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Chapter 3

The Voice Within

Yuki and Bad Luck made it back to NG carrying an unconscious Shuichi with them. They didn't understand what was going on with him and why he was trying to kill Yuki. After all, that was something Shuichi Shindo would never do. When they got to the break room, they put Shuichi on the couch. Hiro went to grab a face cloth and a bowl filled with water and brought it to Shuichi. He soaked the face cloth into the water and began to dab Shuichi's forehead. Eventually, Shuichi began to wake up. When his eyes completely opened, he looked around the room.

"What's going on?" he asked "Why is everyone here? And... YUKI!" He jumped on Yuki before he could have a chance to defend himself. In fact, it seemed like Shuichi's glomp was more a sign of relief than a sign of joy. "What are you doing here? Didn't you have another novel you needed to finish?"

"I was until you called me over to talk to you and ended up almost killed by you again." said Yuki.

"What? I tried to kill you again?"

"You mean you don't remember Mr. Shindo?" asked Fujisaki.

"No. All I remember was that I was taking a nap because I got tired for some reason so I went to sleep and then I... ... ... ... ... ... ... Nothing else."

"There was something in between there." said Hiro.

"No there isn't." Shuichi tried to be defensive.

"You sure?"

"I'm positive. I don't remember anything before I woke up this moment."

Yuki and the others didn't believe that Shuichi didn't know what happened between the time he went to sleep and the time he woke up but they decided to just let it go for now and wait until Shuichi would actually tell them. Hiro began to think.

"I don't get it." he said "Why is Shuichi unconsciously killing Mr. Yuki? It doesn't make sense."

K began to think. "Maybe Shuichi is tired of the shit Mr. Yuki gives him and his unconsciousness is trying to make the deed of killing him." he said.

"But they've been together for two years now." said Fujisaki "If Mr. Shindo really got tired of it, wouldn't he try this sooner?"

K looked annoyed. "Always the details."

"It doesn't matter what reason there is." said Sakano "Shindo tried to kill Mr. Yuki. Think about how Bad Luck's reputation would be ruined if this continues. The president would kill me."

"Kill you for what, Mr. Sakano."

Everyone was surprised to see NG's president and member of the band Nittle Grasper, Tohma Seguchi standing there with two fellow members of Nittle Grasper, Ryuichi Sakuma and Noriko Ukai. Tohma looked at everyone with one eyebrow raised. "Well?"

Sakano began to get really nervous."W...well... you see Mr. President... there was this incident and..."

"What he's trying to say is that it's not important, Seguchi." said Yuki.

Tohma looked over at Yuki. "Eiri, I didn't see you there. What brings you here?"

Before another word could be said, Ryuichi ran over to Shuichi with his beloved stuffed rabbit Kumagoro in hand and brought him into a big hug.

"Shuichi! Are you ok?" asked Ryuichi "We were supposed practice our duet for your next concert, remember, nanoda?"

"Oh yeah." said Shuichi "I forgot. I'm sorry Mr. Sakuma."

"That's ok Shuichi, but you'll have to make it up to me. You'll have to play Hide-And-Go-Seek with me and Kumagoro, nanoda."

Yuki glared at Ryuichi. Ever since he first met him, Yuki never liked him. And he hated him more with the fact that he would do whatever it took for him to be as close to Shuichi as he could. He began to wonder if Ryuichi was really trying to be friends with Shuichi or if he wants to steal him from Yuki. He didn't know.

"Later, Mr. Sakuma." Shuichi continued "I have a lot of things on my mind."

"What kind of things, nanoda?" asked Ryuichi.

"Things I don't really want to talk about right now. Maybe when I feel better, I'll tell you."

Ryuichi nodded. "Okie Dokie Shuichi."

Tohma cleared his throat. "May I please speak with you Mr. Sakano? Ryuichi, please go back to Studio 12 with Noriko. I'll meet you there. The rest of you go back to work. And Eiri, I'll come visit you this afternoon after I'm done here."

And so Tohma went back to his office with Sakano following him. When they got there, he sat down at his desk and looked over at him. "Well?" he asked "What's been going on?"

"Nothing." Sakano said too quickly.

"I don't think it's nothing that you all were crowding around Mr. Shindo like that."

Before anything else could be said, there was a knock on the door. The door opened to reveal Yuki. Sakano took this opportunity to bow to Tohma and run away before anything else; closing the door behind you.

"Sorry to bother you Seguchi but I couldn't trust you in trying to get information on what happened." said Yuki.

"This happens to be my business." said Tohma.

"Your employees' personal lives aren't any of your concern."

"But it is my concern if it involves you. After all, I am your brother. Is it wrong for me to protect you?"

"I can handle this on my own."

"Won't you at least tell me what's going on?"

"If I do, you'll try to get involved and make things worse. You'll go on blaming Shuichi for everything when it clearly isn't his fault."

"Oh please tell me Eiri. You can trust me. Please? Please? Please? Please?"

Yuki sighed. "You have to promise me that you won't do anything about this situation unless I ask you to. And I mean it Seguchi. If I hear you interfere in any way..."

"I promise I won't ever do such a thing. Please tell me Eiri."

Yuki sighed again. "Alright. Something is wrong with Shuichi. Both last night and today he... tried to kill me."

Angry was an understatment about how Tohma felt that moment. In fact he was downright furious. "That good for nothing son of a bitch!" yelled Tohma as he was about to stomp to the door "He's going to pay for trying to hurt my precious Eiri!"

Yuki tried to stop him. "Seguchi! You promised me you wouldn't try to involve yourself unless I gave the say so!"

"How can I not try to involve myself? That bastard tried to kill you!"

"But it's not really him! He's really not himself. Something is wrong with him and I'm going to figure out what. Shuichi's bandmates are going to help me because I can trust them to not make Shuichi feel worse than he's feeling. When I need you, I'll tell you but for now I want you to stay out of it. Understood?"

Tohma calmed down. "You must really love him that much if you're going to go through so much to help him."

Yuki walked to the door. "Don't get the wrong idea Seguchi!" he said "I just don't want the person I constantly fuck to try killing me in my sleep." And with that said, Yuki left Tohma's office.

When both Yuki and Shuichi came home that night, something was not right. Usually Shuichi would be talking on and on about many things to Yuki and constantly annoying him, but this time he was being quiet. Too quiet. Even when Yuki took it into consideration to eat dinner with Shuichi; an occurance that happens rarely, Shuichi didn't say a word. He didn't even eat a bite. Something was wrong, but Yuki just brushed it aside as being nothing.

As he was working on his novel, he heard a crash from outside. Yuki rushed out to see what it was. He opened the door to see Shuichi trying to pick up a giant bag. It wasn't just any giant bag though. This giant bag was what Shuichi brought when he first decided to live with Yuki. Why would Shuichi be carrying it around like that?

"What the hell are you doing, brat?" he said.

Shuichi jumped and looked over at him. "Yuki! I didn't see you there!"

Yuki walked over to him. He could tell just by looking into his eyes that there was fear and sadness in them; something he never saw in Shuichi's eyes. This began to worry him. "What are you doing with that bag?"

Shuichi noticed that bag in his hand and moved it behind him. "Nothing."

Yuki crossed his arms. "I highly doubt it's nothing. Now I'll ask again. What... are you doing... with the bag?"

Shuichi couldn't take it anymore. He fell to his knees and began to cry. The tears fell down like faucets as he looked up at Yuki with those big sad violet eyes. "I'm sorry Yuki." he cried "I'm so sorry. I've done nothing but cause you trouble and I'm even more trouble with what's happening to me. Also, I'm sorry about this afternoon. I lied when I said there was nothing in between falling asleep."

"You didn't fool me one bit." said Yuki "What does that have to do with what's going on now?"

"You see, when I was asleep, I had this dream. At least, I think it was dream. It felt so real."

"What does that have to do with now?"

"Anyways, I was surrounded with nothing but darkness. I couldn't see anything. Then suddenly, I hear this voice; a voice I've never heard before in my life. It tells me to move forward so I do. And then when I do... an image appears before my eyes and... I see you... lying on the ground... covered in blood. You... you weren't moving! I kept calling your name but then the voice told me to stop. It told me that this was what would happen to you if I stay with you any longer... so I..."

The next thing he knew, Shuichi was pulled close to Yuki. He was shocked at first but then he took it as a sign to let his emotions out and he sobbed onto Yuki's shoulder. When Shuichi felt like he couldn't cry anymore, they both looked at each other.

"You idiot. Who exactly was the one who would fight to stay with me no matter what happens? Are you going to let a tiny voice you don't know full well about tell you what you should or shouldn't do? The annoying brat I know named Shuichi Shindo would never do that."

"But... I keep trying to kill you."

"What does your heart say? Does it want you to leave me or not?"

"Of course not, but..."

"Well then stay. Besides, there's no way I can be killed by someone like you. You're too short. I'd overpower you."

Shuichi smiled; not realizing he had just been insulted. "Oh Yuki! You do love me!"

"Yeah yeah! Whatever! Let's just go to bed."

Shuichi followed Yuki into the bedroom. However, he was disappointed. Just once, he wanted Yuki to say 'I love you' just once. Was it too much for him? Or did he not really feel that way? The thoughts haunted through his head as he began to fall asleep.

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