Crowley scowled. Just his luck to be on door duty when the Messiah came for a visit. He had been Recalled to Hell after performing unsatisfactorily in a work assessment. (1) First he was denied the creature comforts of planet earth, now he was stuck under the doors of hell with all the patriarchs walking out, with Moses deciding to take a little revenge on the nearest demon by jumping up and down on the door until the Messiah told him sternly that this was behaviour unbefitting of a patriarch and a prophet. (2) Jesus had even taken the time to bestow a benevolent smile on Crowley. He watched them leave, then started trying to wriggle from underneath the doors. Still, he mused, look on the bright side. At least we don't have an overcrowding problem anymore.

(1) He was sent back to earth after his successor was smote by the Archangel Michael who had been bored and decided to smite something.

(2) What Jesus actually said was: "Oh grow up Moses."