"…I have one last request that only you can fulfil…"

"Oh, yes, of course, anything, Diego. You did save my life, after all."

"…Channel her."

"You mean…?"

"Yes, channel your sister. Mia Fey."

Good 'Til The Last Drop

A Diego Armando X Mia Fey Fanfic

Part 2

That night, the rain did not merely pour outside, it thundered down, like the accompanying storm that sent blinding flashes through my barred window: a brief illumination of my cell that quickly departed, leaving the room in pitch darkness if not for the red glow of my visor.

It was in fact through one of these dazzling flares that the girl who I had sworn to defend for as long as I lived transformed into the woman who I had failed to protect, yet was still the object of my desires.

I struggled to find the right words to say.

"M-Mia… is that really you?"

"Diego… yes, yes it is me"

"It's been too long, much too long"

"I know, I'm sorry…"

I stood there, transfixed by her absolute perfection. Such an elegant, confident and yet modest woman… the day she died, the world lost a truly great person.

"Why did you get Maya to channel me?" she asked. Her tone was inquiring, yet not interrogative. She was not annoyed or angry, just curious. As I said, a perfect woman.

"Because I still love you… Tell me, what's it like to be dead?"

It must have been this moment that she realised.

"Oh, Diego…" She gave me that concerned, loving, sympathetic look that she mastered while teaching Wright, "It's cold, dark and without feeling…" She looked away

"Then… before I depart this world… let me feel something new, something different…"

I grabbed her. She resisted.

"Diego… you can't do this, it's still my sister's body"

"That… that was not my intention"

I tried again, and she gave into my embrace. I simply held her like that as more blood flowed down my face. Mia wiped some of the blood from my face, and as she did I leaned in and we shared one final, deep, long kiss.

"I wanted… to taste… something… argh…"

My condition was worsening exponentially, to the point where even speaking was hard.

Mia reached over to the table and picked up a piece of paper. With her blood stained fingers, she seemed to write something on the paper, but I couldn't see anything.

"To taste… something… else..."

My legs went weak, my vision started to vanish. Mia steadied me, embracing me.

"Something… other… than…"

I fell away from Mia, coughing, spluttering, bringing up blood. She came down to my level, and held me, silently.

"The… bitterness…"

My last words were little more than a whisper. I felt the last drop of blood spill from my face.

In the space between dying and death, between the spirit being one with the body and being separated, there is a half way point, where the spirit still exists in the world, but has no physical embodiment.

As Diego's soul departed from his body, Mia's soul departed from her sister's body. They ascended together, in one final lover's embrace. Mia reached forwards, and removed the mask from Diego's face and pointed downwards.

Diego's gaze followed her finger, and he smiled.

And then, they were gone.

Maya slowly recovered from the channelling. In her mouth, she tasted a strong, dark bitterness. In her hands, she held a piece of paper with a hastily written message in blood:

"I will always love you"

And that ends that. Sorry for the delay in writing this, it was a combination of doing things, being ill and procrastination.

Best regards,