Takuto POV:

"Yo, why don't you go dance or somethin'?" Sasuke half yelled over the loud pop music that was playing all around us. When I only sighed he placed his arm on my shoulder with his cold vodka glass in hand, pressing it to my cheek as if to get me to wake up, "Taaakuutooo?"

"AAh, don't worry about me, I'm good, I'm having fun, really!" I reassure him as I stood up from my chair and forced a smile. It was an obvious lie; I wasn't looking too partysome sitting at the bar and sipping on a can of beer for the past hour… My depressed mood hadn't lifted as I'd hoped, this party was just like all the others and I just wanted to go home and write some music to blow some steam in privacy. Suddenly Rey was walking up to us with a lady giggling and clinging to him in each arm.

"Sasuke and Takuto, this is Ichigo," he started to introduce the girl on his right who had short red hair and a bright pink mini dress. She looked about twenty-five years old and was only five feet tall, a cute girl but not remarkable. "And this is Miharu-," but this second girl interrupted him to flash her bright green cat-eyes straight at me and purr, "Oh, I already know Takuto."

"Eh? Takuto, you know her?" Sasuke asked in surprise. She was right, we did know each other. I recognized her for the eyes instantly; she was a rising music star back in my life before I was a shinigami and someone who sang in opening acts for a few of my concerts. Today she was every guy's fantasy with her long legs and waves of raven hair down her back and was rumored to be an excellent dancer, the Horizontal Tango being her specialty.

"It's been a long time, hasn't it?" I said politely.

"Great! Then since we all know each other let's go to the dance floor and have some fun!" The shorter red head girl said in her high pitched voice as she flirtatiously grabbed Sasuke's arm.

"Takuto, let's you and I dance too!" Miharu said as she got closer and sensually brushed her long manicured fingers on my chest.

"Oh I'm alright, you can dance with Rey-," I started to excuse myself, but Rey was already standing across the room and hitting on the young blonde hostess of some TV show.

"Come on, Ta-kun, it'll be fun, I promise." Miharu said with a wink as she tugged me through the crowd of bodies dancing to the fast beat music of the club.

Mitsuki POV:

Oshige and I headed in a steady walk towards the luxurious-looking club in our heels and dark, sparkling outfits. Well, I was more like speed walking as Oshige laughed lightly at me and told me to slow down, "The club isn't going anywhere you know? Keep your cool, you'll definitely see him tonight, Mitsuki." I slowed down to a stop on the sidewalk across the street from the club, realizing how fast my speed walking must've been cause Oshige was panting like she'd been running. I felt a little guilty, I'd forgotten about the slight bump at her belly that will be her new baby in about six more months.

"Aah, sorry, I'm just feeling so anxious! I've wanted to see him for so long..." I said as I squeezed her hand and smiled apologetically. We crossed the street and got in line to get into the club. Oshige showed the burly security guard our IDs; he gave us a suspicious look when Oshige said she'd left our invitations at home, but allowed us through the club doors. Inside was a huge ballroom full of people and loud music, colorful lights bounced around the room from multiple disco balls, the dancing bodies on the dance floor seemed to have made the air warmer and the people drinking at the long bar chatted over the music.

"Whaaa! It's been a while since I've gone to a club! Ooh, and there are quite a few celebrities here-!" Oshige squealed with a little shine in her eyes from nostalgia (she mostly stared at the bar though, a habit left over from her sake-drinking days). "Aah, but we can enjoy other parties later! We have to find your Takuto!" Oshige shook her head and sharpened her eyes with determination at the crowds.

"Right! But it's so crowded, I don't know where to look!" I said a nervously.

"Let's split up and look around, you go to that side of the room and I'll look around this one. We can meet up at this spot again later, ok?" Oshige instructed.

"Ok, sounds good to me!" I agreed with a nod and we were off on our search.

I looked over the tables where many people I didn't recognize were sitting, I spied near the men's room but got too embarrassed to wait long for men to come out in hopes of seeing Takuto (I was starting to look really stupid hiding behind a tall, exotic, potted-plant and peeking through leaves). I also looked near the bar where the bartenders eyed me suspiciously because I still look too young to be interested in drinking. At this point I was getting depressed. I was going nowhere in my search. I was taking out my phone to text Oshige and ask her how she was doing when I heard a familiar voice call me,

"Mitsuki-chan? Is that you?" it was Madoka, who had kept in touch with me through the years through e-mail and still came to visit me every now and then.

"Madoka-nee!" I called back as we hugged hello.

"It's been a while since I last saw you! What are you doing here?" she asked smiling as her purple hair gleamed under some spots of a nearby disco-ball light.

"Yes it has… I'm kind of here looking for someone but I'm having no luck…" I explained with a sigh.

"Oh? Who is it? Maybe I know them?" she asked with interest.

"Well actually I'm looking for Takuto Kira… " I stammered as my face blushed a little pink.

"Hmm, I know who you're talking about but I don't know him well… He's the lead singer with the green-black hair in that group called Heros Meum, right?" Madoka tried to recall.

"Yes! That's him! You wouldn't have happened to see him here have you?" I asked hopefully.

"I think a friend of mine at the bar said she saw some of the guys from that group by the dance floor earlier if that helps at all," Madoka offered.

"The dance floor, ok I'll look there next! I'll go right now, thanks Madoka!" I said quickly with a slight bow before running off towards the dance floor. I'd apologize for running off later, but I was short on time, the guards could be looking for Oshige and me right now, I thought to myself. I just had to find Takuto now that I knew there was a high chance he was here with his band mates! I squeezed my way through the crowd as a popular pop-song came on and people cheered at the recognition of the tune. I got to the middle of the crowd feeling overwhelmed and getting a desperate now as I looked around me. No Takuto. I started to make my way out towards the edge of the dance floor and off to the exit when I was caught by surprise.

He was so handsome in his tight, dark jeans, his stylish, sleeveless, long, blue jacket, his hair a little too short for a pony-tail, the manly shape of his shoulders, all different than the last time I'd seen him but still recognizable even from behind. It was definitely Takuto! I froze there for a moment, watching and unsure of what to do. He was dancing with a beautiful girl I'd never seen before and he looked like he was having fun because when he turned in a way that I could see his face, I realized that he was smiling and laughing with her.

I took a step forward in their direction, collecting the air in throat to call his name, but I was suddenly stopped by the girl's sharp, green eyes. She made direct eye-contact with me for a brief second and smirked. She turned back to Takuto and wrapped her arms around his neck in one swift movement and before I could tell what was happening, her lips were locked on his' and they were full-on making out!

I stared wide-eyed for a moment and dashed away from the scene. I was dazed and in shock when Oshige found me at the meeting spot.

"There you are! I was just looking for you, the guard at the entrance is looking for us so we have to go now," she started as she hooked her arm with mine hastily and started walking us toward the exit of the club. "Oh no, what's wrong, Mitsuki? Don't tell me you didn't find Takuto?" Oshige asked worriedly as she realized that I was being too quiet.

"Y-yeah… I found him but…" my heart ripped in my chest as the reality of the situation hit me; Takuto had moved on.