(God knows how much months later.)

We were at the muggle train station. I pushed my trolley, next to Ginny. Pig being rather odd in his cage. I raced to keep up with Fred and George that had just eaten there new invention, fast farting. It made someone really fast by the farts that had been created to keep them going. Of course I couldn't keep up.

"Hurry now, Fred." Mrs Weasley said, as Fred ran between barrier 9 and 10. George was next. Harry went next, and too my unlikings … Hermione. Ginny got to go before me, as I was the last. Even Mrs Weasley got before me. I walked with Ginny. Ginny got Albus in her arms.

"Now everyone, no mischief. And that includes you too, Fred and George." Mrs Weasley began. "Hope the best to you and Ginny." Mrs Weasley said. "And have fun." She added. Me and Ginny put our trunks away. I hugged Mrs Weasley, before getting into the train. I sat next to Harry and Ginny. I think Harry wasn't too mad at me, I think he had been liking it with Hermione. Hermione sat on the opposite Harry. There hands connected. Ginny was leaning on my shoulder.

I let Albus on the seat as he played.

The train started to rumble. I waved at Mrs Weasley from inside of the train. Every thing went boring. So in fact Harry went over to sit next to Hermione. They snogged. I snogged Ginny.

I snogged her passionately, and to Hermione and Harry well they tried there best too be passionate. Harry was a bit sloppy at it. Hermione was excellent, but Ginny. SHE WAS THE BEST!

"Maybe we could play game?" Ginny suggested.

"Not with Ron." Hermione replied selfishly.

"Come on." Ginny said. "You guy's have been best friends since you came into Hogwarts. I mean you can't just give up." Ginny said.

"Yes we can." Me and Hermione said together.

"Truth or dare." Ginny said.

"Dare." I replied.

"Kiss Hermione." Ginny said. I gapped.

"No way." Hermione said. I leaned forward and kissed Hermione gently. I went back, to sit where I was.

"See." Ginny said smiling.

"Truth or dear?" I asked.

"Dare." Hermione replied. I thought for a moment.

"Kiss Ginny." I said. Ginny and Hermione gapped. Hermoine leaned forward and kissed Ginny sweetly. I laughed. Albus laughed with me.

"Good." I said, smiling. Albus smiled too.

"Truth or dear?" Hermione asked.

"Dear." I said.

"Kiss Harry." Hermione said. Hermione giggled at Ginny. I leaned forward and kissed Harry on the cheek.

"Come on." Ginny said. I kissed Harry on the lips before going back to my spot.

"Oh god." Ginny said, giggling.

"Truth or dare." I said.

"Dare." Harry said.

"Kiss Ginny." I demanded. Harry flinched and kissed Ginny softly. I knew Harry was smiling inside.

"Truth or dear." Harry said.

"Dare." Ginny said.

I want you to go out this door, yell 'Come hear Dean.' And then snogg him." Harry said. Ginny gapped.

"No way." Ginny and I said. Albus frowned, as I didn't think he knew what we were saying, but now, he might do.

"OKAY." Hermione said. "I'll do it." Hermione added. I gapped. "But you, Ginny are going to yell hey Dean and I'm going to kiss him." Hermione said. Ginny nodded.

Hermione and Ginny went out of the compartment. I watched from inside.

"Hey Dean, come here." Ginny said. Ginny got back into the compartment and acted normal as in acting like siblings. I watched as Dean came up to Hermione. Hermione threw herself on him. Ginny giggled and I laughed, Harry even laughed. Hermione came back into our compartment, Dean going.

"O.M.G." Hermione said. "I actually did that." Hermione added. No one had really watched but I had found it so funny. Hermione leaned on Harry. I think things had gone clean with me and Hermione.

The lolly tray came closer.

"Do you want any lollies dear?" The lolly tray person asked.

"Um – yeah." I said. Me and Harry got up. I got 5 gallons out of my pocket. I grabbed a packet of every flavour beans, 3 wizard frogs and 2 pumpkin pasties. I sat down. Harry had got about the exact same things apart from getting 4 chocolate frogs. I passed a chocolate frog to Ginny, and Harry gave one to Hermione. I opened a pumpkin pastie first. I ate it, Ginny watching me. Neville rushed in. I acted all siblingy with Ginny.

"I've just been kicked out of the compartment." Neville said. "Can I sit with you." He said huffing.

"Sure." I said.

"Your baby." Neville said pointing at Albus. Albus giggled, wearing his new overalls, the first one he had picked.

"Yeah." Ginny replied. I stood silent. Neville sat next to me.

"Can I hold 'im?" Neville asked.

"Sure." Ginny said as she passed Albus down to me as I passed Albus to Neville.

"How old is he?" Neville asked.

"I gave birth to him at June the 2nd." Ginny said, smiling weakly. I could see through Neville's mind, images of her giving birth to Albus. Ginny crying in pain. It seemed as though he wanted to have a baby with Ginny. I gulped silently. Neville flashed out of his thoughts.

"Who's the father?" Neville asked.


"You'll find out." Harry said winking at Ginny.

"Harry's the father." Neville gapped.

"No." Ginny said. "You'll find out soon." Ginny said. Neville looked down at Albus, giggling. Albus had his blue overalls on and his blue beanie. Neville passed Albus back to Ginny. Ginny put him on his lap, and tapped to get Albus to sleep.

Albus's eyes drifted closed, as he finally feel asleep. Ginny placed him next to Hermione as it was a free spot. Hermione smiled, and gazed at Albus's cute face.

Time went.

It was night full and the lights turned on slowly. The moon had set as the sun went. Dementors flew in. As very thing went cold. I grabbed a blanket I had brought. I covered everyone. I placed Albus on my lap, as I covered the blanket on us 6. Neville went on the ground, and tried to stay warm.

I rubbed my hands together. I breathed heavily, as cold stem came out of my mouth. The dementors hadn't attacked us yet, but they had attacked the flowers that had frost all over them, as they died.

The train jolted to a stop. I looked outside. The Hogwarts castle gleaming, as I felt heat. Neville got off of the ground, and grinned.

"I haven't read this book yet." Hermione said disappointedly at herself. She sighed as she got up. Albus was on my lap, snoring away. I passed him to Ginny, as I got up. Ginny got up too. I covered him with the blankets.

Time whizzed.

I went back to the common room.

"Should we tell?" I asked Ginny. Ginny looked at me with hopeful eyes.

"EVERYONE." Ginny yelled.

"We have a confession." I said. Everyone's attention turned to us. I smiled weakly. Nervousness fulled me up.

"OKAY." I said. Ginny held up the baby.

"The father of this baby is Ron." Ginny shouted. Eyes stared.






Dean face dropped, as the truth came out, and that his dreams to be with Ginny was destroyed, and the lie that he had shagged her. Seamus ran up to the astronomy tower, he jumped off it, face down on the Hogwarts ground, dead. A puddle of blood before him

I frowned in pity. One life had gone tonight, and no one liked me and Ginny's judgement. It was the end of the world. I ran up to the boy's dorm. I striped, and I'm sure Ginny would like to see my nude body. The moon gleamed at me, and I could see a frown forming on the moon. I got into my PJ's and went to bed early.