his laboratory, only to see a small crowd had gathered at the bottom of the hill, led by Delia Ketchum. When this crowd spotted Ash, the people began to play their instruments, applaud, or hold up white banners that read:

Good luck on your journey, Ash!

Ash had barely gotten past the gate to Professor Oak's lab when his mom rushed at him before giving him a massive, bone-crushing hug.

"I'm so proud of you, honey!" Delia gushed, tears in her eyes. "You're finally going off to fulfill your dream and start your own Pokemon journey!"

"Mom!" Ash complained.

Then, his mom seemed to notice Eevee—who was now sitting next to his feet—before she finally released him. Stars appeared in her eyes at the sheer "cuteness" of Eevee which was only amplified as Eevee tilted its head and said "Ve?"

"Is this your Pokemon, sweetie?" Delia asked.

Eevee wagged her tail happily, "Ve Eevee!" She rubbed her head against Ash's legs and purred, "Eevee Ee-V-E Ve Eve…"

"Yeah!" Ash nodded with a smile. "This is my Pokémon, Eevee." Eevee looked up at the mention of her name, eyes bright. "With her by my side, I will catch all of the Pokémon in the world!"

"Eve!" Eevee agreed.

Delia smiled too, "I know you will, honey. But… just don't forget to call home every once and a while, okay?" Before her son got a chance to respond, Delia quickly leaned in and whispered into his ear. "And don't forget to change your You-Know-What's every day!"

"Mom! Don't mention them! That's embarrassing!" Ash complained. After a few moments of not getting a response, he crossed his arms and looked down. "Fine. I promise I'll change them."

With that said, the ten year-old gave his mother a goodbye hug. He then thanked all of the people that had come to support him.

Ash and his Eevee then began to walk towards the northern exit of Pallet Town. It was time to finally start their very own Pokémon journey.

Ash Ketchum's Pokemon Team:

Eevee (Female): Level Five.

Attacks: Tail Whip (Normal), Tackle (Normal), and Helping-Hand (Normal).

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