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The frustrated shout echoed through the Whirl Islands as a young Trainer sat on a rock. She huffed again, glancing at her Umbreon, who sat beside her. The Dark-type seemed equally frustrated with the lack of progress they had made in finding the Kimono Girls. It seemed like all they managed to do was get themselves even more lost.

"I don't get it, Saix," she said, absentmindedly petting her Umbreon. "We're just getting more lost. How are we going to be able to find them?"

Saix blinked. He started walking towards a soft blue light that he noticed. Lyra blinked. That light wasn't there before...

Was it?

Shrugging, Lyra stood up. "C'mon, Saix. The Kimono Girls are probably there."

And so the two entered, not expecting to find what they did.

The chamber the two found themselves in was nothing short of amazing. It was like stepping into a portal of some kind.

A lake, deep in the depths of the Whirl Islands. It was almost like Union Cave's underground lake, but at the same time the two lakes couldn't be more different. There seemed to be crystal-clear water in this lake - not a Magikarp or Seel in sight. The only disturbance in the water was courtesy of the waterfall that fell behind the Kimono Girl's position. Lyra noticed that

Zuki smiled as Lyra entered the chamber.

"This is where we welcome Lugia," she said. "We have practiced a dance for many years. When that dance becomes one with the sound of the Tidal Bell we trusted you with, then Lugia shall awaken and come out from the deep waterfall basin!"

Almost as if on cue, Lyra's bag started to glow a soft silvery blue. She opened the bag and the Tidal Bell floated out. The Kimono Girls separated, going into separate corners of the spit of land they were on.

"It is time," Zuki said, as the girls each closed their eyes and held out their fans. Naoko started playing a melody on the stringed instrument she held. As the Kimono Girls danced gracefully, the Tidal Bell's light started to pulse slowly. This seemed to cause the other bells (hung around huge boulders that were on both sides of the waterfall), to light up and ring, in sync with the Tidal Bell.

Lyra and Saix then noticed the water around them starting to stir. Particles of light started to rise around them, making the entire chamber look like a starry sky. Lyra stood there, entranced at the things going on. Saix wasn't as entranced, but he was impressed.

They could barely see a shadow behind the waterfall when the ground started to shake. A moment of silence reigned after that. The Tidal Bell stopped glowing and slowly started to fall to the ground. Lyra caught it, gulping - all this anticipation! If this turned out to be some sort of elaborate hoax...

Then a large bird-like Pokemon burst out of the waterfall! There's no use describing such a Pokemon, because this was a Pokemon that everyone is familiar with - the legendary Pokemon, Lugia!

The creature let out a mighty roar as it descended, floating above the water in front of the six humans.

"No way...that can't..." Lyra stuttered.

"It is," Zuki said, nodding at Lyra. "That is indeed Lugia...the guardian of these islands from legend. So many have tried to awaken Lugia, but all attempts have failed. It was your soul, in conjunction with the Tidal Bell, that allowed Lugia to awaken at last."

"I..I'm not sure what you mean," Lyra finally said.

"Don't you see? I believe that Lugia has been waiting for someone like you all this time."

"M-Me?" Lyra exclaimed, pointing at herself. Her mind decided to short-circuit at this time. "What's so special about me? I'm just a Trainer!"

"You are a Trainer with a silver soul," Zuki said, "and that makes all the difference."

"A silver soul?" Lyra asked. "What does that even mean?"

Lugia emitted a grumbling shout at this, causing Lyra to jump.

"Now is not the time for explanations," the Kimono Girl responded. "Now go. Face Lugia."

"Wait, what? Face Lugia? You mean, as in battle?!"

Zuki nodded, causing Lyra to gulp. The finality of Zuki's action seemed to leave no room for argument.

"O...okay, then," Lyra said, releasing Demyx.

"Demyx, use Ice Beam!"

She gulped as she watched Roxas jump from boulder to boulder, dodging Lugia's attacks. Her Pokemon seemed okay so far...Demyx and Saix managed to get a good chunk of Lugia's energy down, and the Lucario seemed itching for a fight. Bringing Axel and Marluxia into the fight was out of the question, because of the water (for Axel) and the fact that Lugia's a Flying type (for Marluxia).

"Roxas, use Force Palm!"

Roxas jumped up and smacked Lugia's face. The legendary responded with a strong blast of wind (an Aeroblast), aimed directly at Roxas. It was a direct hit, causing the Fighting/Steel type to yelp in pain.

Lyra's heart seemed to skyfall into her stomach as she watched Roxas plummet into the water. That was a pretty strong attack...

Lyra's fears only grew when two minutes - in which Lyra called out Larxene to deal with Lugia - and Roxas didn't come up for about two minutes. Lyra tried returning the Lucario, but to no avail.


Without thinking, she yanked off her jacket and dove into the water.

*prepares an absolutely impenetrable fort (so much so that mere words can't tear it up like last time) and dives into it*

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