I Hope I'm Not Dreaming

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Dude, this has BL/YAOI. And it's not shounen ai, thats huggin and kissin, this is YAOI, boy sex. Incest.

"Hey, Marc."

"Yeah, Lee? Come on in." Marc Clark was sitting at his computer, working on his paper for History class when Lee, his older brother, knocked on his and his younger brothers, Tony, door. Marc had light brown hair, light brown eyes, and a smile that reassured everyone he was a sweet, trustworthy teen. He had just turned 16, while his brother Lee turned 17. Lee also had light brown eyes and hair, but he wasn't a brainiac like his brother. He was the athletic one.

"Well, I can't believe I'm asking this, but, what do I do when I love someone, yet if I tell them, it could ruin everything and possibly force me to kill myself?" Marc stared at his brother, wide-eyed, mouth agape. Could this really be so bad as to make Lee kill himself?

"Well, I don't….It's not…. Who are we talking about here? Who's this girl?" Marc secretly was outraged. This person didn't know that they could make him lose his brother over some simple answer. Marc wanted to strangle them, one, for making his brother wanting to kill himself over and answer, and two, because he always secretly admired his brother. He just wanted to sit on his brother's lap and kiss him and hug him and whisper "It'll be alright", over and over again.

"Well, uh, it….it's not exactly a…a girl….." Lee stammered.

"….Oh…. so, I-it's a boy…." Marc was scared and angry. He would lose his brother either way, so it was all a lose-lose situation for him.

"A-and I can't tell mom and dad I'm gay, because they might kick me out…..And I don't want to leave…." Lee was almost in tears. Okay, Marc wanted this dudes head on a stick, right now.

"Well, who is it then? I can help." Marc looked down at his feet for a few moments, to clear away the hurt and anger in his eyes. When he looked back up, he was surprised about what he saw. Lee was fire truck red, He was also crying.

"Hey, hey. It's okay! It'll be all okay…" Marc walked over to his brother and put an arm around his shoulders.

"M-Marc…. I love you."

"Well of course you do, I'm your brother."

"No. I'm serious. I'm head over heels in love with you." Marc was taken aback. He always dreamed about this day for 2 years.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming. I hope I'm not dreaming. Do you mean it Lee? You seriously are in love with me?" Lee nodded solemnly. Marc couldn't hold back any longer. He pounced on Lee and kissed him on the mouth repeatedly. "I've waited for 2 whole years to you say that." He said. "I love you too." They kissed again, and Marc felt Lee's tongue gently lick him bottom lip, begging for entrance. He opened his mouth and their tongues battled for dominance, Lee won, and hugged Marcs hips closer to his.

"Do you want to….?" Marc trailed off, just out of curiosity.

"Sure." And with that, Marc took his shirt off, tugging at Lees. Lee threw his shirt off and they were at it once more. Eventually, their pants joined their shirts, and Lee was starting and Marc's boxers. "God, I have to tell you I couldn't stop looking at your ass for weeks." Marc blushed. "I love it. It's so perfectly sculpted." Lee discarded the remaining cloth, along with his own. Lee held up 3 fingers and said "Suck." Marc started sucking the fingers, moaning in ecstasy while doing so. Now he got Lee to start moaning from his hotness. Lee placed 1 finger at his brother/lovers entrance. He circled, teasing the poor boy.

"Lee, you ass, just get on with it!" Marc said, not being able to handle it any longer. Lee prodded with his finger, then entered his brother. Marc let out a whimper, but was silenced with a kiss from Lee. He entered his 2nd finger. Then his 3rd. He pulled out, causing Marc to groan in disappointment.

"How about you get the real thing?" Lee placed his hard member at Marcs entrance ant gently slipped in. They both let out low moans of pleasure. Soon, Lee went harder and faster. Marc cried his brother's name, over and over again, but not loud enough for his parents to hear. That did it. Lee released and left Marc all sticky in his cum.

"Lee?" Marc said innocently, after releasing himself.


"Can we do this every weekend?" Lee let out a giggle.

"Sure cutie. Especially when you get your own room."

Now THIS was going to be fun.