Well hello again my darlings. I am here to bring to you a sequel of my most successful story, Misinterpreted Love. This story will feature new faces and old, blossoming romances and crumbling ones; let's hope I live up to par. I'm hoping to make this story just as great as the last and it'll be twice as fun with twice the rivalry and the music. You know how I love music…so without further delay, I give you…

Misguided Love…


Chapter One: School

May hummed a light tune as she took up the necklace Rolyn had made her prior to their first sleepover and clipped it around her neck. She grinned as she stared fondly at the sparkling sapphire M that hung from old warn denim strip fitted for her neck. She hardly left the house without the chocker around her neck; it was a sweet reminder of the beginning of one of the greatest friendships a girl could ask for.

The brunette's smile softened as she picked up her comb and began to run it through her chocolate locks. She wanted to look good for the day ahead. Maybe it was just all of her friends rubbing off on her but May took great pride in the way she looked. That didn't mean she was as arrogant as her egotistical boyfriend, but she liked to look nice…especially for her first day of school.

"We are going to be so late if you don't hurry up May." Max called from the opposite side of the door to her room. May deliberately ignored her younger brother as she silently counted each stroke that she applied to her hair with her wide teeth comb, pausing only once or twice at a stubborn knot; she cringed every now and then when she pulled too hard. "May!"

Groaning, May tossed her comb onto her unmade bed and stomped her way over to her door, passing a shattered alarm clock on the way. Swinging the door open with unnecessary force, a scowl pulled at her lips as she took in her slightly shorter navy haired, know-it-all brother, neatly put together in the middle school male uniform that was required of all members of the Pokémon Masters Academy.

The ensemble consisted of deep green shorts with a matching blazer that went over a white button up shirt; the middle school version of the school insignia rested on the right chest pocket of the blazer. Around his neck was a plaid tie that had green, black and white coloring. Max didn't exactly look too comfortable especially with the shorts and high socks combination. May mentally chuckled at how she thought the uniform made him look slightly dorky.

She was also dressed in her school uniform, although with a few favors being called in; her uniform was colored the way she wanted, although the design was identical to any other High School Pokémon Masters female uniform. She wore a plaid skirt that matched the plaid tie she wore that had red as its main color. The skirt ended just above the knee where the white socks ended. Her button up was hidden under a red blazer that had the school insignia on the right chest pocket.

"You're fully dressed!" Max exclaimed after giving his sister a quick once over. "How are you not ready to go?" He finished sounding horribly exasperated. May nearly rolled her eyes, but instead, forced a smile. "If you want Dad to give you a ride, you better hurry up, and by hurry up, I mean we're leaving you."

"You don't have to wait for me. I'm going with Drew and Rolyn." May breathed before flashing a quick smile and slamming the door in her brother's face. May could hear him mutter a crude remark under his breath before he stomped away. Sure, her rejection of a ride was rather rude but this was her younger brother she was dealing with. It was required of her to act in such a manner; it was a sibling thing.

May could hear her father pulling away from the house knowing her mother didn't exactly leave for her shop this early. Max would surely be early for school while May still wasn't too sure when the Hayden siblings would be leaving. Rolyn promised to text her knowing Drew would surely forget.

Reaching into the pocket of her skirt, May pulled out her Dex thinking that Rolyn had probably shot her message and in fact, she did. May smiled lightly as she opened the message but its contents caused that smile to falter a bit.

'Drew had to go to school early and I wanted to walk'

The smiley face at the end of the message didn't make May feel any better. Sighing she tucked her Dex back into pocket. May was still left in the dark about a couple of things as well; she still had no idea where she was supposed to go or if they were meeting up with anyone else. She wanted to know if she would be seeing her friends. Sure, she was disappointed that she would not be sharing a car ride with her boyfriend but since camp ended two weeks prior, she has seen little of Alex, Dawn and Marina.

She was looking forward to seeing them; she was looking forward to coming together as a group once again. In those two weeks, if they were to have been able to meet up it would be three…someone was always missing or busy, or preparing for the upcoming school year.

Sighing, May examined herself in the mirror of her vanity, considering her clothes looking as perfect as they could be and her hair well done. Snatching up her bandana, she tied it around her head before pulling her hair into two, low ponytails. It was a signature style for her so she decided to go with it for her first day at Pokémon Masters High School Academy.

May took up her charm bracelets that held five of her many occupied pokeballs and hooked it around her wrist before knowing that she was officially ready to go. She was sure Rolyn would send her another text sooner rather than later. Grabbing her backpack on the way to the door, May slipped out into the hallway. She headed towards the twisting staircase that lead straight into the kitchen, hoping to get something to eat before she left.

It was then her Dex buzzed in her pocket and she paused on the steps to check the message knowing that she would fall flat on her face if she attempted to walk and read the message at the same time. As expected, it was a message from Rolyn that blatantly explained that she was in the house. That was all it said. This caused May's brow to furrow and she took one last step into the kitchen as she tucked her Dex away.


"AH!" May screeched as she jumped back, nearly falling on her rear at Rolyn's sudden appearance. Rolyn chuckled evilly as she held her sides to emphasize her amusement. May furrowed her brow after she regained herself from the little scare and crossed her arms over her chest. "Rolyn!" She scorned.

The ebony haired heiress pretended to swipe a tear from her eye as she brought her deep brown eyes to meet May's bright blue ones. May glared and Rolyn had to suppress another wave of laughter.

"What?" Rolyn questioned trying her best to sound innocent as she put on a coy smile. May shoved her shoulder roughly and Rolyn busted into another round of laughter. "Aw c'mon this is me we're dealing with! Remember; evil, sneaky Rolyn Hayden? Can't take a joke Maple?"

She was generally right. May should not have expected any less from her best friend. The girl was sneaky and even though her conniving ways were mainly directed at the boys ninety five percent of the time she has still been the victim of a few cruel jokes. She never let the other five percent go to waste. Rolyn was just like that. She always has been.

"Whatever…" May grumbled smoothing out invisible wrinkles in her skirt before heading towards the kitchen island to pick up a granola bar.

"Alex sent me a message saying she wants us to book it." Rolyn began adjusting her backpack on her shoulder with a small jump. "Are you gonna eat breakfast because we'll be late."

May glanced at the clock and noticed that it was 7:54 and the first bell rang at eight if she was correct. She mentally rolled her eyes. "We're already late." She said turning her gaze back on Rolyn.


May's expression went blank. "Just come on…" She sighed with a shake of her head.

"You know that was a good argument." Rolyn said rather arrogantly as she gave a Drew-worthy smirk.

May ignored that last comment as she made her way towards the door that led into the basement levels of her home which connected to the garage. Rolyn was close behind her, remaining silent as she focused on matching her steps with May's. The basement was much neater and brighter than the average basement. The floor was covered by ivory tiles and the walls were paneled with light stained wood, but besides that there was dozens of boxes of goods for May's mother's shop.

May opened the door that led into the garage and immediately felt a shiver travel down her spine as a light breeze swept past her. Her father had carelessly left the garage open and even though they may not own a large array of expensive cars like the Haydens, they could have easily been robbed.

"I love these uniforms, really I do, but they certainly aren't exactly functional with the upcoming autumn and winter season…" Rolyn commented as she hid her hands within the sleeves of her emerald green blazer. Her uniform was identical to May's but instead of throwing red into the color scheme, she had used her signature color green, a brighter, more lively green than the original uniform. "I'm beginning to understand why Alex hates skirts…"

"The price paid to look cute as Dawn once put it…" May laughed as she glanced over at her friend while they walked in step, leaving the Maple residence all together and heading down the driveway.

Rolyn snorted as she pushed up her glasses on the bridge of her nose. "Dawn got that from me." She stated in a matter of fact tone. May perked a brow at her. "Anyways, nothing says fashionable like exploiting a girl's most seductive assets."

At that moment Rolyn slapped her hands to her chest.

"Ow…" She whimpered.

"Good job…" May laughed as they finally left her driveway. Pokémon Master's Academy wasn't that far, but it still took some time getting there on foot, especially at the lazy pace they were going. The oncoming dark clouds urged May to move faster. Great; rain on the first day of school.

"Whoa, slow down." Rolyn said as she skipped ahead of May a little bit. "This isn't a walkathon and there is no possible way we'll get penalized for being a little late, especially on the first day of school. I already told Alex we were running late and since her mom is the Head Master of the entire School, I was thinking we would be in the clear."

"Yea, but I don't want to take advantage of her like that…" May retorted with a shake of her head. Rolyn began to walk backwards at this point.

"She's our best friend!" Rolyn argued, throwing her hands in the air for emphasis and nearly falling over since she wasn't watching where she was going. "That's what she's for."

"True…" May deadpanned with a single nod. There was a pregnant pause between the two as they continued to walk; Rolyn whipped around so that she was facing forward once again and the silence continued. It was then the two girls exchanged a look, stopped walking all together and erupted into loud, roaring laughter.

May doubled over and Rolyn brought a hand down on her back as she leaned on the brunette for support. It wasn't as funny as they were making it out to be and this caused them to laugh more.

"You are such horrible people." May admitted with a shake of her head as she lifted herself to look at Rolyn. The ebony haired girl nodded in approval, trying to suppress any further laughter.

"Me…?" Rolyn said flatly with a sort of disapproving shake of her head. "We are such horrible people." May looked thoughtful for a moment before shrugging in defeat and nodding in approval just as Rolyn had when she had said it first. The two of them continued walking, leaving their street all together. They were now a mere three blocks away from the school.

The two of them were not laughing so much because of the fact that they took advantage of the fact that Alex's mother was the Head Master and constantly pulled strings for her darling daughter's companions, but they were laughing at the fact that it came so natural to them. May was all too grateful for the many privileges that she received.

Being best friends with all four of the most powerful girl's in LaRousse and dating the most powerful boy was a bit much and that didn't mean May was totally spoiled by her friends either. She still understood the importance of actually working for something. They all did. Their wealth did not hinder their character, especially Alex who humbled herself to the point that she lived in the apartment above her grandparents shop rather than the extravagant mansion her mother owned.

May couldn't help but smile as she thought about her friends. Alex always made her laugh with how clever and blunt she was. Dawn was just so sweet and Marina was so kind and insightful. Rolyn was so giving and caring, although there were still those times May felt out of the loop. Her friends had been going to Pokémon Masters Academy since primary school. Sure, they didn't know each other yet but they still had a hold on things. May would have to get used to a new environment just like she had to get used to get used to camp.

She swallowed nervously at the thought.

"So, you miss summer already?" Rolyn finally asked with a sigh as they passed the second block and neared the large campus of the primary school that was a short cut to the high school private academy.

May shrugged. "Well yea, of course. I was just thinking how fast camp went by and now I'm going to have to adapt to the school environment." May said lowly, lowering head slightly. Rolyn's brow furrowed for a fleeting moment.

"Hey, you don't have to worry about adjusting. People from camp already love you and you have your fellow Dragonite girls to back you up." Rolyn reassured with a sweet smile. "If anything you'll be starting at the top of the food chain…I mean you are dating Drew Hayden."

May smiled at the reminder. "Yea…that certainly does help."

"I'm going to warn you now though, fan girls can get crazy…I mean they seemed pretty chill over the summer but once the 'We-Love-Drew' club get's together you may have a problem." Rolyn warned with a wag of her finger while looking at her blue eyed friend over the rim of her glasses.

"T-There's a 'We-Love-Drew' club?" May stammered, her eyes widening in shock. She understood the Drew was eccentrically admired, as he once expressed it as, but there was actually a club…supported by the school?

"There is also a 'Jason Admiration Society', the 'Jimmy Talon Sisterhood', the 'Paul Shinji Fan Organization and finally the 'Aden Lovers Coalition'…" Rolyn listed off, using her fingers to count off each fan girl club and emphasize her point. "Girl's can be crazy May; make no mistake…"

"But you would never let a girl within a fifty foot radius of Jason, right?" May questioned with a lopsided smile. Rolyn snorted.

"Hell no." She stated flatly as she lifted her left hand to give her promise ring a quick look. "You should enforce that rule with Drew because his fans tend to be a tad bit over the top…" Rolyn said lifting her hand above her head as a visual.

"I'll keep that in mind…" May breathed. She wanted to seem nonchalant, just as Drew was, but she truly had no clue how to deal with fan girl's…minus for their first kiss in the park so many weeks ago where they hadn't even been able to tolerate one another.

"If anything you can call in Alex for help. She's been Aden's guard dog since Freshman year. No girl has ever dared to even look in his direction with her in the facility. She's kept those vultures off of Paul, Jason and Drew too. She says that she don't want scavengers going after her family. She also believes all the boys are reserved." Rolyn said with a knowing look.

"What about Jimmy?"

"Everyone knows that Jimmy and Marina are in love and that nothing could ever get between them…" Rolyn breathed with a fond smile. Marina's relationship was one to be envied and respected at the same time. "Besides the entire female school population respects Marina too much to ever try to mess up her relationship."

Just as Rolyn finished speaking they had entered the gated High School Campus of Pokémon Masters Academy. May had to admit that the High School building was huge and the campus was even larger with other buildings that were used for different purposes like the arena that looked nearly identical to the one they battled in at camp.

The school was extravagant; May could only imagine what the other campuses of the lower schools and the college looked like. Jennifer Hayden surely did not skimp out when she provided funding for not only the camp but the school as well. Alex's mother, Jordyn must have been very thankful despite her own wealth that dated back for generations.

May couldn't help but wonder about the woman. In truth the only parents she's met of any of her friend's was Rolyn's mother. Sure she has heard plenty enough about Jason's successful lawyer mother or Dawn's Coordinating Champion of a mother but she has never actually met any of them. This could possibly be her chance to meet another parent of her friends.

A sigh passed the brunette's lips as they walked up a wide set of stairs that led to the large doors of the main building. May's brow shot up as soon as she entered the school taking note of all the students that were standing around, conversing with friends that they had not seen all summer. Some had their Pokémon out and some looked just as intimidating as May could have presumed. A majority of them came from money anyways…

"Move out the way! Move it! Alexandra Kantor coming through; Head Master's daughter people!" A familiar Australian accented voice called out just as people began to scatter, some of them looking nervy or downright scared at the voice. All May could do was smile.

"Alex!" Rolyn exclaimed throwing her hands into the air. Alex squealed in a way May could have never thought she could, as the two of them ran into a hug, meeting each other halfway. Alex grinned as she and Rolyn jumped in a circle, laughing all the while like they hadn't seen each other in years rather than a mere two weeks.

Alex's uniform seemed to emphasize just how much she actually detested the clothing but tolerated it nonetheless. Instead of the polished black loafers all the students had to wear, she wore her favorite deep purple army boots. The color scheme of her uniform had purple instead of the average deep green and her purple blazer was tied around her waist while her tie hung much too loosely around her neck.

Alex looked livelier than ever. Rolyn had expressed Alex took excitement out of the new school year, more so than she did when camp started. She was grinning, her cheeks lightly flushed and her eyes wide. Her normally deep purple hair was now a royal purple color and gelled into her famous faux hawk.

"It's about time ya got here mate!" Alex scorned pulling away from Rolyn. Her bright pink eyes were scorning as she glared playfully at the adopted Hayden. Rolyn gave a sheepish smile. "And if it isn't mah favorite brunette." Alex smirked as she turned towards May.

The two had a brief stare down before May's smile finally broke through. Alex laughed lightly as she opened her arms wide. May quickly moved into the hug and yelped when she was lifted off of her feet and spun in a circle. Her cheeks flushed when she noticed the people staring and muttering. Most of them she could recognize from camp and they already knew of her relationship with the most elite girls but some other students still knew nothing about her.

"May, you have no idea how amazing our Sophomore year is gonna be now that you're here!" Alex exclaimed with a shake of her head. "Mah mom has been dyin' ta meet ya too; says that any girl that could get in mah good favor so quickly is truly heaven sent." May smiled in return to the subtle compliment.

"Have you seen Dawn or Marina yet?" Rolyn inserted changing the subject.

"Dawn is late like she is every first day of school. She has gotta look perfect even though the only thing different in her clothing choice is the fact that it goes by a pink color scheme." Alex explained with a roll of her eyes and a nonchalant wave of her hand.

"What about Marina?" May questioned.

"As President of the junior year Coalition, she is meeting with the sophomore, freshman and Senior Coalitions…that is also where Drew is. He is vice president of junior year aftah all." Alex responded shooting May a knowing look. "Anyways, schedules will be handed out in homeroom as always and I managed ta pull some strings and get us in the same homeroom."

"Isn't homeroom assigning done by last name?" Rolyn questioned. "I hardly think Kantor, Maple, and Hayden are close together name-wise considering how many other students in between."

"What about LeNoir?" May asked referring to Dawn.

"Dawn's a freshman, May…I thought you knew that." Rolyn said nudging May with her elbow. May's brow shot up in surprise. "She usually has multiple classes with us though based upon pure skill alone so you'll see enough of her."

"And what about the boys?" May asked. She was aware that Drew and Jason were juniors along with Marina and Jimmy, but she was slightly unsure about Paul and Aden. She was a bit caught off guard about Dawn only being a freshman. She looked far beyond the fresh, child-like faces that came with being a fourteen year old freshman.

"Aden and Paul are sophomores like us but they are set in their proper homeroom. I didn't think they would exactly need mah assistance, but I did set em togethah." Alex said with a shrug. "So, are ya ready to take over sophomore year at Pokémon Mastahs?"

Both Rolyn and Alex turned t May, signaling the question was directed at her. May blinked stupidly before cracking a smile with a nervous laugh. She wasn't too sure about taking over and she certainly didn't know what to expect but her friends offered some reassurance just by being there.

"Yea…I'm ready." May said as her nervous smile turned into a determined one.

Well there you have it, our first chapter to the sequel of Misinterpreted Love. It wasn't as long as I would have wished but the next chapter shall be filled with more reuniting and love and everything else that's right with the world…not to mention it'll be oodles of fun. By the way I decided to emphasize Alex's accent this time around. Any problems with understanding just tell me. I hope you all enjoyed this first chapter and look forward to the next. Please review peoples.