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The look on John and Wade's faces was one of shock. The new visitor looked extremely nervous as he stood in the doorway, to scared to walk completely into the room. Wade's face turned beet red with pure rage as he clenched his free hand into a fist.

"What the fuck are you doing here!" Wade growled. His voice was deep and gravely which both turned John on and made him feel terrified. Wade had never sounded or looked so angry before as he glared holes straight through the man in the doorway.

"I wanted to... um... check in on... you; you know, see how you were both doing." The guy's voice was shaky and it sounded like he swallowed his tongue a couple of times as he took another step into the room. Wade eyes shot down towards the man's feet which immediately stopped moving, sensing that this may have been a bad idea.

"Check in on us! Are you fucking kidding me! You are the reason that we are in here!" Wade bellowed causing him to hiss in pain as sharp shooting pains shot through his ribs. His grip on John's hand tightened with anger. The pressure on his hand woke John up from his initial shock as he growled and squeezed Wade's hand tighter making Wade realise that he was hurting John and loosen his grip.

"I know that you have always hated me John but I am so, so sorry that I was a part of this attack and that it ended with such horrible consequences. I never meant to cause this much harm, I just wanted to get some retribution." The man said. It sounded rehearsed but neither man could care as more anger filled their veins.

"You nearly fucking killed me and you think that a simple apology is going to make up for it! I still hate you and that is never going to change!" John screamed with pure rage. The loudness of the confrontation made a nurse and Dr Fowler appear in the doorway.

"Is everything okay in here?" The doctor asked looking at each of the men. Before John could stop him, Wade leapt out of his chair and tackled the visitor to the floor, punching him with an abnormal amount of power and force. The doctor called for help while John sat there, not knowing whether to shout at Wade to stop or to just allow his lover attack the man who was the cause of this blood filled mess. Security pulled Wade off of the man who was now unconscious underneath him.

"Wade stop! You could get arrested baby stop! Get off him!" John shouted. Wade let off as soon as he heard the desperation and fear in John's voice. He got off of the man and let the security guards stand between him and the hurt man on the floor. Dr Fowler lent down to check on the man as he slowly regained consciousness, opening his eyes slightly and groaning in agony.

"I swear to god Otunga if I ever see your face again you won't live to see the next day. You were the one who organised this whole thing. You were the one who tore John's quad when you could clearly see that he needed medical attention. You were the one who got Randy and Cody to work with you even though they hate each other. You were the one who told them to do this Otunga! YOU! If you even thought that there was a possibility that we could forgive you then you were sadly mistaken. I saw potential in you Otunga but you went and screwed it up. If you ever go near John again I will personally see to it that you never step on this earth again. Understood!" Wade's voice went from a scream to a sinister growl as Otunga nodded and quickly got out of the hospital room, pushing off the doctor as he left in fear. Wade retook his seat next to John before realising how bad his ribs hurt. The doctor pulled Wade back to his feet and led him out of the hospital room, leaving John to sit there on his own for the first time since he woke up.


Fifteen minutes after Wade was dragged out of their room John fell asleep. The events of the day finally catching up on him. Carol knocked on the door before noticing that her son was asleep and walking into the room that she had practically run out of a few hours earlier. She quietly walked over to the chair next to John's bed and sat down, only then noticing that Wade's bed was empty.

"I wonder where your... um...boyfriend is." She fidgeted with her hands as she thought of what she should say next. The way that she said 'boyfriend' was extremely uncomfortable as she took a deep breath and looked at her sons sleeping face. "I am so glad that you are a heavy sleeper because I don't think that I could say this when your eyes were looking at me. Okay first thing; I've left your father. I know that you probably don't care since we have both been such horrible parents to you lately but I thought that you had a right to know even though you're sleeping now so I will probably have to tell you again. When I finally listened to Mike's voicemail I didn't know what to think. I didn't know if he was just feeling guilty for being the reason that we hadn't spoken to you in so long that he made up this story of you being hurt so that we would speak to you again; or if he was actually telling the truth and you really were hurt. Then I saw RAW and... and I was so upset Johnny. My son was near death in hospital and there I was, watching some guys telling me how you were doing through the television screen. I was finding out your condition at the same time as the rest of the world and that made me feel terrible. Your father though, he reacted as if it was some person that he barely knew who was hurt. Emotion flashed in his eyes but it was gone within a second. I couldn't believe he was acting this way so I confronted him about it and do you know what he said. He said 'who cares, that fag isn't our son any more. He was dead to me a long time ago. It doesn't make any difference if he actually dies.' It came to me then that we were so wrong in what we were doing. We were being the parents that we never ever wanted to be and we were so bad that we persuaded your brothers to not talk to you. I... I cannot believe that I did that and I regret it so much that it just kills me. I had to leave your father after he said that, he said it like it was such a normal thing to say and I couldn't picture living with a man for the rest of my life who could be so cold towards his child." Carol broke down as the steady stream of tears became a full blown crying fit. Suddenly she felt a pair of arms wrap around her shaking form causing her to jump up from her chair and spin around to see Hayley standing there.

"I'm sorry. You looked like you needed it." Carol just nodded as Hayley moved to hug her again. Carol cried into the girl's shoulder for at least five minutes before she moved away and tried to regain her composure.

"Look at that I barely know you, you must be about fifty years younger than me and you're the one comforting me." She laughed but there was no real humour behind it as she looked back at John who was still fast asleep. "You must think our family is so messed up. I bet your family isn't anywhere near this dramatic." Hayley scoffed and rolled her eyes before walking over to sit on her brother's bed.

"You have no idea." Carol looked intrigued but she let it go for now when she saw the discomfort in the girl's body language as soon as family was mentioned.

"Where's Wade?" Carol asked sitting down again in the seat next to John's bed.

"He may have broken a couple of knuckles and he needed to get his ribs re-tapped." Carol's eyes widened as she looked at John again. "Oh no, no he hasn't laid a finger on John! He got into a fight with the guy who tore John's quadricep." Carol relaxed back into the chair and smiled towards Hayley.

"I'm fine doc; they don't hurt that much anymore. You didn't need to walk me to my room." Wade's voice could be heard through the door before it opened and Wade walked into the room with Dr Fowler in tow. Wade had both of his hands in plaster and he had no top on so the bright white bandages were standing out against the fading tan and bruised skin. Wade glared at Hayley and she glared right back before rolling her eyes and jumping off of his bed. Wade then slowly made his way to his bed then sat under the quilt and got himself comfortable.

"Yes I know that Mr Barrett however I had to make sure that we didn't have a repeat of earlier." Wade rolled his eyes, the doctor laughed before looking at John's vitals and then leaving the room again. Wade then saw Carol sitting next to John and gave her a small smile. Hayley tapped Wade's leg before leaving the room leaving Carol and Wade to talk.

"How are your ribs and hands?" Carol asked after a couple of awkward minutes of silence.

"They're okay thanks. The painkillers are kicking in now." Wade nodded as Carol made her way over to Wade's side of the bed as John still slept.

"How many have you broken?"

"Two ribs, three knuckles in my right hand and two in my left." Carol nodded. She looked back towards John and shook her head. "He could sleep through a tornado. It's a nightmare waking him up; you know our boss had to ring about twenty times before he woke up and answered the phone one time. I woke up on the first ring and tried to wake him but it didn't work." Carol laughed as they fell into an easy conversation.

John's POV

"I bet it was a nightmare having five boys to look after." I heard Wade say. I must be waking up because that would be a weird thing to say in a dream; and boring, and my dreams are never boring.

"Oh it wasn't that bad." Mom laughed making Wade laugh as well. When did they become best friends? "John was the most difficult to handle when they were small because he was so hyper all the time, Sean was the same but the other three were all so relaxed and the normal excitable amount but Sean and John were in a world of their own, they didn't stop until their head hit the pillow." Wade chuckled again and I could feel the glee coming off of him as he chatted about my childhood with my mother. A woman who I haven't spoken to in a year but that doesn't matter. Yes it does matter! He is chatting freely with my mother who couldn't accept me being gay or the fact that Mike and I were kinda, sorta dating but talking to my permanent boyfriend who I want to spend the rest of my life with like she is talking to her book club is fine. That makes fucking sense!

"He is always hyperactive now. It's like a child has been reborn in his body. He goes to bed late but still wakes up before eight, he gets really giddy over simple things and as soon as the 1st of December hit he was talking about Santa and Christmas non-stop. That is until this happened." Wade sounded so happy until that last bit. It was nice to hear him so cheerful after all that time in the coma but I don't want to hear anymore if he is going to be sad. "Hey sleeping beauty's awake." Wait, what? I haven't even opened my eyes yet! "I can read your mind remember? Open your bloody eyes yer lazy bastard!" I groaned just to wind him up some more and put my arm over my eyes. It's weird feeling bandages where my hair should be, like it's proof of what I have been through but I cannot see it. I was in a coma! For a whole week! That's a long time to be asleep! I nearly died! Holy shit why am I only realising this now! Wade must have felt my panic because he was sitting next to me within seconds. I reached for his hand but it wasn't there. Why wasn't he holding my hand! I turned my head towards him and opened my eyes to see both his hands in plaster. What the..?

"Oh my... your hands? I was in a coma Wade!" I felt tears running down my cheeks as Wade hugged me tight. Mom was staring at us but looking at her made me so angry! Knowing that she was there like nothing had happened in the past year made my blood boil. I snapped; it was all a blur but the only thing I can remember about it was mom running out of our room in tears and Wade telling me off for being so horrible but comforting me none the less.

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