She's the one…She just happen to be my sister

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From Ron's point of view…

I saw my sister, suffering from a massive brake up with Seamus. She was crying, hard core, so I could see little drops of water been thrown to the ground. We were in the Gryffindor common room, Seamus studying before Ginny on the table, his eyes watering, because he too felt bad. Ginny was by the fire. I walked over to her, feeling the warmth of the fire.

"Are you OK." I asked.

"No." Ginny answered, more tears spilling out of her eyes. Ginny wiped her well wetted eyes. I hugged her, Ginny touched my buttocks unwearily. I don't think she'd noticed. I pulled away. It was a bit gross. A SISTER TOUCHING YOUR BUTTOCKS, NOT YOUR USUAL... It felt unoriginal, and different. I was making a big deal of it, I mean she probaly does that all the time with Seamus, and forgot it's me, and thought I was Seamus. No probaly not, she knew who I was. But she could of had a habit of it, or it was an accident and her arms slided down to my buttocks.

"Are you alright?" I asked again, wanting Ginny to stop crying.

"Maybe." Ginny said, but still I knew that she wasn't OK. I know her and she isn't that type of person that would get over this so quick. She was tough but not on this subject. I watched as Ginny's eyes got more wet, and I looked at her sadly. I didn't like seeing my little sister unhappy or crying.

"You'll be alright." I said, rubbing Ginny's back.

"I don't know. It might take weeks." Ginny replied, worried, and wanting to probaly get in another relationship, maybe with Dean. Ginny smiled. Seamus's eyes kept watering, a tear formed, I saw him cry, I had never seen him cry. It was a cry with one tear. Amazing, was that how much he cared for Ginny. But really there was another load of tears coming, as they spilled out of his eyes, falling down his cheek. I watched intently, witnessing Seamus cry, never before had I seen him cry. Back to Ginny. Ginny was also watching Seamus cry, Seamus felt what Ginny felt inside, heartache…

2 weeks passed. Ginny was healing goodly. I could see through her eyes, and of course I could tell her eyes weren't crying.


The bell rang and I had to go to class. I went up the stairs and straight through the corridors, then turning a corner. I walked into potions class.

Potions class was normal, with Snape and all. Nothing happened much apart from me learning a really not useful potion. I went out of class when we where dismissed….

Soon it was daybreak. No one was around. I walked through the corridor, turning a corner. I bumped into someone's lips. I kissed the little someone's lips, thinking she was a hot chick.

"Ginny!" I said, pulling away. Oh My Gosh, I had just kissed Ginny. It felt so wrong, realizing who it is.

"Ron." Ginny said, pulling away too.

"I'm sorry, I just was passing the corner." I said, not wanting to make it look like me and Ginny were like, um – er -, (together.)

"Oh, I was just passing too." Ginny said. It was very awkward. Ginny walked past me, getting on with her unfinished business. I walked past the incident. I reached the fat lady.

"Pickled toad," I said, saying the password. Pickled toad meant Umbridge. Oh, how I loved these mean passwords on Umbridge. The fat lady's door swung open. I walked through the gap left. I went to Harry and Hermione. I wasn't planning to tell Harry and Hermione about the, like incident.

"What up?" Hermione asked.

"Something." I replied.

"You can tell me and Harry anything." Hermione said. Oh, shit. I shouldn't have said that. Now Hermione's going to do anything to find out. I have to keep my mouth closed sometimes.

"No." I said, denying Hermione.

"Come on, Ron. Spit it out." Hermione said.

"No." I repeated.

"Ron, what ever it is me and Hermione won't bother you too much with it." Harry said.

"Oh, yeah." I said. I took a breath, Harry smiled. No go. "Oh, yeah right." I added. Harry's smile faded.

"Come on, Ronny." Hermione replied.

"No." I said.

"Um, I can give you candy sweets." Hermione offered.

"No." I said.

"Well, Ron, spit it out." Hermione said, more seriously.

"Give me one good reason. Why?" I asked. Hermione bit her lip and thought for a second. There was a silence between us.

"Because, we're your best friends." Hermione answered. SHIT. I had to tell her.

"Um, well when I was turning a well corner. I bumped into Ginny, and by mistake kissed her." I said, fidgeting with my robes, but not telling them that I had actually snogged her back.

"What's so bad about that?" Hermione said.

"Well, I don't want people to think me and – er Ginny are together." I said in a very low voice so that only Harry and Hermione could hear.

"You wouldn't." Hermione said. I looked at Hermione. OF COURSE I WOULDN'T! WHAT'S WRONG WITH YOU WOMAN!

Soon the moon came down as the sun drifted from Hogwarts. It was dark and it was time for bed. I went to bed.

And fell asleep…

I woke up, it was Monday.

I got out of bed. I went to my draws and grabbed out my Hogwarts uniform. I got dressed, which took 2 minutes. Finally I came out of my dorm and I got down the stairs and into the common room. I grabbed a piece of toast, and ate.

"Hey." Hermione said. Hermione put her hand up.

"Hey." I replied, as I walked over to her.

"So, what up?" Hermione asked.

"Nothing really." I answered.

"Oh, yeah... Right. You've always got some thing." Hermione said.

"I'm going to class." I said as I looked at my watch. It was class time. I hurried over to defence against the dark arts class room, Hermione and Harry tracing my step. This year we had a different teacher.

"Hello, I am Mrs. Lumo." A plump lady said. Mrs, (WHO WOULD EVER WANT TO MARRY HER,) Lumo had a purple top on with black spots on it. She had tight, black, jeans on too. She wore heaps of make up and a lot of jewellery. She had blonde hair and pale skin. Mrs. Lumo had her hair in pig tails accept that the pigtails facing upwards. I didn't know if she knew a spell. She could be a good teacher, behind all of what she looks like.

I saw Harry's face.

"Looking forward to our new teacher." I whispered to Harry. Harry tilted his head sideways, one time to the left and the other to the right. I didn't find her convincing as a good teacher.

"Now, we are going to learn about a spell that can protect us from other spells." Mrs Lumo said. I was wrong, she could do I spell, I watched with my own eyes.

After class I went to lunch. I only ate salad as I wasn't that hungry after defence againist the dark arts.

I went out with Harry and Hermione to the common room. I went to sit down, as Mrs Lumo had given us an essay. We had to do 3 quarters of a page on writing defensive spells and what they do.

I had a few books I had got out of the library.

I wrote:

A spell that may give a person a dead pain. It may make people shiver.

The spell is the Cruciatus curse.

There are other spells too like of course the killing curse. There is no pain. As you are not alive, when the pain should strike. This spell is Avada Kadavra.

When Guardiam Liviosa. If you perform this spell you can make someone fly, in your control.

Expelliarmus. A spell to make people's wand go out of there hand.

Silenco. A spell to make someone or a group silent. As if they can only mouth things.

"Man, I can't think of any thing." I said. Hermione had a least done 7 lists of spells. "I'm going to bed." I added as I got off my chair and packed my things away into my bag. I made a walk to the boy's dorm and got on my bed. I puffed my pillow up, and rested on my bed, my immediate reaction was the cold covers on my body, warming up, as they took my warmth. My eyes started to drift to close and as that happened I fell asleep…

I woke up in my bed. I pushed the covers off of me. It was 6:04. God, I woke up early.

I hunched over to get off of my bed, as my shoulder clicked loudly. The fresh air sprung to me, as my nude body pulled my Hogwarts uniform on, and of course my picture of the quiditch captain looked disgusted. Got to admit it to him, he was perving at me, but in another case he didn't want to see. I went out of the boy's dorm and went down the steps into the common room.

No one was there accept Neville was up who had probably up all night studying. I came down and sat next to him.

"Having trouble?" I asked, fidgeting with my robes.

"Um – yeah." Neville replied, in a can-you-help-me type voice.

"I'm going to get some toast." I said getting off of the chair that I was sitting on. I put some bread in the toaster on the window sill.

I walked back to Neville.

"I'll help you with the last one." I offered. Neville nodded. He hadn't got Avada Kadavra.

"Why don't you have Avada Kadavra?" I asked.

"Oh, I forgot." Nevile said, in his normal, forgetful, goofey voice.

"Write it down." I said.

"OKAY." He replied. He write down Avada Kadavra in his neatest writing. Then he write: The killing curse.

I heard experimental noises. I expected it was Fred and George making more stuff. I just had to cope with the noise.

I finished my essay from Mrs. Lumo. Neville had finished too. It was 6:30 o'clock. I moved to the light fire. The fire was warm.

I looked at the notice board. There was something new there.





TIME: 7:00





I reading, I'm liking it. A smile wriggles on my face in delight, 'Plenty of beer' did it say.

I got over to Harry and Hermione *(At 9:00.)*

"George and Fred are having a party tonight." I said.

"I'm in." Harry replied.

"Me too." I said. "Hermione?" I added.

"No, I've got to write out my exams." Hermione said.

"OK, no. Come on. You're going to be too distracted, the party going to be held here." I conned.

"OK." She said. "I'll go." She added. I never thought she'd give up that easy. But still I'VE CONNED HER… I smiled happily. Harry smiled to at Hermione. I looked at my timetable.

"We're got double potions and Mrs Lumo again, + flickwick." I said. "This is totally messed up." I added.

"Actually I like Mrs Lumo." Hermione said sweetly, staring at her time table.

"What about double potions?" I asked.

"Nope, I don't like Snape." Hermione said.

"Let's head to class." Harry said. Me, Harry and Hermione headed to the dungeon, our footsteps growing louder, as little dust bits caught to our skin. We hopped into potions. I took my seat. I whispered to Ron, as a conversation.

"Today, um Mr Weasley and Mr Potter what do you think you are doing?" Snape sneered.

"Nothing." We chanted together, turning our fill attention to the teacher.

"I have a rule called no talking when I am. Is there a misunderstanding here. Five points from Gryffindor." Snape shouted. The Slytherins all smirked.

After class we went to lunch then we went to Mrs. Lumo.

"Hello everyone." Mrs Lumo shouted.

"Hello Mrs. Lumo." The class chanted back.

After Mrs. Lumo class. We headed to the common room. George and Fred were decorating the room.

*(7:00, Common room. Gryffindor.)*

Me, Harry and Hermione were in the common room. The room was the same as always accept it had junk packets on the floor and a moutain of beers, and the disco ball. I went up to George and Fred.

"How much is a beer." I asked.

"1 knut." Fred and George chanted together.

"I'm your brother." I moaned.

"2 knuts." They added.

"What up?" Hermione asked.

"I'm buying a beer." I said. I got two knuts out madly. I grabbed a beer.

"Harry you want a beer?" I asked.

"Yeah." Harry said.

"There over there." I said pointing and the mountain of beers behind me. Harry ran to the beer mountain and grabbed one knut out from his money bag, (wallet.) He immediately grabbed a beer and drank a sip. I opened mine, and drank it quickly because of the fussy stuff. After my beer I went to dance on the dance floor, below the disco ball Fred and George had placed in the middle of the room.

ROBOT, JAZZ, BALLERINA, KUNG FO, HIP HOP, BREAK DANCING...Hermione and Harry danced together, in a friend type way. Ginny was on the couch, no one sitting next to her. She was giddy, she's probably had to much beer. I got two beers, one to Ginny and one for me. I sat next to Ginny, and gave her the beer.

"Here." I said, giving the beer to her.

"Thanks." She said, opening it and drinking it hard core, spilling it all over herself.

"Oh." I said, I was taken a back. Ginny was half of her beer. Ginny leaned on me. She was sleepy as the time was 1:00.

"OH." She said sexually.

"UM?" I questioned. Ginny was practically asleep on me. I think she was dreaming I was her boy friend or something.

"OH." She repeated. "Baby." She added, her tongue coming out of her mouth and licking my pants.

"GINNY?" I asked awkwardly.

"WHAT? BABY, YOU SWEET MUFFIN." She said, falling more asleep. Ginny had a thing for sleep talking. Hermione came round and handed me another beer.

"HERMIONE." I said frantically.

"OH." Hermione said, looking at Ginny awkwardly. "Just stay there, she'll come around." Hermione shouted over the music before leaving me and going back on the dance floor and continuing dancing with Harry.

"Baby, loosen up!" Ginny murmured. She kept licking my pants. She smiled as she got up to my penis, and tried to lick that. It was very awkward. I shuffled around, wanting her to wake up. She just coped with it.

"OH, YEAH." She said, sexually, getting to lick my jeans on the way to my penis, that was surely locked away in my pants.

"GINNY!" I yelled. Ginny waked up, lifting her head off me.

"WHAT?" She asked. She looked at me sexually but deeply. She tried to undo my belt but failed.

"Ginny." I said calming down.

"BABY." She said again, making me feel really stressed. She got on top of me and snogged me. I pushed her back. Next time Fred and George throw a party I'm so only going to let Ginny have one beer. She giddy enough with one. She climbed on top of me. Looking at me sexually. I felt really bad. I pushed her off me. GOD SHE HAD GOTTEN STRONGER! She was too strong for me to control. She wasn't little like she used to be. I looked at her.

"I'm going to go." I said moving off the couch. I got another beer. I drank it. Now I was giddy. I moved to the couch and sat down. Ginny was next to me. We were both giddy. Ginny climbed on to me, I was giddy too so I couldn't help it. I kissed her passionately. I felt the sexuallity. Her lips were so smooth

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