A/n; Since there's already a list for this, but made by adults, I figured I'd make my own. So here are the lists of the top hottest cartoon characters, male and female. Female was harder to judge since I'm a girl, but it was just a matter of skimming over cartoon characters and seeing which ones were the most sexual and such.


10: Aelita- 'Code Lyoko'
Pink hair is cute. So are elf ears. And she's so innocent. It's sort of pathetic, but that's why she hit number 10.

9: Terra- 'Teen Titans'
She's got the long blonde hair and the startlingly blue eyes and the tight clothes. What is there for a guy not to like?

8: Mira- 'Buzz Lightyear of Star Command'
She's like an avatar with red hair and great eyes. Sure, an old tv show, but I caught guys staring at the tv whenever she came on. Kinda creepy.

7: Daphne Blake- 'Scooby Doo'
From the original list. I just clocked her in a little higher. Guys like redheads. And short skirts.

6: Princess Jasmine- 'Aladdin'
Lack of clothing means guys like the movie even more. And she wears less than most princesses.

5: Betty Boop- (I have no idea)
Classic. She just had to make the list.

4: Ariel- 'The Little Mermaid'
The only princess that wears less than Jasmine!

3: Charmcaster- 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
The hair is great, really really pretty eyes and a very skimpy skirt. Huh, what would guys like in that? *rolls eyes*

2: Starfire- 'Teen Titans'
Tight top. Redhead. Green eyes. Innocent and naive. Very short skirt. Long legs. Of course, it's hard for me to judge, but really, we can just tell when guys drool over girls like that.

1: Catwoman- (I don't know)
She's Catwoman for crying out loud. Like Batman, but tighter clothes and she meows. Duh. Had to make the list and beat out all the others easily.


10: Prince Eric- 'The Little Mermaid'
I like his eyes. A lot. Like, a lot a lot. And he was the icon of girls everywhere to be one of the best princes Disney ever manufactured.

9: Odd- 'Code Lyoko'
Purple hair, annoying, hilarious. What is there not to love?

8: Ulrich- 'Code Lyoko'
He's ripped under that shirt, I'm convinced. And he's a ninja with some sweet moves and the deep brown eyes of a sucker.

7: Rex- 'Generator Rex'
Nice hair. Can fly. That's pretty sweet. Too bad he only likes goths...

6: Ben Tennyson- 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Props due. I liked him before I liked Kevin. For girls who love the hero demeanor, Ben is definitely perfect at number 6.

5: Riven- 'Winx Club'
Ripped arms and abs. Tight clothes. Great hair. Has a sword. Can you say amazing?

4: Duncan- 'Total Drama Island'
Mohawks and delinquents. That's the stuff that makes up cartoon reality tv, of course. The piercings make him rock and his shoes are totally sweet despite his lack of muscle.

3: Beastboy- 'Teen Titans'
He's green. He's sweet and funny and his hair is amazing. Plus, his little fangs make girls love him even more. Especially when he turns into an insanely cute kitten.

2: Kevin Levin- 'Ben 10: Alien Force'
Amazingly enough, Kevin only hits number 2 even though I wish with all my heart he would be number one. He's lacking a six pack even though his roguish charm is enough to make any girl go crazy over his. Plus dark eyes, a dark past, dark clothes and his dark hair... Sexy.

1: Lance- 'Sym-Bionic Titan'
He's got a rockin' body and kills in battle. Threatening name, dark history. The only thing that gives him the ability to beat Kevin is that he's got some kinda pack that I couldn't count. But it's high up there. So he's gorgeous, hair in his eyes and everything.

So that's that! Hope you enjoyed my lists of the hottest cartoon characters! R&R to argue!