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How did I get here? Cameron thought as she walked along the darkened streets trying to clear her head. Her feet led her to her best friend's door…her best friend Remy Hadley and her fiancé Robert Chase's door. I mean, how did my life get so…get so…here? She looked at their doorknocker a moment longer then walked down the five steps of their stoop and sat down.

It was an ungodly hour, and she was sure that they were sleeping. But, she couldn't seem to stop her hands from digging in her pockets to find her phone and couldn't stop her thumbs from typing 'Are you awake?'

Jesus, how did this happen? She asked yet herself yet again.

She supposed she could start all the way back from when she left Chase and almost left House, Remy and the hospital. Remy had been there for her for during the toughest time in her relationship with Chase. She really did help her in everyway that she could. And Allison could see something in her eyes that told her that Remy felt miserable helping her mend her marriage, but she did it anyways.

That is until Allison was at her wits end and she just couldn't handle Chase and his lying and doing anything to get the results he wanted. She blamed her mentor…her mentor that she had fallen completely in love with five years prior…for everything. She had already told Chase that she was leaving him. And she was going to tell Remy after she told House, but somehow, the bastard took his head out of his ass and finally told her—truly, truthfully, told her that she couldn't go because he needed her there…He needed her close. He told her that he couldn't live without, which he can't, and he pleaded for her to stay…She gave him one last chance, and if he fucked it over she would be gone within a 24 hour period.

House never fucked it up. He was completely loyal and he told her all of his secrets..some Wilson didn't even know about. She, in turn, told him all of her secrets, and he finally solved her puzzle. They, not even as a couple, but as a pair, are so attuned to each other that they don't really need to speak words to understand what the other is going through.


When Thirteen caught wind that Allison had broken up with Chase that night she called her nine times to make sure she was okay and that she had a place to stay…little did she know that that place was House's arms. She felt like a fool when Cameron walked into the office the next day to pick up House for lunch. Her knees buckled and she fell into the chair she had just stood up from. Her jaw was slack; there was no way she could hide her shock…Chase's reaction was much the same, except he had the ability to pick up his jaw and grit his teeth as the new couple made their way downstairs to the cafeteria.


When Thirteen approached Cameron that evening in the locker room, she wasn't quite sure what to say. She wasn't going to say what she said, but the words just fell out of her.

"How can you be with him? You hadn't even been broken up with Chase for two hours before you jumped in bed with him." She asked as Cameron was facing the lockers and she was facing Cameron.

"House is different…he's changed. I know that you and everyone else can't see it, but he has…" She took a deep breath and sighed it out, "I'm in love with him. And, in a way, Chase was right, I'll always have this need to be around House and please him. Right now…it's love, we're in love. I'm not saying that it's going to last forever, but I think it will last…" She turned to Thirteen to see her reaction. Thirteen wouldn't look at her, so she touched her face. "I know that it's not the most ethical way to go about a relationship, but when it comes to my heart, I never really act ethically…" She put her hand up to stop Thirteen from whatever she was about to say, "I know that Chase and I aren't yet divorced, but this is what I want…I think it's what I've always wanted. And, I'm hoping that as my best friend, you'll understand…"

Thirteen had tears in her eyes and she had bit her lips together before sticking her tongue out slightly to lick them. Her head was cocked to the side, and her eyes looked like the held most of the light in the room. "But…what about me?" She asked.

Cameron's brows knit together, "What about you what, Sweets? You're still my biff…forever and always…" She said with a signature Cameron sympathetic smile.

"No I mean…what about me? What about the fact that I'm in love you?" She asked as she got closer to her. "I am, you know…in love with you."

"Oh Rem…" She was about to start apologizing to her for leading her on or something that she didn't know.

"Don't." Remy turned away from her. "Just forget it…I'll…see you around." She said as she walked out.


A month and a half past before Cameron actually got to speak to Thirteen again. The ER had been overrun with stabbings and shootings and car-wreck victims and kids with concerned parents…and idiots. The only person she saw was House, and that was when they were at his place house hunting…which they had finally found one. They knew that to a normal person they were moving too fast, but it was five years worth of feelings, and it's not like they weren't already living together, they were just finding a place that was bigger than his one bedroom. They wanted a house, not an apartment.

Cameron was waiting in line to pay for her and House's lunch when she saw her brunette best friend that had told her she was in love with her. She was going to ask if they could talk after she paid for her food, but she couldn't move after the sight before her eyes.

Remy Hadley was cuddled up and leaning into Robert Chase. Yuck! That was the last paring she ever thought could ever possibly happen.

She was standing there staring when a gruff voice came from behind her, "Don't gawk, they'll feel your eyes on them, then shit will really hit the fan…is that for me?"

Cameron turned and looked up to see her blue-eyed lover, and felt his cane on her ass, pushing her along. "How long has this been going on?" She asked as they sat down, and she silently answered his question by giving him his Rueben.

"Oh it's 'new'…meaning I've known about it for like a month and their just now starting to go public…" He answered as he picked up his sandwich and took a bite.

"A month! Why didn't you tell me?" She asked as a little bit of fire crossed her eyes.

"Sorry…I didn't really think that you'd want to know that your ex-husband and your supposed best friend that you haven't talked to since we got together were together…" He stared at her blankly, "I mean, that's just what I thought, next time this happens, I'll be sure to let you know promptly..oh wait…" He scrunched his brows and looked up at the ceiling questionably.

Cameron smirked and kicked his good leg under the table. She let her eyes travel across the room once more to see the newly developed couple again.


The next few months were filled with awkward encounters, but eventually Cameron caught them both in the doctor's lounge and tried to put the awkwardness to a halt. She told them both that she was happy they were happy and she was sorry that she cause them both pain. They told her to get off her high horse and stop acting all holier than thou…but they all knew that she had caused them both a lot of pain, and they did accept her apology.

Thirteen and Cameron started talking like they used to after this encounter, and conversations were especially uncomfortably fun when the subjects would turn to Chase. Cameron would give Remy tips on how to handle him, and they were generally pretty effective.

Remy just liked that she was talking to her again. She would always consider the blonde "the best she never had" or "the one that got away"…more or less, she was the real deal for Remy, but she knew she had to accept it, and Chase really was a nice guy. She like him a lot and was happy to be going down this road with him.

That is why it was so easy for her to say, "Yes" when he got down on his knee after they had taken all their Christmas decorations and put them in the attic. It was very impromptu and unexpected, which was something she liked about his romantic side. And, the ring didn't go unnoticed by Cameron. Remy asked her to set aside her awkwardness with Chase for a while and be her maid of honor.

Cameron, of course, couldn't say no to this. And as they were sifting through pages and pages of everything that goes along with a wedding throughout the next few weeks, Cameron found her relationship with House wasn't really a relationship anymore but a friendship. She wasn't jealous of the way House looked at Cuddy and the way Cuddy reciprocated. She did however, find herself jealous of her ex-husband. She found herself looking at Thirteen in a whole new light, and in all honesty, it freaked her out.


The day House and Cameron broke up was like every other day. Nothing went awry and no feelings were hurt. It ended on mutual terms. Cameron stated that the wasn't gonna move out because he still needed her and she still needed him, but she did move to one of the bedrooms upstairs in their two-bedroom house.

House was actually grateful that she didn't want to leave, nor did she want him to leave. She had become his new Wilson due to the fact that Wilson was spending so much time with his soon to be ex-ex-ex-wife.

House and Cameron talked until the wee hours in the morning. Cameron encouraged him to go after Cuddy before it was too late. She told him that she wanted to see progress by the weeks end, otherwise she would do it for him… "and how embarrassing will it be when your ex-girlfriend asks out the love of your life for you?" She had said as he told her he wasn't going to do it…at least not that week.

He in turn, told her that she had a month and a half to tell the love of her life to not get married…to a man. That conversation proceeded to Cameron telling him to get his head out of the gutter and to take a shower.


As it was three weeks later from that long talk with House…he had done what she told him to do and she had seen Cuddy and Rachel every morning since. Cuddy was at first a bit huffy that Cameron still lived there, but she soon found that they needed each other in an unexplainable way. She understood that House was complex and one of a kind, and that Cameron was a lot more..everything than she lets people believe. She was now acutely aware of this bond that they had and she was…oddly okay with the fact that they needed each other and lived together still…she thought of it as more help with Rachel.

Cameron was glad that Cuddy got it…mainly because if she didn't then Cuddy would have not only been a lot dumber in her eyes, but she would have been completely wrong for House…and she just didn't see that at all.


So here she was, three weeks before her best friend's wedding, sitting on her stoop texting her, asking if she's awake.

A couple minutes after her first text she received a reply. 'Yeah, Al. What's wrong?'

Allison didn't take the time to really take in what she was typing again, but typed nonetheless. 'Come outside…please.'

She didn't get an answer. So, she sat there for a minute longer before standing up to leave. Just as she had brushed herself off, she heard the click of the lock on the door and the door open.

Remy rubbed her eyes and brushed stray hairs away from her face. "Hey, Al…what are you doing here? It's four in the morning…" She asked, her voice raspy.

"Babe? Is everything okay?" Chase called from inside.

"Yeah!" She leaned back inside to answer her, "Yeah it's fine. Go back to sleep." She walked outside fully now and took Cameron's hand, "What's wrong?" She asked, trying to prompt the blonde to speak.

"You can't marry Chase." Cameron said as she stared down at the steps.

"What? Why?" Remy was a little take much so that she needed to take a step back and leaned against her screen door.

"You…you just…you can't marry him." She still wasn't looking her in the eyes.

Remy grabbed Cameron's chin, "Al…what's going on? Why can't I marry—?"

Cameron cut Remy off by kissing her. Remy grabbed the back of Cameron's neck and her back and pulled her in to deepen the kiss, but Cameron pulled away, "Please don't marry him." She looked deep into the brunette's eyes before pulling away completely and walking away.

She walked for a lot longer than she thought she would. When she got home, Rachel and Cuddy were already awake and getting ready. She set her bag on the kitchen table, staring outside the kitchen window as she thought about what she had done.

The toddler made Allison's presence known to Cuddy. "Momma look!" She pointed to the blonde who was still staring outside.

Cuddy looked over and immediately drew her brows together in concern. She put Rachel down on the floor in front of the TV and went to wake House. The both of them came out to find that Cameron had at least sat down.

House and Cuddy sat down with her…she still didn't notice. "Cameron." House finally said in his gruff morning voice.

That shook Cameron from her stupor. She looked over to them and between them, "Oh I'm sorry, I'll move my stuff." She started to grab her bag and move.

"No." House said, and Cameron looked at him, "Stop." House ordered, and Cameron stopped moving, "Sit." House gestured, and Cameron sat back down, "Talk." House commanded, and Cameron did as told.

She told them what happened. She didn't know how it happened it just did. She told them that she couldn't sleep and had this overwhelming feeling to just walk, so she just decided to walk until she got tired. But her legs carried her to Remy's. She told them how Chase was right inside, and how Remy had pulled her in. She told them that she got her confirmation and that she was in love with Thirteen.

They both sat there and took it all in, and when she got to the love line, they both said that they knew that…that that part was obvious. Cuddy points out that she shouldn't have kissed her because it was wrong, but that she does think that they belong together…not Chase and Thirteen.

After all of this, Cameron moves to go change for work, but Cuddy stops her and tells her to sleep today, since she didn't the night before. Cameron sighed and went to her bedroom to think of ways to talk to the brunette without embarrassing herself too much; she wanted to figure out how she could lay it all on the line without getting severely hurt by her. She fell asleep thinking about her and playing 'What if?'…What if I had just kissed her instead of practically ignoring her and going to House?…we're not meant to be anyways, no harm would have happened to him. What if all this time it could have been me and Remy, and not Remy and Chase? What if? What if? What if?...

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