There are far too few Harry Potter Ouran Host Club crossovers, so I though I'd try my hand and write one! I do not own Harry Potter or Ouran High School Host Club.

Chapter 1: Plans

Ten year old Harry Potter was a very peculiar little boy. For you see besides his odd baggy clothes, unique lightning bolt shaped scar on his forehead, and the strange things that always occurred around him he had one other characteristic that separated himself from other boys his age. He had PLANS. He had plans to escape his awful relatives; plans to succeed in life. Plans to go far away and do something great with his life. He wasn't quite sure yet what those great things would be, but he was sure he wanted to do them. Maybe he would become a doctor or a lawyer, maybe a rich and successful businessman. Regardless of what he wanted to become he knew that without being rich, there was only one way for him to get there. School.

So he studied and learned and whenever his uncle bellowed and threatened he only became more determined to succeed. When his cousin Dudley whined about him cheating and his aunt yelled at him for showing off he would grit his teeth and as soon as possible, go back to his studies. He studied mathematics, science, history, Latin, and Japanese. As soon as he became fifteen he would attempt for a scholarship at an elite Japanese school that accepted foreign transfers. I was called Ouran High School Acadamy and would offer many contacts for an excellent life FAR away from his relatives. Since such a scholarship would also pay for his room and board he would hopefully be able to get his relatives to sign off on an emancipation for himself and be rid of them forever.

Yes, these were his plans and he had made significant progress towards them since he had made them a little over a year ago. Unfortunately, life tends to enjoy throwing a monkey wrench into well-laid plans. And this occurred to Harry several days before his eleventh birthday with the arrival of a letter. Yes, an entire world of magic definitely disturbed his careful plans. But having a backup plan was never a bad idea, so if this whole magic thing didn't work out, he would have himself an alternative.


Apparently he was some kind of savior to the people of this wizarding world, but their treatment or lack of such left much to be desired. Why did he get put with his relatives, the Dursleys, of all people? And this constant fawning Boy-Who-Lived nonsense is ridiculous. I am only one, under-trained, muggle-raised boy. Why aren't they praising my parents, who were clearly responsible for my survival and this Dark Lord's defeat? It's not very logical and I'm extremely glad for my alternate plans.

Although I've made some friends, I'm not to sure of them. Ron Weasley is a bit too easily caught up in that boy-who-lived stuff and isn't the most academically inclined, but a good enough sort all the same. Hermione Granger was on the opposite side of the spectrum being even more obsessed with learning than even I am. She's definitely a bit anal retentive but at least she's caring and willing to stick up for people. Actually it was the incident that made us friends that was my first clue that this new world might not be the safest to stay in. I mean really, a troll, loose in a school?

Speaking of school, it's been quite interesting, if disappointing. While I've greatly enjoyed Charms, Herbology, and Transfiguration, Potions and Defense Against the Darks Arts look useful but are greatly lacking; those two classes and my History of Magic class all need new teachers. I mean History for example is taught by a ghost of all things who seems to be caught in a perpetual time loop from what I could stay awake for and heard from the higher students. There is more to history then Goblin Wars. Potions was also especially disappointing as I was quite looking forward to it. Unfortunately, Professor Snape seems to have decided to dislike me before he even met me and has displayed some astonishingly unprofessional behaviors. How he remains or why he even became a teacher is a complete mystery. The last disappointing class is my defense one with Professor Quirrel. Besides absolutely no practical lessons and that appallingly hard to understand stutter of his, I also always walk out of his class with a headache at my scar. I addition to the bad teachers is the complete lack of any normal "muggle" subjects like mathematics or the sciences. Clearly I will have to study on my own if I want my prior plans to remain at all feasible.


I have more reasons to consider this world unsafe. Besides the troll I have been at risk of possible death three other times. The first was when someone Jinxed my broom during a Quidditch game and attempted to make me fall from an immense height. The second time was during a detention held in the Forbidden Forest where something that had been killing unicorns tried to attack me. Why first-years were ever allowed into that danger is another serious strike against this world. The last time I almost died I will admit I probably brought partially on myself. But seriously why the heck was a valuable object was hidden behind dangerous traps inside a SCHOOL? An object the Dark Lord Voldemort was after no less! And yes apparently the monster "I" destroyed as a babe wasn't quite as dead as most believed. His spirit was possessing Professor Quirrel, which made a lot of sense to me once I found out, and actually formed a face on the back of his head. Fortunately whatever my parents did to protect me before from him was still active and quite lethal. Still, I now knew I didn't want to stay in this world, I might not be able to survive if I did.


The next three years proved to be no better than my first and after acromantulas, basilisks, dementers, dragons, merpeople, and other monsters along with a fickle public far too interested in my personal life, a corrupt government, more people trying to kill me, the death of another student, and finally the resurrection of Voldemort, I was all too willing to escape to my original plans. Ouran High School Academy here I come!