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Okay, so I was playing HeartGold and a friend was playing Birth By Sleep. So I thought, "What kinds of Pokemon would the Organization members be?" And this popped up.

On with the fic!

Who am I again...?

...Oh yeah. I'm Axel. Number VIII. The Flurry of Dancing Flames.

That doesn't answer where I am or how I got here...

I did disappear after helping Sora with finding Kairi. I opened the portal and defeated all of the Nobodies in Betwixt and Between. And then that weird voice...What did it mean when it said we would all become anew? Are the other Nobodies in this same situation, too?

I'm floating in this warm place. It's confining, but comfortable. Now that I think of it, I think I've been in this place for a while, and this is the first time I've noticed it.

"Hey, I think it's about to hatch! Professor Elm, come over here, NOW!"

...Hatch? What the hell?

"Finally! I was beginning to think that Egg would never hatch!"

I can see a shadow surrounding me. Is it a Heartless? It can't be...Heartless can't talk. Anyway, it looks like it's watching something in anticipation.


Am I in an egg? What's going on?

Professor Elm beamed at the twitching Egg. He had been looking forward to this, ever since he found the strange egg just sitting there in his lab. That was a few weeks ago, and now it was finally starting to hatch!

Soon enough, the Egg started to crack ever so slightly. It started to shake uncontrollably until it fell off of the desk and onto the floor. The eggshell broke completely, revealing...

A Cyndaquil?

Elm picked up the Cyndaquil gently, so as to not scare it. Cyndaquil are timid Pokemon, after all, especially when they're young. He cleaned the remaining egg fragments off of the fire Pokemon as Cyndaquil yawned, as if to say, 'That was a good nap'.

"I'm relieved, you know," Elm said to the Cyndaquil, who looked at him in confusion. "It's been a few weeks since I found you as an Egg in this lab, so I was beginning to think you'd never hatch."

There's that word again...he said that before I fell.

"But I'm surprised!" Elm continued. "To see a Cyndaquil here is kind of a shock, especially since it's been a few years since I gave one to Gold..."

A Cyndaquil? What's a Cyndaquil? Is that what I'm supposed to be now?

The Cyndaquil squirmed out of Elm's arms, causing the professor to yelp in shock. It ran towards the nearest mirror and examined its reflection.

What the...

The Cyndaquil looked at its paws, then turned around to examine the spots on its back. Professor Elm smiled: it was always interesting to see how newly hatched Pokemon react to the world outside their comfortable Egg.

It was then that Elm noticed something on the back of Cyndaquil's neck.

"Could you hold still for a minute, please? I think there's still something on your back," he said, gently grabbing Cyndaquil and examining the strange something. It turned out to be a mark. Elm grabbed a piece of paper and a pen to write down the mark, hoping to perform research on it later.

"I didn't know Pokemon could get birthmarks..."he said offhandedly as he looked at what he wrote.

"Wait a second, Prof! I'm not a Cyndaquil, or a Pokemon! My name is Axel! A-X-E-L! Got it memorized?"

Elm jumped at the Cyndaquil's thrashing and trying to squirm out of Elm's arms again. It kept chirping its name as it tried to struggle.

"What is it, Cyndaquil? Stop it! Are you tired?" he asked, grabbing a Pokeball. After Cyndaquil was put inside, Elm sighed. He had never seen such a rowdy Cyndaquil. It would certainly give its Trainer a handful, whoever the unfortunate soul was.

Elm took a look at the paper again. It certainly was very strange, and it was possible he would never find a particular reason for it.

Because, honestly, why in the world would a Cyndaquil have the Roman numeral VIII on the back of its neck?

Hope you like this first chapter!

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