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Chapter Forty- Five: Worlds

"There's a place out there for us…" Rolyn sang gently, shutting her eyes out of nervousness due to the eyes of her audience. She had sung for her mother and of course Jason, Drew and May…but Darren was a different story. "More than just a prayer, or anything you've ever dreamed of…"

She sighed. "So when you feel like giving up cuz you don't fit in down here…" She shook her head thinking of all the pain she went through when it came to that man. "Fear is crashing in; close your hands and take my hand…"

When Rolyn had come home with Jason by her side when her mother attacked. Jennifer had squealed, blabbering on and on about Drew and his acceptance of his father. Rolyn couldn't help but smile. She even grabbed Jason in a tight hug saying this was exactly what her song was about. That was when Jennifer had asked Rolyn to sing her song out of her excitement. She went on to say that Darren needed to hear just how beautiful her voice was…and he needed to know her. Rolyn reluctantly agreed…or rather, Jennifer gave her no choice.

"We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe; it's written in the stars that shine above…" She sang strongly. "A world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong; exactly who we are is just enough…there's a place for us…there's a place for us."

Jason smiled lightly from his place by the piano. Rolyn had not formally asked him to play the song for her, but she had intended to while at the same time he just wanted to. She would like nothing more than have her boyfriend accompany her, especially in the showcase, even though he had a song to play of his own. She just loved watching him play, better yet having him play specifically for her.

"Where the water meets the sky…" Rolyn continued smiling lightly. "Where your heart is free and hope comes back to life…" Jennifer cupped her hands over her mouth, hiding her smile prior to pulling off her glasses and blinking back tears. Rolyn unconsciously pushed her glasses up on the bridge of her nose, turning her feet in.

"When these broken hands are whole again…" She specifically turned her gaze on Darren and Drew. The two of them sat next to each other…the awkwardness that had constricted them before due to a man's hesitance when it came to emotions, had slowly eased away. "We'll find what we've been waiting for; we were made for so much more…"

"We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe; its written in the stars that shine above…" Rolyn sang clutching her hands to her chest as she shut her eyes once again. Darren's brow furrowed as he recalled hearing her voice before…well not Rolyn's voice, but one quite like it. Zion had a tendency to sing while she worked. "A world where you and belong, where faith and love will keep us strong; exactly who you are is just enough…there's a place for us…There's a place for us…"

Rolyn clenched her eyes shut. "So hold on…hold on!" The notes she hit may not have been perfect but the personal flare she saturated it in made it sound amazing to anybody else. She had to pause and take in a deep breath before continuing. "There's a place for us…"

"We can be the kings and queens of anything if we believe; it's written in the stars that shine above…" Rolyn sang, opening her eyes once again. It was only coincidental that they locked with a pair of bright blues that seemed to sing the song for her. Rolyn couldn't help but smile at May. "A world where you and I belong, where faith and love will keep us strong; exactly who we are is just enough…"

"Yea, exactly who we are is just enough….there's a place for us…" Rolyn finished gently.

"Beautiful…" Jennifer whimpered, standing to her feet and clapping rapidly. At that moment, Drew and Darren both rolled their eyes at the exact same time. May would have noticed, if she wasn't doing exactly what Jennifer was doing.

"I loved it!" May laughed. "Now if only I could find a song to sing that is that inspirational." She added bringing a finger to tap her chin. Rolyn simply shrugged with a sheepish smile. May shrugged as well.

"They're right kidette, you sound like…" Darren hesitated, quickly dismissing the thought of mentioning her mother on the matter even though Darren was pretty sure she sounded just like Zion.

"Kidette?" Rolyn laughed, her brow crunching together.

"Well I can't call you Kid…that's Drew." He said in a matter of fact, if not condescending tone as he gestured to the boy in question. Drew perked a brow. Rolyn pursed her lips. "You sounded pretty good."

"Pretty good?" Jennifer scoffed incredulously.

"I'm still stuck on kidette!" Rolyn inserted

"My baby is amazing…" Jennifer cooed coming up to Rolyn's side and pulling the sixteen year old into a hug. Rolyn's face blanched as her head remained pressed into her mother's chest. May chuckled lightly knowing that was just how her mother was and Drew had to fight back a smirk. Darren pressed his lips together when Jennifer had called the girl 'her baby'. It wasn't that he objected against this. It was the fact that Jennifer had an obvious relationship with this girl that went well beyond adopting and being adopted. He wondered if that kind of relationship would be one he could look forward to…

"Alright people, I am not looking for slip ups tonight. This may not be the Spring performance but this is still a time for perfection. Does everyone know when they go on?" Samia called out being effectively ignored as people moved to and fro backstage to the main theater. They needed the big stage for the larger performance…in other words, whatever Drew Hayden had in store for his appeal.

Samia huffed, blowing up at her bangs as she clutched her clipboard tightly under her arm. Honestly being stage manager wasn't all it cracked up to be, especially with all this insubordination. Maybe it was her maturity talking, but she had never seen a more annoyingly childish bunch than the students that attended Pokemon Masters High School.

"You look like you're about to throw in the towel." Marina laughed coming up next to her dark haired friend. Samia groaned, but couldn't fight back the smile that came to her lips as she turned to her aqua haired companion. Marina squealed as she pulled Samia towards her in a hug. It seemed like she hadn't spoken to Samia in ages, what with Samia being busy with the showcase and…Marina's immanent transfer.

"This should be you dealing with these amateurs. Not moi…" Samia said in a matter of fact tone as she gestured to herself with a shake of her head. "Ugh I don't know what will become of the Performing arts department without its crown jewel." She added lowly.

Of course Samia knew. Samia was the first one Marina told when she was offered a place at the Sinnoh School of Arts. Marina knew what her recruitment from the college meant. It meant that one of the greatest pokemon related arts school had looked into her and actually found her skills as a performer interesting enough to request her…but it also meant moving away from not only her mother and father, but her friends as well…the ones who had accepted her when she had moved to Hoenn in the first place.

But she couldn't pass up this opportunity. Early admittance into college…especially in your Junior year was something else. It made Marina feel proud of herself and it had been a dream of hers to attend SSA. How could she pass up such an opportunity? She didn't.

"You guys don't need me…" Marina reasoned with a forced smile. That had been her reasoning from the time she had gotten that letter in the mail requesting her attendance to the school. They didn't need her. The Dragonite girls would be fine without her. "I'm just one cog in this high efficient machine. I can easily be replaced."

"Ah, but that is where you are wrong my dear friend." Samia breathed. "Sure, someone can take your place when it comes to leadership but no one can take your place here…" Samia placed a hand over her heart and Marina swallowed nervously. "You mean a lot to all of us Marina…it's gonna be hell of a pain to watch you leave." She finalized.

"I guess…" Marina agreed lowly. Yes, this is why that even though she was leaving by the end of the month, which was next week, she had yet to tell her closest friends of her decision. Samia stared at the aqua eyed beauty for a second longer before sighing and glancing down at her watch.

"Okay people! Move it! First act should be going on in three minutes." Samia called out as she reluctantly moved away from Marina. Said girl sighed as she moved to leave from backstage and take her place in the audience. She wasn't participating tonight, but instead decided to show her support for her friends.

Everything ran smoothly in Marina's opinion, each performance transitioned into the next with Samia's guidance as not just the stage manager, but the master of ceremonies as well. Watching all of this happen made time slow down for Marina. This was probably the last time she'd see any type of performance in this school and that struck a chord. She would certainly miss this.

She'd miss Drew's amazing ability to utilize his pokemon to make spectacular displays and the way Jason was able to play the piano with his eyes closed, accompanied by his Alakazam that was pretty good with the piano itself. She'd miss Patou's singing accompanied by a display, compliments of Ian's pokemon which she had to look up in order to get the name of and she'd miss Rolyn's inspirational, intense vocals.

It had her slumping in her seat. Jimmy was sitting next to her, holding her hand, but it hardly eased away the feeling building up in her chest. She knew she'd have to tell her friends and seeing Alex and Dawn come out on stage for their hip hop dance number to the song Super Bass made her think. There must have been one hell of a compromise for them to agree on that song. Marina couldn't help but smile slightly at the tricks the two girls performed. Dawn and Alex clicked so well in her opinion, but that wouldn't exactly matter soon. She'd miss it though.

It wasn't long before Samia was back on stage. "I hope you are all enjoying the exhibitions of all the talent that Pokemon Masters has to offer, and of course we aren't quite done yet so without further delay, I am proud to present a dear friend of mine, singing a song she composed herself…May Maple." Samia introduced with a smile before walking off stage just as May came from the other side lugging a bar stool while her guitar remained slung over her shoulder.

The brunette smiled anxiously as she set her stool in front of the microphone stand. She didn't like the way the audience was so silent minus for a cough or rustling of clothes due to movement. May took in a deep breath before setting herself down on the stool, getting her guitar ready and adjusting the microphone.

"I…didn't come up with a name for this song…so maybe you all can think of one after hearing it?" She offered. There was no response in the audience and May took in another breath. "Here we go…" She whispered right into the microphone before jumping when she heard the small comment come back to her. People began to chuckle and she had to resist the need to roll her eyes. Yea, now they laugh…

May sighed as she began to strum, the sound of her guitar piercing the silence with a melody it took her a couple of days to construct. She looked out into the audience, noticing Drew along with the rest of her friends had found seats towards the back after they performed. She smiled softly before leaning in towards her microphone.

"She was given the world, so much that she couldn't see…" May sang gently as she focused on strumming the correct notes at the correct time. She'd be lying if she said she wasn't nervous. This was just different for her. "And she needed someone to show her who she could be…"

May glanced up, the spotlight blinded her a bit but she could make out the frantic waving that she connected to bright pink eyes and the glint of the light bouncing off Rolyn's glasses and the green hair of her boyfriend not that far off. Her heart hammered in her chest. This song was telling a story…her story to be precise. From the moment she moved to LaRousse.

"And she tried to survive wearing her heart on her sleeve…" May shook her head knowing that there were times when she had gotten hurt but seemed to always make it through. "But I needed you to believe…"

"You had your dreams, I had mine. You had your fears, I was fine. You showed me what I couldn't find when two different worlds collide…" May sang on her relationships, not just with Drew, but with everyone she had come to know. "La da, da, da, da…"

"I feel like this song is speaking to me…" Dawn commented, waving her hands around for emphasis. Alex rolled her eyes as she slapped Dawn's hands down with an audible pop. The navy haired girl squealed before whimpering. Patou rolled her eyes as she slumped in her seat.

"She was scared of it all, watching from far away…" May continued. She had never spoken on her fear when it came to the move…she was shoved into a new life. Of course she was scared and things moved so quickly, especially with Rolyn, that she felt so out of the loop. "She was given a role, never knew just when to play…" God was she confused sometimes.

"And she tried to survive, living her life on her own…" May shut her eyes on this part knowing very well she couldn't see out into the audience even if she tried. "Always afraid of the throne…But you've given me strength to find home!"

People had actually clapped after she hit that note. May smiled lightly as she continued singing the truth rather than a song people just wanted to hear. Even if Drew had tormented her for most of the time when she first moved to LaRousse…he gave her something to do…something to laugh at and feel comfortable with, even if it was raging at his arrogance. He still gave her that…

"You had your dreams, I had mine. You had your fears, I was fine. Showed me what I couldn't find. When two different worlds collide…" May sang beautifully while smiling brightly. She loved singing this song.

"She was scared, unprepared. Lost in the dark, falling apart…" May went on strongly, her voice almost breaking at the amount of power that came from her voice, coming from emotions at their strongest. "I can survive with you by my side. We're gonna be alright…"

May nodded as if confirming her own words. "This is what happens when two different worlds collide…" She sang softly before going into a small interlude of strumming perfectly.

Marina who was seated closest to the front bit into her lip as she blinked back tears. Now she was sure her friends would be fine. It wasn't that she was worried about May specifically, but they were all where May once was…Scared, confused and shoved into a life they weren't familiar with. They all had to deal with it, but they all found home…some solace. Marina had to grip Jimmy's hand tightly as she clenched her eyes shut.

"You had your dreams, I had mine. You had your fears, I was fine. Showed me what I couldn't find when two different worlds collide." May sang as she opened her eyes to look at her own hands that moved on her guitar. "La, da, da – you had your dreams, I had mine. You had your fears, I was fine. Showed me what I couldn't find when two different worlds collide…when two different worlds…collide."

May released a breath just as the audience erupted into applause.

When the clapping finally ceased, May bowed before gathering up her guitar, tugging up the end of her baggy green gown before trudging off stage just as Dean Cramer came up to the podium, wearing her own baggy grown, except hers was black with a green sash that had the school initials in pure white.

"Congratulations to our graduating class of 2014…"

There was another eruption of applause as cheers came from the expanse of kids dressed in their caps and gowns…well they couldn't exactly what one would consider kids anymore. Most of them were eighteen, now legal adults, graduating from High School to embark on whatever adventure they chose. Whether they decided to conquer the battle frontier or continue their education, it was for them to decide…it was their world to make.

The caps were ceremoniously tossed into the air and before May could even make it down the stairs of the stage after setting her guitar backstage on its stand, she was attacked by a pair of strong arms. Alex laughed loudly in her ears. May laughed along with her, in the midst of the frantic hug they shared, their caps fell off.

"Aw mate, ya sounded beautiful. In the three years I've known ya, I can nevah get sick of that voice." Alex laughed, pulling away from the brunette. May smiled broadly as she thanked Alex multiple times. The pink eyed girl nodded as she guided May the rest of the way down the stairs.

May took in a breath as everything moved so quickly around her. One minute she was there and the next she was being pulled this way and that as she received congratulations and wishes of good luck on whatever she chose to do prior to her graduation from high school. The entire celebration was brought to the court yard behind the high school where the area was decorated for the festive occasion. Gowns were zipped open and pictures were taken as people began to talk of the future. May still couldn't believe it.


The brunette looked up from signing a yearbook and smiled brightly when she saw who was approaching. She finished writing her name before excusing herself and opening her eyes wide for the oncoming dark haired girl. Vanessa squealed as she grabbed May in a hug and they rocked back and forth.

"Oh, I can't believe we are done with this place." Vanessa chided, gesturing to the school that would soon be a part of their past and a place of fond memories. "It seems like yesterday things were so…different." Vanessa smiled gently and all May could do was nod in agreement.

"Yea…they were." May sighed.

"I'm gonna miss you May. I owe you a lot." Vanessa admitted. May shook her head.

"You don't owe me anything. Having you as a friend was enough." She laughed while smiling sweetly. Vanessa couldn't help but grin before murmuring a thank you and pulling the brunette into another hug.

"I'll talk to you later?" Vanessa said prior to seeing Annabelle gesturing her over to where Dex and Samia and Ezra were waiting. May nodded, humming in agreement. Vanessa beamed once again before going on her way to join her other friends.

"Still can't believe how nice that girl is."

May jumped at the new voice, but screamed in excitement as she whipped around and locked her blue eyes with a pair of bright green ones. She couldn't fight back a grin as she threw her arms around Drew's neck and he, in return, wrapped his arms around her midsection and picked her up slightly off the ground.

"What are you doing here?" She gasped. "I thought you had a coordinating contest at school?" She said. She remembered the light pang in her chest when Drew said he couldn't make it back home for graduation. He was one of the best coordinators at Arceus University and participated in more contests than May could count so she knew that it was possible that Drew couldn't attend.

"May you know I'm a pathological liar." Drew snorted with a roll of his eyes. May punched him in the chest and he coughed dramatically for a good twenty seconds. "Okay…sure a guy for wanting to surprise his girlfriend deserves a punch to the chest." May glared at him, but couldn't fight back her smile. "I missed you…" He breathed leaning in towards her and pressing his lips to hers in a chaste kiss.

"Missed you too…" She murmured against his lips.

"Aw, I missed the surprise!" Rolyn groaned coming up beside the two, her and Drew's parents, along with May's, not that far behind. "I wanted to be her distraction when you scared her from behind." She added with a pout.

"Get over it kidette," Darren breathed ruffling her hair. Rolyn scoffed as she slapped his hand away.

"Watch the hair old man." She said threateningly. Darren perked a brow before grabbing the girl by her midsection with one arm while he messed up her hair with his free hand. May chuckled as she watched. Rolyn and Darren had developed such an admirable relationship. It was like they were best friends.

"Guys!" Alex exclaimed dragging a huffing Dawn who was dressed in a bright yellow sundress – it wasn't her graduation day, not just yet - who was also dragging Patou who was having trouble with her grown falling off her shoulders. It was like a dragging chain. Leisurely coming up behind them was Paul and Aden. "I have our missing Dragonite on line one." Alex said as she waved her dex around for people to see.

The five Dragonite girls crowded around Alex, effectively making a half circle as they all looked on the screen to Alex's pokedex. On screen was Marina who was laughing lightly as she waved at the group, Now Marina would have been there for the graduation but like Ian, Jason and Jimmy, who all attended Arceus University with Drew, were busy with college work.

"Marina!" Patou called out beaming.

"We miss you!" Rolyn added.

"I miss you guys too…" Marina said with a playful pout from the other end of the video call. "But I wanted to say congrats to all my graduates…only got one more Dragonite to go, right?" She laughed. Dawn beamed knowing that she would be the next to graduate.

"We wish ya were here Brainy! Things have nevah been the same without our intelligence operative on the team." Alex laughed and Marina nodded in agreement.

"Of course, but seeing as you haven't been arrested yet Alex, I think you're all doing just fine. We'll see each other again soon though. Summer this way comes." She giggled.

"Yea, and it'll be way better than the last." May inserted remembering how last summer they barely got to hang out together as a group again, all the Dragonite girls and Flygon boys.

"Of course." Rolyn said. "Dragonite girls forever."

"Agreed." Marina said.

"Always." Patou added.

"Together forever." Dawn giggled.

"Best friend swag!" Alex said.

"Yea, Dragonite girls forever…" May finished with a smile.

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