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How Did This Ever Happen?

(A Sit Story)

Chapter one:

Eighteen year old Samantha Forster sighed in slight frustration. It was a hot summer day, particularly in the 90's. Wyatt, her father was making her scrub out the horse troughs with no pity.

Sam's lightly tanned skin was beginning to sunburn after 2 hours of no shade and to make matters worse she still had 4 scummy troughs to go.

Her eyes were drawn to Jake Ely in the corral where he was training a feisty mare. How she envied her best friend right now. She way would rather do that then scrub out troughs.

A few hours went by and finally Sam growled. The last two were extra scummy and it took her forever. She still had two left much to her dismay. Her fingers cramped from overuse and she felt like she was going to fall over from the heat.

She glared toward the corral where Jake had been. Of course he wasn't there anymore. He had long since gone inside the house for a break. He couldn't still be in there could he?

Sam decided if Jake could have a break so could she. With an exhausted sigh she tossed the sponge into the sudsy bucket with the extra she kept just in case the other got too nasty. "It's so hot," she complained to herself.

"Oh is it now?" a male voice sounded right beside her ear. His breath tickled her ear and she shrieked in surprise.

Sam whirled around to see Jake smirking. He seemed very happy to have sneaked up and surprised her. "Will you ever stop doing that?" she glared then suddenly noticed he held the water hose. The sprayer tilted toward her.

Jake gave a fake villain grin as he saw her notice the water hose in his hands. He gave a little cackle to go with his expression.

Sam backed away slowly, almost tripping over the bucket that was behind her. "Oh no you don't!" she yelled at him, shaking her head furiously.

Jake just followed her along, "Come now, Brat. You said you were hot." He snorted but then frowned when the hose ran out and wouldn't move any farther.

Sam started to laugh and was about to run when she was suddenly sprayed in the face. She sputtered then gave Jake the stink eye.

Jake started laughing and sprayed her some more.

Sam bolted after the house knowing he couldn't get her from there. The hose wouldn't reach all the way over there.

"Jacob Ely! Stop wasting water!" Gram shouted in the garden.

Immediately the water died and Sam turned to stick her tongue out at Jake.

Jake just rolled his eyes at her and went to wind the water hose up and came back. He looked down and got his phone out of his pocket and looked at it.

Sam was staring at the horse troughs knowing she ought to get back to scrubbing when Jake spoke.

"Kit just got home from Hawaii," his voice sounded strange when he said it. "Would you like to come to Three Ponies? Mom wanted to give you your history assignment you didn't get today."

Sam had missed history class which was her first period. She had accidently slept in too late from staying up too long reading Tuck Everlasting. She ended up reading the whole book.

"Okay!" Sam perked up then. She bit her lip, "But I got these two horse troughs to finish. I don't think I can go."

Jake sighed and started toward the bucket and grabbed a sponge. He started attacking a trough.

Sam just stared at him in surprise. When did he ever offer to help her clean troughs? Never!

Jake paused in his scrubbing and turned to look at her. "Well? Don't just stand there gawking. Get to work!" he went back to scrubbing again.

Sam snapped out of thought and started toward the bucket and picked up the remaining sponge and started to scrub the other side of the trough; opposite of Jake.

Neither said a word until both of the remaining troughs were spotless and shinny.

"Alright let's go." Jake threw hi s sponge back into the bucket. It made a splat and some water flew out the bucket.

"I got to a shower first." Sam protested, throwing her own sponge. She crossed her arms and stared up at Jake. Oh how she hated having to look up at him. It made her feel like a child.

Jake just stared down at her. As if on purpose he looked down his nose. "No time to spare. We're as late as it is. C'mon." he jerked his head toward his blue jean colored truck.

Sam glowered at him. "You're the one who sprayed me with the hose." Her crossed arms tightened in stubbornness.

Jake shook his head. "Fine Brat. I'll give you ten starting now." He made an effort to look at his wrist-watch.

Sam bolted toward the house quickly, nearly skidding across the hardwood floor as she made a dash up the stairs for the bathroom.

Brynna her stepmother peeked over a BLM map to see what all the ruckus was about.

Sam didn't have time to talk and kept trucking.

Sam had just put on her shirt when Jake blew his horn, practically laying down on it.

"Oh!" Sam exclaimed. She didn't have time to even brush her hair so she threw her brush in her purse that she hardly ever carried and threw it over her shoulder.

The second time the horn blew Jake laid down on it. Sam could hear his frustration almost by the way the horn sounded.

Sam decided she didn't have time to actually put her socks and boots on and tucked her boots under her other arm then ran bare-foot out the house toward Jake's truck. By the time she got to the truck she was limping from stepping on various stones in her path.

"It's about time," Jake grumped as she slid in beside him.

Sam didn't reply and simply started putting on her boots. She wasn't going to let him know he was annoying her even though he probably knew already.

Jake steered the truck to the left toward Three Ponies Ranch.

"How long is Kit going to be here?" Sam inquired, starting to work on her tangled wet hair in the visor mirror.

"Don't know. He didn't say." Jake kept his eyes to the road as he spoke.

Wow that's a lot of information. Sam rolled her eyes at him. She really would love to hear a long string of words come from him some day.

The rest of the ride was complete silence and it made Sam fidget. She was really glad when they pulled in the drive.

She didn't waste any time getting out but she impatiently waited for Jake before she started toward the house.

She was very curious at seeing Kit again. She betted he aged a lot being out in the hot Hawaiian sun all day for the past four years. Would he even remember her?

Trying to be polite in front of his mother, Jake opened the screen door for Sam and waited for her to pass him.

All the Elys sat in the dining room just talking and laughing with each other.

As Sam came into the room all the Elys looked to see who it was.

"Hey, Sam," they all said in unison except one Ely who blinked as if he didn't believe the sight before him.

Kit Ely stared at Sam in utter astonishment. This wasn't the same scrawny Samantha Forster he saw four years ago was it?

Sam's eyes were drawn to Kit and she was surprised to see he was staring at her with a funny expression. She smiled anyway towards him.

Why is he staring at me like that? Suddenly Sam felt really nervous and didn't know why.