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I am ignoring the traditional Japanese school schedule so that I can match the beginning of the series to when Harry would attend in the fall. However, I am following their traditional three years of high school.


Chapter 2:

With the Potter family money behind me I had no need to take the scholarship exam and after passing the entrance exams was easily excepted into Ouran. Getting my relatives to sign off on my emancipation was even easier once they realized they would never have to see me again. Gringotts goblins were able to expedite my passport and student visa and then after leaving a bunch of letters for my friends at the owl post office to be sent after I had left, I was gone. Accompanying me to Japan would be my godfather Sirius, who I had met in my third year at Hogwarts. Of course he had to be disguised and his papers forged by the goblins for him to go, but at least no one would be looking for the escaped, wrong-fully imprisoned, convict in Japan. Both of us were happy to escape Britain for a new life in Japan. After all, life hadn't been very good to either of us there.

Landing in Japan after our very long plane ride, we were too tired do anything and just got a hotel room so we could sleep our jet-lag off. The next day, we headed to Japan's ministry of magic to officially inform them of our presence and fill out the appropriate paper work for an extended stay. Japan's magical government was similar to Britain's in that their muggle emperor was also the titular head of the magical government, same as the Queen back home. Other than that there were a few significant differences. The legal age for doing magic unsupervised outside of school was fourteen here and any muggle who sees magic, you are responsible for. That means you could choose to pay a fee and inform them of the magical world if you trusted they could keep it to themselves, or you had to stun them and call the obliviators to take care of them. I much preferred this way of handling the situation over all. I suppose since Japan is more welcoming of the supernatural in general they are allowed more leeway in this matter. All this was good news as it meant I could continue my magical studies independently while attending Ouran.

The goblins had again come to our assistance and facilitated the buying of a modest four-bedroom house in the nicer part of town ahead of our arrival. I just didn't think I could be comfortable in a huge monstrosity of a house, even if I did have the money for it. The house did have a few perks however. It had a nice large greenhouse, perfect for growing magical plants in, a swimming pool, and acres of untouched fields and forest where he could fly to his heart's content. When we actually laid eyes on it, we both agreed it was perfect.

The next several days were a blur as we ordered furniture, got myself fitted for a school uniform, and bought the rest of my school supplies. I also had to start Sirius on the basics of Japanese so he could get by without me at least some of the time. Tomorrow I would start at Ouran.



Meanwhile… Back in Britain… some letters were being delivered.

Dear Hermione/Ron,

This is probably going to be the hardest letter I ever write, because this is a good bye letter. I'm leaving Hogwarts, Great Britain even too. This is not a rash decision on my part, but part of a plan I made a long time ago, before I even went to Hogwarts, or met you. For a while after I got my Hogwarts letter, I thought I might not need this plan, but things have proven otherwise. You might view this as a betrayal from me from not telling you and maybe it is, but at first I never wanted to speak of something that might never happen, and then it became clear that there were forces who would have tried to stop me if they had a clue. I don't know whether you would have been included in the latter, but I just couldn't take the chance. I am sorry that you had to find out this way and not in person.

If you are wondering just why I have done this, well just look at what my life has been like thus far. Way to many near death experiences - I am sure you recall the troll, baslisk, acromantulas, dragons, and of course the almost yearly attempt on my life by Voldemort himself. And now that he is finally back I will have not only him but also his death eaters seeking my head! I'm only a fourteen year old, half-trained schoolboy for Merlin's sake! And I can't be guaranteed to be protected by the "adults", after all they have done a stand-up job so far! So I am sorry, but I have to take care of myself now and to do so I have to leave here.

I will miss you and everyone else very much and if you can ever find it in your heart to forgive me, letters can be sent to me via the Gringotts goblins. One day I hope to see you again.

Your eternal friend (I hope),

Harry Potter



Dear Prof. McGonagall

(Deputy Headmistress),

This letter is to notify my, Harry Potter's, immediate withdrawal from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. I feel that this school is not in my best interests at this time and thus with my guardians permission have chosen to seek alternate means of education. Before you ask I will list the reasons for my withdrawal in hopes that future students might benefit from any possible changes that may be implemented due to them.

Reasons for withdrawal:

1. Safety: During my years I have faced many dangerous situations including XXXX threat magical creatures and dangerous individuals who have managed to infiltrate the school.

2. Unsatisfactory level of education for several subjects including Defense Against the Dark Arts, Potions, History of Magic, and Divination.

3. A lack of certain subjects that I believe would enhance the school including classes in Wizarding culture, Magical theory, Civics, Literature and Writing, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, advanced mathematics, arts, and languages.

4. Unprofessional and unfit staff:

Mr. Snape: who regularly acts in biased and verbally abusive behaviors.

Ms. Trelawney: who regularly acts in an unprofessional manner.

Mr. Binns (deceased): who cannot adequately deliver the subject material and is not up to date on current events.

The various DADA professors: who besides mostly inadequate teaching of subject materials have also all tried to kill me.

Mr. Hagrid: Who despite my friendship with him does not match the correct level of difficulty in his creatures with the appropriate level of student and resulting in various injuries.

Mr. Filch: who regularly threatens and acts in an unprofessional manner towards the students.

I do wish you to know that despite these above reasons I have enjoyed my time here at Hogwarts and will think fondly of my years in attendance. Thank-you your time and farewell.


Harry Potter


Petunia Dursley