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Chapter five:

Sam tried not to panic as she saw Linc Slocum's wild Brahma bull running toward the herd. Ace was picking up on her anxiety.

Kit groaned, not taking his eyes off the bull.

"Ssshh, Ace, it's alright." Sam tried to calm her gelding whose eyes were showing white. He half reared when the bull was a few hundred feet away.

The bull snorted and the cattle began to stampede. Furthering Ace's frantic neighing and protests.

Cowboys were shouting and hooping at the cows trying to get them back in line, using their hats to try to shoo them.

Kit seemed tried to herd in the cattle at the back. Sam tried but Ace refused to protest. He knew the Brahma bull was trouble.

The bull decided to travel to the back of the herd to where Kit and Sam were.

Sam was horrified and trying to stay calm for her horse but Ace could feel her terror and went wild. He snorted tossing his head before rearing high in the air.

Sam gasped trying to keep her grip on the reins.

Kit was suddenly beside her trying to get Ace to cooperate. The cattle forgotten.

The bull was coming closer every second.

Ace tried to bite Kit who tried to grab at his reins.

Sam screamed as she flew off and hit the ground hard. Pain went through her body and she didn't have time to rise up.

The Brahma bull stood a few feet away from her. His eyes trained on her. Ace was already in the front of the herd by now.

She stared at it with wide eyes, not daring to move. What was it with animals and them wanting to charge her?

"Don't move, Samantha." Kit whispered, sounding strained. Diablo was beginning to get anxious.

Sam's heart stopped as the Brahma started to paw the ground, snorting.

"Sam!" Kit yelled as the bull started to charge.

Sam screamed and tried to scramble out of the way. Much to her luck, pain made her fall back. She knew she was going to die.

The bull was only a stride away when Kit jumped the bull grabbing him by the horns and pulling him down.

Sam gasped and crawled away just as the bull crashed on his side. Kit yelled out as the bull caught his bad arm under him.

Sam was praying Kit's arm hadn't been crushed beneath the great beast. "Somebody help!" she screamed out.

Kit was being still as if he knew if he didn't it might injure his arm worse.

It wasn't long before Wyatt and Jake came with ropes. Getting the bull away and off of Kit.

Sam wanted to get away from the scene but she couldn't. She was so shocked she was rooted to the spot.

Jake was staring at her in horror. She could tell he wanted to help her but couldn't because he was helping Wyatt control the bull. They then towed him up ahead.

"Sam!" she heard Kit say her name. The next moment he was beside her. "Are you alright?"

Sam looked down at his arm. It didn't look broken but it looked swollen and sprained. And he was asking if she were alright. She didn't get this cowboy.

"My ankle."

"We'll tend to that when we get to camp. You can ride with me on Diablo." Kit said slowly. Amazing the paint had stayed right in place during the whole bull attack. He was very skitterish though as he stared at two humans on the ground.

Her eyes met his, "How did—why did you do that?" she knew she shouldn't question him but she wanted answers to why he put his life in danger for her.

Kit stared at her, "I don't know why but I don't regret it." And with that he helped her stand up and pulled her up behind him on his horse.

Once again Sam was left in confusion at Kit's ways toward her.

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