AN: This last chapter is rather short, so I decided to put a very short epilogue that I wasn't sure I wanted to write at first at the end…so…here are the last two chapters…technically...even though this is probably the shortest chapter of them all….hmm….

Thirteen was the only one in the main office by the end of the day. The door opened and she looked to see her girlfriend coming in.

"Hey, Baby." Cameron smiled at her; she patted Thirteen's ass as she walked over to her, "I'm gonna go get House." She kissed her real quick and walked into House's office.

Thirteen watched her walk away and had to shake her head when the blonde intentionally bent all the way over House's desk to show her ass. She was concentrating on not looking at House's office at all and finishing packing her bag.

She was well on her way too…but then Chase walked in. They had a bit of a staring contest then she turned back to her task.

"Remy." He tried to get her attention. She stopped what she was doing, but he didn't start speaking again until she looked at him. Finally she relented and he began, "I wanted to apologize for everything. For this afternoon, for giving you grief for falling in love with…" He trailed off thinking back to him and Cameron. She was right…it's always been Allison… He shook himself from his thoughts quickly and started in again, "I mean…it's hard not to fall in love with her." He looked in the room and made eye contact with the woman in question before turning back to her, "I think I did the things I did because I can't handle it. I can't handle the two women I've ever remotely cared for have found the love that I've wanted for so long with each other…"


Cameron and House were talking in the next room when they heard voices—plural—in the main office. They looked over to find Chase… They both stared for a moment, and Chase looked straight at Cameron when his eyes weren't on the woman he was talking to.


"So, what are you saying?" Thirteen asked, trying to get down to the point.

"I'm saying I'm sorry…and that I'm resigning, effective immediately." He pulled out papers that he was going to give to House. "I don't want this life…this life of watching my ex-wife with different people…having to work so closely with her even though it hurts so much. Trying to show how moved on I am by falling for her best friend and pulling them apart, only for them to realize their true love for one another. I'm tired of the extra drama, and the thrills this job brings…" He paused, looking for words, "I just…I want a clean start. I want a girl who wants what I want and has the same goals…I won't find that here."

"Oh…" Thirteen didn't know what to say.


After the stare Chase gave Cameron, they began eavesdropping.

"So, he won't leave the hospital with his wife—HIS WIFE!—after killing a man and relying on everyone that knows to never speak of it. But he will leave because his ex-wife and his ex-fiancée, which he'd courted and broken up with in a year, are together and in love? How the hell is the latter worse than the former?" She turned to the taller man and looked up at his face.

House smirked and placed his hand on her back, "He's a dude. And you will never understand the inner workings of us…besides…it's probably the fact that both have happened to him in the last two or three years…" He looked down at her, "Come on, let's go." He pushed her inside the main office.

They had walked in toward the last part of his speech, "We want you to have that, Chase." Cameron said as she crossed her arms.

"Really?" Chase looked at her with a grin, she shot him a look before he started speaking again, "I'm sorry. I'm just getting it all in while I can. I know that you just did what you needed to do for love…I'm glad you have that, I am…it just makes me realize how much I want it too." He looked at House, "Well, these are for you." He handed him his resignation papers, which House gave to Cameron, who gave him a look that said, 'I'm not your secretary.' Chase smiled, "Well, it was nice knowing all of you…I'm going to California, I got a job out there, so…"

"Wow, well don't be stranger Chase." Thirteen said as she walked over and took Cameron's hand.

"Yeah," he said, "If you're ever in the area…" He gave a closed mouth smile on his way out the door.

"We'll look you up." Cameron finished for him. He nodded and walked out of the office for his last time.


Thirteen, House and Cameron made their way out the doors to House's car. Cuddy had already gone home with Rachel, and they were meeting them there for dinner. Cameron and Thirteen were snuggling in the back, making House feel like a limo driver.

As they turned down their street and approached their house, they saw that the house next door had a 'For Sale' sign out.

Thirteen pulled Cameron close and whispered in her ear, "Maybe we should move out and in there…" Cameron turned and looked at her questioningly, "Think about it…I mean, we won't cramp House and Cuddy's style anymore, and we're still close enough to have this weird quasi-family thing we've got going on…except this way, maybe we can start our own…" She said as they moved to get out of the car.

"You want to adopt?" Cameron asked.

"Yeah…or get you pregnant…" She said as she pressed herself against her lover to shut the door and hold her tight.

"Why not you?" Allison smirked. Thirteen stared at her blankly, "Oh…right." She said, completely ruining the light moment.

"I don't want to be the pregnant one anyways…I don't want to go through all that…and I know that in the back of your mind, you always have." She swallowed as she stepped into her lover even more.

"I have." Cameron said almost silently.

"I know." Thirteen kissed her nose, "So, looks like we're moving in next door." She said as she pulled Cameron from the car and inside the house.

"Good! You guys were cramping our style anyways…" House said…he had been eavesdropping, "And to get Cameron pregnant, you'll need sperm…I'll be happy to volunteer." He grinned and got a slap in the chest from Cuddy.

Thirteen and Cameron looked at each other lovingly as they parted and began their evening-ly tasks.



Thirteen and Cameron did decide to move in next door, and they did retain that quasi-pseudo family thing they had going with House and Cuddy. They had debated whether or not to adopt or get Allison pregnant with a turkey baster. They ended up registering themselves for adoption and trying in vitro. Cameron never actually got rid of her dead husbands sperm…she just said she did, so they didn't need to go in search to find a man to donate his…time.

After a year of trying to start a family, they ended up adopting a toddler that was Rachel's age named Katherine Laurel Cameron-Hadley, and two months after the papers went through, Cameron started becoming ill…her eggs finally took, and they were expecting a baby too.


About two years after buying the house and prepping the old study to be the nursery and letting Kate paint her own colors on the walls inside and picking up after Remy and their daughter every night, Cameron felt like she could sleep for five years and miss the delivery of daughter number two completely…which was supposed to happen any time now…any time now for the past week and a half.

She walked into their bedroom, back achy, ankles swelled, and completely exhausted to see that her lover, who said she was heading up not two minutes before was not there. She sighed heavily as she waddled over to their bed and sat down after wrestling with her pants to get them off.

"You need any help, Sweets?" Came the voice from behind Cameron.

"Hmph…maybe a little." She said depressed that she didn't have the energy or physically couldn't take her own clothes off anymore.

Remy laughed as she got on the bed and walked on her knees to get right behind her lover. She started slow, tantalizingly sloe with her shirt. "You are the sexiest woman I know." She whispered in her ear as she squeezed Allison's breasts, causing milk to spill from her nipples.

Allison looked down at herself unimpressed, "That is not sexy." She said monotone as Remy lifted the shirt from her body.

Remy wasn't having this. She knew that Al felt like shit and she wanted their overcooked baby out of her body, but she really did think that she was the most beautiful thing in the entire world. She couldn't help it; she really thought that Allison looked incredibly sexy all pregnant. "Yes huh." She answered much like Kate would.

"Nuh uh." Allison looked up at her and followed her form as she moved around to be in front of her. "What are you doing?"

"I'm trying to seduce you." Remy said as she started taking all her clothes off.

"Well…" Allison was going to retort, but really…couldn't after that statement, "Continue." She said.

Remy grinned and did as told. She went in for a kiss when Allison broke it with a scream. "What? What, what?" Remy looked concerned.

"Nope…nothing, let's keep going." Cameron said as she pulled her lover to her to kiss her again, but screamed again.

"Are you having contractions?" Remy asked, wide-eyed.

"Maybe…" Cameron said.

"And how long have you maybe been having these contractions?" She pulled away and crossed her arms.

"Maybe since five this evening?" She didn't look up…much like their daughter didn't look up when she was in trouble.

"BABY!" She yelled and started running around, "Okay, what do we need, we need you bag. Check. Keys." She ran to the dresser, "Check."

"Clothes." Cameron said in the same tone Remy had.

"Check…un check." She said as she looked at the tow of them. She through her clothes on first then assisted her lover after getting a glare that said, 'why won't you help me?' Remy decided to answer that glare out loud, "You know…put your oxygen mask on first before assisting others…" She said as she finished with her shirt and stood her up to help with the pants.

"Hahaha." Cameron said sarcastically.

"Okay, you got that?" She was running out the door already, "I'm going to get the car ready." She called after she grabbed her bag and keys. She came back to Cameron coming down the stairs and helped her the rest of the way.

She got her to the car and inside and ran around to the driver's side and threw it in reverse.

"Babe?" Cameron said calmly.

"What?" Remy looked at her.

"You left the door open…" She said and pointed to their front door.

"Oh. Right." She ran to it before Cameron to talk again. She locked it and ran back to the car. "Okay, take two." She said and threw it in reverse once again.

"Babe?" Cameron had the same tone.

"WHAT?" Remy asked, wondering what she could have possibly forgotten now.

"Our daughter…" Cameron looked at her with a smirk in her eyes.

"Fuck!" Remy practically screamed and she ran back to the front door, unlocked it, flung it open and ran to their daughter's room. "Babycakes!" She said as softly as possible to the sleeping toddler as she busted in and grabbed her backpack.

"What?" She asked sleepily.

"Wake up! Mommy's having the baby." She said. "What all do you want to take with us to the hospital? Just colors?"

"And leapfrog." She said as she went to her closet. She was a bright young lady.

"What are you doing?" Remy asked as her daughter took off her PJs.

"Putting on clothes." She said still sleepy.

"Why?" She asked.

"Because you have clothes on…" She responded.

"Oh…" She stared at her as she shrugged some clothes on, "I'll accept that, come on Bug!" She put her hand out for her daughter to take.


After a long time at the hospital—House and Cuddy had arrived for work and put Kate in daycare with Rachel—the baby finally decided to get the show on the road.

At the end of that workday, they had a healthy, perfect, lovely, little girl, Jessica Leigh Cameron-Hadley.

After all the waiting they had to do to have each other, after all the waiting they had to do to have a family…they found that the nights they were breathless with wild anticipation were all worth it, they were worth everything they went through because this was the end result. And it was the only thing they wanted.

AN: Alright…there you go. Last chapters. The only references I can think that I put in were all in the epilogue and really towards the end. Kate Laurel was named after Kate Moennig and Laurel Holloman. Jessica Leigh was named after Jessica Stroup (that's her middle name) who I have a major crush on right now…like it's ridiculous, but that's not the point… "Healthy, perfect, lovely, little" is a line from the song 'No One Mourns the Wicked' in the musical Wicked. And "Breathless with a wild anticipation" (which is actually how I named the story) is from Rogers and Hammerstein's Cinderella. Well, (lot's of stuttering) That's All Folks!...until I write the sequel, which apparently has been wanted for quite sometime…I had no idea…