Well, after many occurrences of writer's block upon opening a new Word file, finishing Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations has finally motivated me to write a Fic. This is only the first half of the story, a second will be coming within the week. Hopefully, this will be touching, and be as emotional for you as the ending of Trials and Tribulations was for me.

BEWARE: MAJOR SPOILERS for Phoenix Wright games.

Do not read unless you have completed the final case of Trials and Tribulations!

My suggestion for reading this is to have the Jazz Soul version of Fragrance of Dark Coffee playing in the background while you read... and without further ado, enjoy:

Good 'Til The Last Drop

A Diego Armando X Mia Fey Fanfic

Part 1

This story takes place some time between the events of Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney: Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney




Cell #102

"Here you go little missy," the guard says, opening the heavy door "tall, dark and handsome is just through here. Careful, it's a bit dark…"

The door grinds open, and I am greeted by the sound of a saxophone playing, the faint aura of a red light, and the fragrance of dark coffee. I walk forwards, towards the cell. As I step forwards, the playing stops.

"A visitor… could it be…?" I hear a gruff voice mumble.

I walk up to the bars. Beyond them, the man I came for sits on a hard bench, saxophone at rest and cup of coffee in hand. He sits before me, tall and proud, despite his current conditions.

"Godo- No, Diego Armando…"

"Ah, Ms Fey," he replies, acknowledging my presence "I hoped you'd come. You received my letter, I presume?"

I show him the piece of paper in my hand.

"I'm sorry I haven't visited more often… considering you saved my life…" I mutter apologetically.

"Ha…! You needn't feel indebted to me; I could have prevented all that happened that night."

"Still… it's not fair on you… you must have been so lonely all this time-"

"Yes, I was. I have no-one. But I realised that before I even came to this dreary place."

"I'm… so sorry to hear that, Mr Armando…"

"Call me Diego… but worry not, little kitten. Even the darkness of this place is nothing compared to that of my coffee, and my life. Do you drink coffee yet?" he asks me, taking a sip of his own, "I prepared one for your visit," he gestures towards a mug on the table.

"Not yet, but I may as well try,"

I take a sip, and grimace at the bitterness.

"Hahaha!" he laughs at my reaction "I'm sure you'll get used to it in time,"

"How can you drink that?" I reply, still choking from the taste "And surely all that caffeine is going to kill you!"

Suddenly, his mood changes.

"I fear the caffeine will make no difference…" he states, soberly.

"What do you mean?"

"The wound…"

A drop of blood rolls down his cheek.

"You're bleeding!" I exclaim.

"Ha…! Did you forget already? In my world, the colour red doesn't exist. These must be...my tears."

"Diego… don't be ridiculous… you're bleeding… you need medical help!"

"But… the only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over. There's nothing anyone can do now…"

"I thought… I thought they were going to heal your wound…"

"They tried," he mutters "But nothing worked… they could only delay it, and only for so long… I've done pretty well, considering…" he tails off, not sure what to say, and then:

"It's a miracle I'm alive. Even before the wound, I had to go to the hospital every week."

"There must be something… someone, somewhere must be able to help you!"

"Nothing can stop the inevitable. When a man's fate is sealed, he must accept it. However, I'm good 'til the last drop, so…"


"…I have one last request that only you can fulfil…"

And thus ends my very first chapter of writing - now, I know what you're thinking - "This doesn't seem to be a DiegoxArmando fanfic at all!"

But trust me, the tragically beautiful canon pairing you all know and love shall be making an appearance in the second half. Please stay tuned for it!

(I'm sure Wolfy is happy that I've started writing... but I suppose I'd better give him some publicity. Der_Blaue_Wolf - you've probably heard of him - is one of my best friends, I hope you'll have a look over some of his work)

Best Wishes,