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The story is obviously AU and starts of at the beginning of Breaking Dawn about two weeks before the nuptials. It was inspired by the picture of a wedding dress. (Don't roll your eyes now; sometimes I even get inspired by the music in the commercials.)

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When he holds you close, when he pulls you near
When he says the words you've been needing to hear
I'll wish I was him 'cause those words are mine
To say to you till the end of time

(Bon Jovi)

The new vision started out just like all the other ones I had before. During the last two weeks they had always been the same. I closed my eyes and tried to concentrate on the voices and images that rushed through my mind like wind through an open window.

The enchanting scent of orange-blossoms and roses filled the air, and I inhaled deeper only to discover the hidden sweetness behind the superficial first odor.

Strawberries and Freesias; everything around me smelled of it.

I walked slowly towards its found and the hemline of my black dress whirled up a few of the petals that covered the entire ground.

Her lips twitched into a breathtaking smile when her chocolate eyes captured mine for the first time.

With shaking fingertips I lifted the transparent veil from her blushed face.

"Bella, you are so beautiful."

Her cheeks were glowing and a single tear that had escaped the corner of her eye was running down her upper lip.

I leaned forward to kiss away the liquid pearl and its salty taste mixed up with the sweet honey flavor of her mouth.

If my dead heart would have still been able to beat it would have just jumped out of my chest now.

Then everything around me started to blur more and more until I was finally surrounded by complete darkness. I was alone. She was gone and with her all the light and happiness around me had vanished.

I opened my eyes and blinked into the ray of a tiny flashlight.

"Missy, are you okay?" an unfamiliar voice asked me while the door of my car was pulled open.

"Miss, do you need anything? Can I help you?" I recognized the young man in the police uniform as one of Charlie's deputies.

Automatically I shook my head and sighed deeply.

"No, thanks, everything is just fine, sir. I was just feeling a little bit dizzy and that's why I stopped the car at the curb. I feel better now and I'm sure I can continue driving."

He started rubbing his chin and cleared his throat loudly.

"That's good to hear. Could I see the car documents please?"

"Of course you can, but what for?" I asked him and opened the glove box to search for them.

"I have to make sure that the car isn't stolen."

I rolled my eyes at that.

"Do I look like a car thief to you?" I snarled at him and handed him the papers without touching his hands. Okay technically I was a car thief, but the incident in Italy had been an emergency situation and that didn't count.

His face turned into a crimson red while he stumbled out an apology.

"Miss, I'm sorry. I was just doing,"

"…your job," I finished and started the engine of the Porsche. "It's okay, sir. Not a big deal, have a good evening."

"Thank you Miss…ahm…Cullen, have a save ride." He closed the driver's door and walked towards his cruiser that was parked behind me.

I drove off through the almost empty streets of Forks and stopped the car in front of the Swan house.

Get your grip together, Alice. I told myself. You know, that your visions are subjective. Not all of them come true. The future was constantly changing depending on what people decide. Right now, I hadn't decided anything, had I?

I brushed my fingertip over my lower lip and a wave of warmth spread through my icy marble body as I memorized the touch of her velvety mouth. It made me almost feel alive. Not that I remembered how it actually felt like.

Don't think about it. This is so wrong. How can you even dare to have thoughts like that about her? She's your future sister-in-law!

My hands grabbed the dreaded white garment bag that lay on the passengers' seat. Carefully as if it was extremely precious – somehow it was – I carried it over to the small house and knocked on the door.

Bella opened and greeted me cheerfully. "Hi Alice, it's good to see you!"

"Hello, Bella." I gave her a one-armed hug and tried to ignore the strawberry-freesia scent that was streaming out of each of her pores.

The smile on her pretty face turned into a frown as soon as she recognized what I was holding in my other hand.

"Jeez, Alice, is this another fitting? How many more times will I have to try on the wedding dress until you're done torturing me?"

I clicked my tongue and shook my head.

"Bella, nobody is torturing you. I just want your big day to be perfect."

She sighed deeply as we walked the stairs up to her bedroom. I recognized that she had a hot-water bag pressed against her underbelly.

"Are you sick?" I asked her worriedly, but she quickly shook her head.

"It's nothing. Just some cramps because of my stupid period. Jeez, I'm really looking forward of leaving that part of humanity behind."

I nodded in agreement. It would probably be rude to mention that I wouldn't miss dealing with the intoxicating musky scent that came with it. God, I was so pathetic…

"So, you're finally excited?" I asked her cheerfully.

"Alice, you know that I don't really care about the whole ceremony at all. I agreed to this ridiculous circus because I want to make Edward happy."

Then she pulled her shirt over her head and stepped out of her grey sweatpants.

The creamy color of her skin formed a strong contrast to the matching pair of navy blue bra and panties she was wearing underneath them.

I couldn't keep my eyes off of her. She was so incredibly beautiful and she wasn't even aware of it, not at all.

With trembling fingers I un-wrapped the paper and pulled the ivory colored silk dress over her head.

My thumbs brushed over the exposed skin on her back as I buttoned up the dozens of small pearls.

I felt her shiver under my touch and I instantly stepped back.

"I'm sorry, Bella. I know my hands are cold." I told her apologetically and tried to keep my voice casual.

"No, that's fine. Do you need me to hold anything for you, fixing pins or the tape?"

Hold something? You're already holding my heart in your hand, I thought abstractedly.



"Do you need me to hold something?"

"Yes sure, here."

I cleared my throat and handed her the small box with the fixing pins.

"You seem to be a little bit distracted today." She stated skeptically.

"Yeah maybe, I've got a lot of things on my mind right now. The flower arrangement and the music and the cake..."

"Alice, please. I really appreciate all the energy you are putting in this wedding, but I think you need to calm down on it a bit."

"Bella, I just want to make sure that everything," I began hesitantly.

"That everything is perfect, I know, Alice, and I'm pretty sure that it will be. Everything will be freakin' perfect apart from me. God, I hate being in the center of attention. What if I stumble on the way down the aisle? People will laugh."

I wrapped my arms around her delicate waist, and turned her around so that she could look at herself in the full length mirror that was standing on the wall.

"Bella just look at you." I whispered, and put a wisp of her silky chestnut hair behind her ear.

"Alice, please," She seemed to be embarrassed now.

"Can't you see how amazingly beautiful you are?" I asked her and my cool breath tickled the skin on her neck.

She shook her head and giggled slightly.

"No, I can't. But thanks for trying to make me feel like it."

"Don't be afraid about stumbling or something like that. It won't happen and even if it does. Nobody will be laughing at you; you can be sure about that." I assured her while I unbuttoned the dress and let it fall down her slim legs.

She stepped out of it and I kneeled down on the ground to help her out of the crinoline. The back of her left knee touched my wrist, and I fought the instant urge to run my hands up her thighs. Venom floated in my mouth and I quickly swallowed it back.

"Edward and the rest of your family are still hunting in California, aren't they?" she asked me after a few awkward moments of silence.

"Hmm, yes, they will be back on Sunday."

"Why didn't you go with them? Aren't you thirsty yourself?"

"I decided to stay here because I've still got so many preparations to do." And I wanted to have some alone-time with you, I added silently.

"See, this is exactly what I meant. I don't want you to starve because of this whole wedding thing."

"I'm not starving, Bella."

"Oh Alice please. Don't you think I can't see the signs? Your eyes are dark like onyx brooches, and you cringe back every time your accidentally touch me. I don't want you to suffer."

I forced my lips into a smile. "You don't make me suffer." Not physically at least.

"Fine, but you still need to hunt."

I nodded my head and stuffed the dress back into the garment bag.

"You're right, Bella. I really need to hunt soon. See you tomorrow."

"Tomorrow; wait…why aren't you coming back here afterwards? We could watch a movie or something."

I chuckled slightly.

"I thought the only thing that you hate more than weddings are slumber parties?"

"Slumber parties aren't that bad actually if they aren't forced upon you." She told me and a smile flashed over her face.

"We're barely spending any time together since I got engaged to your brother."

I sat down on the edge of her queen size bed and stared down at the grey carpet.

"That's not true," I mumbled nervously. "I've been here almost every day, listening to your constant complaints about the wedding preparations." I tried to make my voice sound hard.

The truth was that we were spending a lot time together, but we didn't really talk much. It was all very superficial and that annoyed me endlessly. I couldn't really speak open to her, because I was afraid that I would accidentally slip. She felt that something was wrong with me and kept asking me, but I always told her that I was just busy with the wedding preparations. I forced myself not to touch her too often which was a hard thing for me as I was naturally a very cuddly person.

To my relief Edward had given up reading my mind, as I was constantly repeating the positions of the Kamasutra in my head whenever he was in the same room with me. He was embarrassed and that was exactly my goal. God, I felt so bad for betraying him by crushing over his fiancée.

Jasper realized how confused and unhappy I was. He tried to cheer me up, which wasn't working at all and that surprised him. 'Tell me what's wrong!' he pleaded me, but I just kept telling him that it was just a phase. I was lying to him as much as I had been lying to myself for so many months now.


Bella kneeled down in front of me and put one finger under my chin to make me look up to her.

"Hey, I'm not ungratefully." She took my hand in hers and started stroking my palm with her thumb.

"Alice, I really appreciate all the things you're doing for me. You're like a force of nature. Without you I wouldn't even know about things like place cards and flower arrangements."

Finally my lips twisted into a smile again. Bella smiled back and now mine widened enough to reach my eyes.

"I should go now," I whispered softy, while her eyes never left mine. If I had been able to blush I would have done it now.

She leaned forward and planted a quick kiss on my snowy cheek. I winced back, not because of the burning thirst in my throat but because of the pleasant tickling in my stomach.


My razorblade sharp teeth cut through the fur of the elk in front of me. A split second later the warm, bitter tasting blood filled my mouth. I swallowed greedily, enjoying the smoothing effect the crimson colored liquid was having on my thirst. It only took a few minutes until I had sucked out every drop in the animal's veins and pulled back.

I pulled out a tissue out of my pocket and wiped the last drops away from my lips.

God, this was so much better now. I shouldn't allow myself to get that thirsty. It was dangerous, especially when I was spending so much time around Bella.

Oh Bella, Bella, Bella.

I whispered her name into the darkness of the woods as if it was a prayer. Then I sighed deeply and sat down on the ground again.

How could I've let this happen? I was a psychic, damn it. Shouldn't I have been able to see what was wrong with me a long time ago? Shouldn't I have been able to stop as long as it was still possible?

I could exactly remember when I realized that I cared for her. It was on the day Edward had brought her to our house for the first time. She was standing in the kitchen and was almost trembling because she was so nervous. Not because she was afraid that we would bite her, she always had an irrational trust in our control. Bella had just been scared that we wouldn't accept her because she was a human. So there she was. Standing in our designer kitchen, which had never been used until this day, and shyly waved her hand at me, forcing her lips into the attempt of a smile.

She looked so brave to me. I wanted to make her feel at home, and so I just wrapped my arms around her. I knew we would be great friends, it was meant to be.

Then there was the first time I became aware that I actually loved her. It was the day when she jumped of that stupid cliff in La Push and her future suddenly disappeared right in front of my eyes. Never before had I been that scared about anything. Of course I had already missed her a lot, when we left Forks, but half a year isn't such a long time for a vampire. It's barely a blink of an eye. But now that I thought, she was gone forever; a sharp pain rushed through me, so cruel and strong that it knocked the breath out of me.

"She's dead, she's dead." I stumbled out over and over while Jasper desperately tried to calm me down again. The thought of never seeing her face again was unbearable. She simply belonged in my life.

Finally I allowed myself to remember the first time I became aware that I not only just loved her but was deeply and irrevocably in love with her.

It was the day I had the vision about her finally agreeing to Edward's proposal. The image of her wedding dress appeared in front of my inner eye and then I saw the happy smile on my brother's face as she was walking down the aisle. She looked so incredibly gorgeous that I knew, that I would never, not if I was going to live for a thousand years or more, would ever see something comparably beautiful. A strange, unpleasant feeling spread through me.

At first I thought it had to do with the sudden image of her and Edward in a cheap plastic chapel in Las Vegas, but then I realized that I was jealous. I, Alice Cullen, was actually jealous for the first time in my entire existence. Up until that moment I had never been jealous of anyone or anything before. Not of Rosalie for being so beautiful, not of Emmett for being so strong or of Carlisle for being able to resist the temptation of human blood so easily.

I was pretty much content with my life, like I said, until now. As wrong as it was; I envied Edward for being Bella's mate, for being the one standing at the end of the aisle with that happy grin all over his face, for being the one to put the small golden ring on the fourth finger of her left hand. God, I wanted to be in his place.

She on the other hand loved me like a sister, with all of her heart. I would always be part of her life and it would never, ever be enough for me.