AN: I have given up on poetry. I acknowledge that I will never be good at it, and that's fine with me. But if I have to read the freaking ballads of some dead, blind guy who's 'poetry' is lauded in the modern education system even if it's as unfulfilling as a staring contest with a brick, then hell- I'M leaving a legacy of bad poetry, too. What gives him the right and not I?

... My only fear is that I will tear asunder Naruto and his father with my awful ballad- but after watching their meeting in the anime, I don't feel that powerful any longer.

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…

One, you have made these endless days.

Centuries of maddening pace-

Dissolved, when I first saw your face.

I waited ages in this place,

And counted all these ways-...

One, you have made these endless days.

Two, you are the end of the maze

That this world I loved

Has been trapped forever in-

The child of Shinobi sin

Who'll save us all from blood-craze…

Three, even Kushina and I

Couldn't make the kind of eyes

That hold the strength I see.

You alone, son of man,

Know alone just what you can-

And just what never dies

(There's a universe

Inside of you,

Will of Fire, God of Truth-)

For centuries and centuries,

Prayer brought me to my knees-

I had to trust

in what I'd done

and foremost in my son-


I laid the dearest truth to me

In the dearest one that I could see-

And I prayed…I prayed-

Because in idleness, to cope,

I must believe that you are hope

In an earthly body.

How these words have burned-

My fathers' burden, earned:

That shielding you confirmed my life;

That I knew that you would live,

And I knew what you had to give…

The hate you knew, forever spurned

How do I love thee,

Hellion, brat- Uzumaki?

Let me count the ways…

Five, because this world was made

For a man of your great strength to save

And I wasn't wrong to trust, I see.